Benefits of Meditations by Shelf Lamp

Benefits of Meditations by Shelf Lamp

The first time when I came across meditation was two years ago when I first asked help from a shrink. Thanks to the professional help, I have found ways to relieve my stress and anxiety through meditation. There are tremendous benefits of meditation. Today I would like to introduce 10 benefits of meditations.

Why is meditation important?

1. Improve Sleep

Practicing meditation is good for sleep without resulting in any side-effects. Meditation will relax the body to the full extent that have a complete rest, which helps to reset the cicadian ryhthm so that the sleep quality will be better.

2. Sympathy Cultivating

Over years, it is believed that meditation is helpful to make people more kind and have more sympathy. In 2013, scientists have done a test to prove it. Condon has done a test on people who have been practicing meditation and found that people with meditation are more tend to help people in need, while people without do not care at all. The experience shows that meditation people are more 50% of chance to help people in need.

3. Change Brain Structure

Meditation is a good way to change brain structure, just within 8 weeks. To prove, in 2011 Hucknall and others have organized 16 people to do a meditation training and chase the change of brain afterwards. The result shows that, comparing to previous one, the Gray matter density in the hippocampus has been boosted, functioned for studying and memories.

4. Relieve Pain

Another benefit of brain structure change is that the pains are better relieved. In 2010, Hucknall an others have done a test on the calf of people have meditation and people without. The experience used a heating plat to place on the calves and the result shows that the sensibility of people with meditation are lower than without.

Meditation boosts sleep

5. Break Bad Habits

Practicing meditation will help us to deeply relax our body so that reduce the chance of getting addicted to materials, like food, alcohol, drugs, or smoke. For people with bad habits, constant meditation will change their habits and lifestyle. For example, for people have irregular life habits or being addicted to something, through meditation, it will change the inner power in a good way to change mind and body.

6. Enhanced Innovation

Proper meditation will boost innovation. Colzato has done a research in 2012 to prove this. It has invited some people to do a task that required innovation. And people with meditation are more to have the idea of innovation. The meditation practice releases mind through breath adjustment.

7. Improve Memory and Focus

The core of meditation is learning how to focus to better control the attention. Currently, there are more and more research on proving the focus improvement though meditation. In 2007, Jha has provided a training for 17 people without meditation, having an 8-week course for inner power observation. The result shows that people with the training are more likely to focus.

8. Improve Multi-task Solving Skills

Since meditation improves cognitive ability, it should be able to improve work performance. In 2012, Levy has organized some group to do a multi-task. The result shows that people with meditation are more to have a good performance in multi-task, like picking up calls, writing emails, etc. With meditation, people are more to be able to focus on work and less stressed. Almost 99% are to have better performance at work after meditation.

9. Relieve Anxiety

Meditation has been proved that 4 times of meditation reduce 39% of anxiety.

10. Relieve Depression

The core symptom of depression is falling into pondering from time to time. Unfortunately, it is useless to persuade to not think about depressing things. However, it is proved that meditation is a good way to relieve depression. Hoffman has released a research in 2010 to prove that meditation is good for depression relief.

Meditation improves memories and focus

I have been practicing meditation for one year as of today, and it has improved my sleep and emotion control ever since. Every time when I practice meditation, I always sit by my shelf lamp, which features three color temperatures that I can adjust to the low colored one whenever I do a meditation. It is cosy and relaxing.

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