How to decorate the lighting of the dinning room at home?

How to decorate the lighting of the dinning room at home?

How to decorate the lighting of the dinning room at home? In fact, we can refer to the restaurant lighting layout.

Light is known to be imperceptibly linked to the taste and psychology of the diner. People often choose a hotel based on factors like image, comfort, equipment, location, star level, and price. Each hotel has its unique image and focuses on passing it on to its target customers. The lighting design of the restaurant should correctly deal with the relationship between light and shadow, reality and deficiency. Design a comfortable light environment, mobilize the aesthetic psychology of diners, so as to achieve the unity of food and environment. Then increase customers' appetite and love for the restaurant, to achieve the purpose of retaining customers.

Different types of restaurants, due to the differences in function and use, their lighting design should also be treated differently. For example, when you walk into a western restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, the visual will have a completely different food feeling. This is because of different styles of restaurants, the lighting decoration and layout is obviously different, and the lighting changes the color saturation of the food in people's eyes. The color temperature effect produced by the catering space is shown as follows: the low color temperature makes people feel warm. The high color temperature makes people feel cool. When the lighting increases, the color temperature also increases accordingly. Catering space design, a certain yellow or warm light source can be exciting, feel more warm, but may also lead to sultry. A lot of cold light sources using high color temperature can shine clearly, but the color of the diet can be distorted. The dishes may look spoiled. Therefore, the local need for low color temperature lighting to illuminate the table, see the food, stimulate appetite.

Therefore, how is the restaurant lighting designed?

Lighting design in a Chinese restaurant

1. Lighting design in a Chinese restaurant

Chinese food is mostly hot in food and mostly warm in color.

The lighting design of the restaurant hall should adopt vertical lighting, which requires uniform brightness distribution to avoid glare and should generally choose comprehensive lighting fixtures. Restaurant window and commodity display, in order to attract customers generally use strong light focus irradiation to highlight the image of the goods, its brightness is 3~5 times higher than the general lighting. In order to strengthen the three-dimensional sense, texture and advertising effect of goods, Chinese restaurants often use strong directional lighting lamps and the use of color light to improve the artistic appeal of goods.

Chinese people pay attention to privacy and like a family or have a relatively private dining environment with relatives and friends. So Chinese restaurants will generally set up separate private rooms. The lighting design of the private room in the Chinese restaurant is mainly to strengthen the interior design and foil the overall environment. Functional lighting is mainly reflected in the selection of good color display light source to show the dishes vivid and delicious, in order to cause appetite. Decorative lighting is mainly used to foil the environmental atmosphere. In terms of the selection of lamps and lanterns, you can choose the lamps and lanterns that reflect the strong Chinese cultural atmosphere, such as lanterns and palace lights, etc.

In addition, we should pay high attention to light distribution to make the lighting rich in three-dimensional sense. In the practice of restaurant lighting design, we use wall lights or several lighting lights to correct the plane of general lighting and strengthen the reproduction of human body, especially facial expression and contour.

Western-style restaurant lighting design

2. Western-style restaurant lighting design

Western restaurants are commonly used for informal business dinners, or intimate dining places. So their illumination is generally much lower than Chinese restaurants, and the overall atmosphere is warm and emotional appeal. Therefore, we often see no headlights in western restaurants. This design seems that the whole restaurant is very atmospheric. Secondly, western restaurants will pay attention to the local or central lighting of each table, thus highlighting the dishes and advanced sense. In addition, due to the informal dining, it is not required to give people's facial and expression lighting. But the color appearance of the dishes is still very important which still to make the dishes vivid, beautiful and convenient to use.

Japanese restaurant lighting design

3. Japanese restaurant lighting design

The unique style of Japanese cuisine makes the Japanese restaurant show the kitchen to customers. Therefore, the lighting layout of the Japanese dining room is particularly Chinese kitchen and operating table. The lights can make the console clearer, convenient for chefs and also show to customers. At the same time, the Japanese restaurant will also pay attention to the center of each table lit. Japan's emphasis on detail, lighting effect and functional layout to make sushi look fresher.

When you want to have the atmosphere of the restaurant at home, try the design without the main lights. Adorn the lights and layout with LED lights and floor lights to foil the atmosphere. Especially in the home lamps and fixtures have been fixed in the families, you can try to use the floor lamp to increase the drop of light. Floor lights can add decorative properties in the home while changing the lighting pattern.

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