Application and development trend of LED lamps

Application and development trend of LED lamps

The principle of light-emitting technology of LED energy-saving lamps

The first two levels of LED lamps are ordinary aluminum wires. When aluminum wires are heated electrically, they emit electrons. The tube is pumped into a vacuum and filled with mercury. When the lamp tube is heated electrically, the mercury will evaporate from the liquid to a gas and form.

The service life of LED lamps

A. The driving power of LED lamps

In addition to the shortening of the service life of the existing LED lamps due to the phenomenon of light decay, the type and driving method of the driving power of the LED lamps also affect the use of the LED lamps.

Driving power is also a very important part of LED lights, just like the heart. Unlike other lighting products, LED lights can work directly with electricity. It can be driven in the range of 2.3 V, so the requirements of the drive circuit are very high. Relatively speaking, different types of LED lamps need to be matched with their suitable power adapters.

The service life of the dynamic power supply has an important impact on the final service life of the LED lamps. If you want to improve the service life of the LED lamps, you must choose a suitable driving power supply for the LED lamps.
Basic guarantee.

B. LED light source affects the life of LED lamps

(1) Overheating stress failure: The main reason why LED lamps are effective is that the temperature inside the lamp is higher than the rated limit of the lamp itself, which eventually leads to thermal burnout of the content of the LED lamp, resulting in the effect of overheating stress of LED lamps.
(2) Packaging failure: In the process of LED production or packaging, the LED lamps are ineffective due to their packaging methods and packaging steps.
(3) Overcurrent stress fault: The main reason for the overcurrent stress fault phenomenon is that the current value passing through the LED lamp is larger than the rated current value, thus causing the LED lamp effective.
(4) Chip failure: It is the defect of the LED chip itself or other factors that cause the chip to fail.

3. Application of LED in Lighting Engineering

A. Indoor space display lighting

Compared to conventional light sources, the luminaire does not require additional filters. It does not take too much money to install a lighting system. In museums, LED lights are available to replace fiber optic lighting. For commercial lighting, colored LEDs, and interior white LEDs are connected to provide auxiliary lighting. Hidden light strips can use LEDs, which are especially suitable for low spaces.

B. Entertainment venues and stage lighting

In the event of active colors, static and dynamic lighting effects are used to control LED colors.

In addition, LEDs also overcome the chromatic aberration of metal halide lamps over time. Zero heat radiation from LED lighting, creating a comfortable room for people. At present, the application of LED color decorative walls in catering buildings has become popular.

C. Screen

With the technology as the base, LED lighting has been used on the video screen as well. Using multimedia technology, it can dynamically display animation information and play various multimedia files.

D. Landscape lighting

Since LEDs are mostly glass bulb housings, unlike the light sources of lamps at the general end, they can be well combined with urban street furniture. LED lamps are used to light roads, decks, stairs, gardens, etc. For flowers or low shrubs, LEDs can be used as lighting sources. LED dark spotlights are very popular.

4. The development trend of LED lamps

A. Artistic

One factor that makes the living room wonderful is the lighting and color. The choice of light source directly affects the artistic effect of lighting, and LED has unparalleled advantages in the artistic expression of lighting. When red, green, and yellow are combined, LED lights to have more choice in terms of colors. Different materials and structures also make the displaying sense of art.

B. Energy saving

Some research results show that LED light is the green light that will not pollute the environment. Compared with incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, the energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 90%.

C. Healthy

LEDs are green light sources. The LED lamp is driven by DC, no flicker; no infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high color rendering, strong light direction; it not only provides a comfortable lighting space but also meets the needs of people's physical health. It is a healthy light source for vision protection and environmental protection.

LEDs are green light sources


The main content and design form of LED lamps and lanterns are the lighting effects of real LED lamps. The research and development of LED emerging technologies have promoted the design and innovation of lamps. It has changed our lighting philosophy to a great extent. We can free ourselves from the limitations of traditional point and line lights. The language and concept of lamp design can be freely developed and re-established. LED lamp has greater flexibility in visual interpretation and creative expression of forms. Indoor lighting will be more energy-efficient, healthy, artistic, and human development.

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