How to Decorate your Room with an Arc Floor Lamp II

How to Decorate your Room with an Arc Floor Lamp II

After moving to the new place, life starts changing as well. The three kids of my family grow up into naughty and troublemakers. First brother, Simon, and second brother, Jack are always on fight, and they group together to beat me from time to time. The time when we move to the new big building, Simon is 7 years or more. He is the most naughty one in my family, dad and mom spend lot of time worrying about him.

One thing I still remember very well was he climbed up to a tree and fell off directly. It didn’t broke his neck or legs, but his head was damaged. The spot right below his head was a sharp stone and his upper side of head heated directly onto the stone. Mom bursts out crying when she hears the news and takes Simon immediately to hospital. She keeps praying on the way to hospital, because too much blood over Simon’s head. After several hour’s work in the hospital, Simon survived and was forbidden to climbing trees anymore. What a relief! After the accident, mom keeps eyes close on Simon, and Jack and me as well.

Chandeliers on living room

But as kids, you will never know what the stories horrible is going to come up soon. So after a short time of the accident, something happens again, but not on Simon this time, but on me. The other day when I finished my classes of primary school, I took a detour home. I stepped onto a rice field next to my school, and excited immersed in the beauty of wild. I stepped from one field to another through the path between. However, too much attracted to the wonderful lands, I accidentally missed my step and fall onto the field one meter lower, twisting my ankle. Mom is pissed off on this and forbids me to take any detour any more. She knows I takes detours all the time, because I never come on on time.

After the two accidents of two kids, we loose more freedom. So we change the plan. Playing at home. Except hide-and-seek, what else is proper to play at home? We tried basketball in the garage. It is an open and spacious space so we asked dad to install a basketball stand there and we play basketball everyday after school. Well, when I write we, actually it is Simon and Jack playing. They think I am dumb and always drag them back. After a few months playing in the garage, we start getting bored. So we change the plan. Playing badminton in the living room. Spacious and sound. So we try badminton in the living room, it turns out a lot of fun but one day we accidentally break the ceiling lamp. Mom is completely pissed off this time and takes our rackets away.

Sunmory arc floor lamp near the sofa

So dramatic and sad. After taking away our rackets, mom has to purchase a new lamp since the old one is broken and not easy to repair. So we start giving our advise on what lamp to buy for our living room. The first one comes to our mind is shelf floor lamp. Although it is very functional to use shelf floor lamp, it takes a bit space and we want the living room keep spacious. So this one out. The it is tripod floor lamp. It looks nice and perfect. But Simon does not like it. So pass again. LED floor lamp is the next one. It looks simple but the living room is so huge that with a small LED floor lamp does match the vibe. Finally we decided to choose an arc floor lamp, which does not take too much space but also look decent to a living room. So finally the arc floor lamp wins.

Sunmory arc floor lamp at the cornor

What is the merits of arc floor lamp?

#1 It comes with adjustable color temperature that can switch from 3000K to 6000K. You can change to the color temperature you want to enjoy your time.
#2 It comes with four modes to meet all your needs. Baby feeding mode, working mode, reading mode, and night light mode. Do what you want under the arc floor lamp.
#3 Remote control. With the remote control on hand, you are easy to control and switch the light freely.

#4 Timer. The arc floor lamp features 1 hour timer. If you are going to take a nap it is very convenient for you to just set the time and doze off.

In the end, the make up of this accident is by an arc floor lamp. And luckily, we get chance to have outdoor activities again since mom worries troubles at home as well.


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