Boys' choice of lights

Boys' choice of lights

The lights in the room is very important, so we have to understand the lights first. The best light source in nature is the sun. Humans have adapted to the sun for tens of millions of years, so it is generally believed that the light will be better when it more and more close to the sun light.

The lighting atmosphere

The lighting atmosphere could help people to focus on thinking and provide enough brightness. If you mainly use reading eyes, it is recommended to use 3500K-4000K color temperature to help boost your spirit. If you use the computer mainly, because the computer color temperature is mostly 5500K-6000K, originally the light is too white, so you can consider using a lower 3000K-3500K color temperature to balance.

We spend most of our time in the bedroom. It is the place to sleep and rest, mainly warm, quiet, comfortable feeling is the most important. How to buy the bedroom lights to play this effect is very important. Generally required for light is gentle, because strong light will make people insomnia, and neurasthenia.

Space size of the bedroom

Let's see what skills there are when buying lamps.

1.Space size of the bedroom.

This is an important part need to be considered. If it is a small family bedroom, the corresponding space will be relatively small. So, choosing the lamps and lanterns of the bedroom should be suitable. It is best not to transition to luxury and atmosphere. If the bedroom space is large, you can choose the crystal lights or large ceiling lights. Crystal lights are great for the bedroom because its light source is softer.

2.Bedroom style.

The bedroom of classical style chooses European type crystal lamp generally, this kind of lantern lamp makes the home look more classical, elegant. Most people in modern society pursue fashion. Therefore, the simple and modern style for most people has also become a mainstream choice.

3.Size of the lamps.

Lighting takes up part of the space in the room, so the choice of lamp size is very important. Chandeliers are generally divided into small, medium and large three types. Room height small with 2.8 meters room will be more suitable for choosing small and medium-sized chandeliers. Bedroom above 2.8 to 5 meters high can consider the large chandeliers.

4.Selection of the lampshade colors.

When choosing the color of the lampshade, you should take into account the wall and furniture of the room. The color of lamps and lanterns should strive to maintain harmony with the whole house tone, let a person feel comfortable and warm.

5.A choice of bedside lamps and desk lamps.

The bedside lamp had better choose the light with adjustable brightness, so that even reading will not affect the rest of the other half. Finally, the bedroom generally requires gentle to the light, strong light can let a person insomnia, and neurasthenia. Soft lighting can help with sleep quality. If it is a desk lamp, it is best to choose frosted glass, cloth surface, shell and other lampshade that can make the soft light. The lamp head above the pillow, let the light spread from 45 degrees, will be more suitable for reading.

many boys are faced with renting their own houses independently

Boys and girls because of gender differences, there will be deviations in the choice of many things, such as color, style, shape and so on.

Now many boys are faced with renting their own houses independently, or with their houses to be decorated. Among them, the bedroom decoration is the most directly affect the happiness of the home. Without reasonable design and arrangement, it effects be effect.

Into a room, give people the most intuitive and first impression is often the color of space. With dark gray, dark blue, dark green and other dark tone to collocation male bedroom, the most foil the male temperament.

In the background of the overall deep tone, some leather, metal and other elements can be added appropriately. At the same time, you can choose the leather bed, with the bedside table of the metal frame, which can greatly improve the quality sense of the space.

Multiple light source lighting

So, how should you choose in a boy's room?

Multiple light source lighting

Recently popular headless design is to use a variety of auxiliary lighting techniques to enhance the rendering space atmosphere and enhance taste. This advanced sense of lighting layout, male bedroom also applies.

Tube lamp, rail lamp, lamp belt and bedside lamp can adjust the rich advanced atmosphere.

If you want to arrange the main light, you can choose the main light of the design wall. Because in addition to using the lights to create the bedroom atmosphere, the lamps and lanterns themselves can also serve as a kind of prop and decoration.

Textexture is important

Male bedroom use solid color will be more, few fancy patterns. Therefore, you can choose some materials with a strong sense of texture, such as brick grain, stone, wood grain and so on, to enrich the level of the space. And this also a strong visual effects.

The bare brick walls can give people a primitive and rough feel and are manly. Or wallpapers imitating brick walls can achieve similar results.

The wooden background wall is relatively warm, but the natural texture also brings a good visual effect.

Reasonable use of light will make the texture of the room more prominent.

The layout is flexible and casual

Living alone is of course more spontaneous, such as if you can combine your office space with your bedroom.Because you don't worry about disturbing others, you can even move the bathroom to the bedroom, unrestrained.

On the choice of light, put the free floor lamp will be the best choice to reflect the personality.

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