Floor lamps: The eye-catcher in every interior

Floor lamps: The eye-catcher in every interior

I love design, prefer to go to a design fair every year and can't wait to see the latest design trends. I am always looking for new design objects for my interior. That's why when I was looking for a new floor lamp for my living room next to the sofa, I immediately knew that it had to be a design lamp. But how should it look exactly? Because designer floor lamps are also available in all shapes and sizes. I am happy to take you with me on my search and tell you everything you need to know about floor lamps.

The designer floor lamp: everything you need to know

The designer floor lamp: everything you need to know

Do you choose design? Then choose something that is different, something that stands out a little more. Design is timeless and fits in with many interior styles. That's why I love designer things so much. Whether you have a modern, rural, classic or industrial interior, you can always give a floor lamp a nice place.

So I was looking for a lamp that would fit next to the couch in my living room, where up until now there was a modern floor lamp. But floor lamps are also good in the dining room, bedroom or study.

Floor lamp in modern design

While looking for a floor lamp with a modern design, I quickly discovered that many designer lamps are made by Italian designers. Of course I wasn't looking for one, but I discovered a beautiful hanging lamp of Italian origin. I didn't want to buy it right away because I was actually looking for a floor lamp. But I put her on my wish-list because maybe I can give her a nice place in my house later.

A floor lamp in Sunmory design can be recognized by the detailed workmanship, the unusual shape and the wealth of ideas. They are true works of art in which the designer has thought of the smallest details and designs.

Arc lamp or floor lamp with 3 legs

Design floor lamps are available in different versions. At the moment you can mainly see the designer arc lamps and the floor lamps with 3 legs. The first has a curved frame. The arc lamp is actually the ideal floor lamp for the living room, because you put the base under the couch. Due to the curved design, the lamp hangs nicely over the couch. I like to make myself comfortable on the couch with a magazine or a book in the evening and an arc lamp is ideal for this.

But I'm also a big fan of this other popular floor lamp with 3 legs. These floor lamps are also known as tripods. They are reminiscent of a camera tripod, but with a nice lampshade on top. The legs are often made of wood and give the floor lamp a body. I could put it next to my couch because I have a lot of space there and you can see the lamp from the kitchen. That didn't make the choice any easier.

Another type of floor lamp in a modern design

Since I still couldn't make up my mind, I continued to look at the other types of floor lamps in modern design. Perhaps a reading lamp or floor lamp with LED spots would also be a good idea. After all, you can use it to read a book. And secretly I was also taken with the very special designs; the works of art under the floor lamps, which one does not immediately see that it is a lamp. Because it might as well be a piece of art that you have in your home.

Arc lamp, tripod, reading lamp ... after looking at all the floor lamps in the Sunmory webshop, there was one that kept drawing my attention. And yes: one that falls into the special design category. A large, elegant floor lamp with round shapes that is big enough to fill the room and, with a dimmer, also bright enough to read a book or magazine underneath. The ideal combination of application and design. I'm very satisfied!

Are you also looking for a designer floor lamp? Like me, to put them next to the couch in the living room, or maybe for a completely different place in the house? Then take a look at the Sunmory webshop. You are sure to find a nice specimen there. In the end I found her too! Just take a look at the collection of designer floor lamps. You have a beautiful floor lamp in the collection for every place in the house!

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