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How to choose lamps in home decoration

In the home decoration project, it can be said that every step knows and every design is exquisite. Choose indoor lights. Too many layouts may make the indoor environment more confusing, and too few layouts may be too monotonous, and the lighting effect will be greatly reduced. So, how do choose a lamp that is both effective and economical? Sunmory will teach you from the following two points.

In terms of preventive measures

In terms of space, the separation between rooms, the height of the ceiling, etc. usually affect the selection and installation of lamps. The lighting needs to match the interior design. For example, the retro decoration should be equipped with lamps full of nostalgia, while modern decoration should be equipped with simple and avant-garde lamps.

In terms of layout, the living room should generally be equipped with ceiling lamps and fluorescent lamps. Energy-saving chandeliers are often used on the dining table; floor lamps are usually used in the bedroom. It is found from the research that the choice of lamps is extremely important.

The appearance color of lamps and lanterns should be combined with the color of indoor furniture so that the entire indoor layout forms a perfect art. Especially the color of the lampshade. Such as the milky white linen lampshade, not only the natural color is pure, but the reverse lighting is also soft, which can create a comfortable atmosphere.

At present, there are many kinds of lamps in the market, and their appearance, shape, and performance are constantly changing. Since lighting equipment is an organic part of the entire interior decoration, its style, material, and illuminance must be consistent with the interior decoration style, and lighting equipment should be purchased according to this principle.

In terms of preventive measures

Lamp configuration

living room:It can create a stable, generous, warm, and welcoming environment, making guests feel at home. Usually, a single-head or multi-head chandelier can be installed in the center of the living room as the main lighting.

For example, if there are banners and calligraphy on the wall behind the sofa, two wall lamps of suitable size can be installed on both sides of the painting and calligraphy, and a floor lamp can be placed next to the sofa. Such a lighting device is stable and elegant, and the light source can be selected according to different needs.

The living room is the center of the entire family's activities, as well as a place to receive family and friends. The color of the lamps in the living room can be richer. Usually, a combination of overall lighting and local lighting is used to meet the lighting requirements of the living room. Ceiling lights can be used for overall lighting.

The choice of ceiling lights depends on the area and height of the living room. If the area is only more than ten square meters, and the shape of the room is irregular, it is best to use ceiling lights. If the living room is tall and large, then the chandelier is the most suitable choice.

Bedroom, the bedroom is a place for people to rest and relax. It has strong privacy. In terms of lighting, it is dedicated to creating atmosphere and soft light. Ceiling lights can be used as general lighting to meet the requirements of bedroom activities (such as making the bed, putting on clothes, and wearing a hat).

Sunmory floor lamps or wall lamps for local lighting to meet the needs of reading before going to bed. According to different ages, bedroom lighting has its characteristics. Children are innocent and childish, they are very active. Lamps with a simple and lively appearance and soft colors can be used to meet the psychological needs of children's growth.

Young people are becoming mature and have a strong sense of independence. The choice of lighting should pay attention to individuality, and the color should be full of changes; young and middle-aged people are mature and work hard. When choosing to light, they should consider the hobbies of the husband and wife.

The life of the elderly is peaceful, and the lighting in the bedroom should be simple and bright to express the artistic conception of peace and tranquility and to meet the psychological requirements of the elderly in pursuit of peace. The simple bedroom is used as a place for people to sleep and rest. It should be quiet, casual, and avoid glare and glare. The hanging main lamp can be installed in the proper position of the room, and the bedside wall lamp can be installed on the bedside.

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