Girls’ choice of lights

Girls’ choice of lights

Girls are more emotional than boys. They focus on detail and love romance. Every schoolgirl has a princess dream. Natural instincts makes girls and boys feel different in their choice. Girls will pay more attention to feeling.

Bedroom is the private space that people rest, only through reasonable arrangement and collocation can let a person feel warm and comfortable. Especially for girls, every girl wants to have a beautiful and dreamy bedroom space.

When arranging the girl's bedroom, we must mainly pay attention to the use of color. The color collocation of the girl bedroom is very exquisite. We need to choose the appropriate tone and blend them perfectly. If the color is too bright, it will make us feel upset when we live in the room for a long time. If the color is too dark, it makes the occupant depressed.

Usually girls prefer light purple, light powder and such quietly elegant colors. These colors can also reflect the exquisite and warmth of the girl bedroom. At the same time, most of the girls now like those simple and sweet style of bedrooms. Such a bedroom is visually more comfortable.

girls' rooms also need to pay attention to the lighting layout.

In addition to the choice of color and furniture, girls' rooms also need to pay attention to the lighting layout.

On the light choice, you can add some beautiful color lights. On the wall decoration, you can use the photo wall or decorative painting. Most importantly, these adornment design needs to decide according to oneself girl's preferences. The arrangement of lights is important for any space, as different lights create a different atmosphere. And the decoration of the girl bedroom should give priority to with warm color and soft light, might as well put an orange desk lamp on the bedside table, send out the light of warm color, can bring good experience for the dweller.

According to incomplete statistics, for girls, the bedroom lamp is nothing more important than the appearance level of the lamp!

The appearance level here not only refers to the style and exterior of the lighting itself, but also the collocation and reasonable arrangement. Although for girls, bad collocation is not completely annihilated the appearance level of a beautiful lamp. But only appropriate collocation can make the room light softer, the atmosphere more comfortable, play the value of a lamp to the extreme.

there are many styles of bedroom lights.

In terms of style, there are many styles of bedroom lights. If your bedroom is large enough to consider installing chandeliers, the light type selection depends on the conditions of your room and what kind of lighting style you like. For example, the American style is free and comfortable, and the Nordic style is the design of the original material without any decoration. However many people prefer contracted style which is simple and easy and do not lose design sense. In the simple modeling to be clever design and home decoration to cooperate with each other.

In addition to the chandelier, the lighting layout has another way that do not have the main lamp.

Now, with the change of people's aesthetic way and the improvement of living standards, the quality of home furnishing is also constantly changing. There are a lot of people have chosen not to install the main lights, local lighting can also create a good lighting atmosphere. Especially in the prevalence of minimalism, it is fine without headlights.

The advantage of not installing the main lamp is can make the roof look more concise and clean. Which lead to the visual height is higher and the increase of the light source in the room. That will make the room bright and dark more hierarchical. Different lights cooperate with each other can create a different home atmosphere. Without the main lamp can also avoid the trouble of choosing the main lamp.

Without the main lamp can also avoid the trouble of choosing the main lamp.

When not installing the main lights, you can select:

1. Flush light panel

When the point light source of the ceiling is scattered throughout the room, it is somewhat like the stars in the night sky. This creates a soft and warm atmosphere. At the same time, this way occupies small space, more open vision and is more common in coffee shops.

2.Spot light

The spot light is more flexible than the cylinder light, which can freely adjust the Angle and enhance the local light. Generally used to highlight or emphasize decorative details that make the object more textured, such as hanging table and decorative painting.

3.Floor lamp

The floor lamp is more popular choice which can even be called a bedroom partner. A landing lamp with great design sense can enhance the decorative effect of the whole sitting room, while not losing warmth and delicacy. Floor lamp is also the most practical in several lamps, the style is not easy to make mistakes. So if the bedroom does not install the main light, it is best to choose the way of a combination of lighting, adapt more comfortable according to local conditions.

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