How to Glow Your Room with a Bedroom Lamp

How to Glow Your Room with a Bedroom Lamp I

It is never easy to settle down. Since I was born, we have always been moving around, because of dad’s work and because of our study, mom and dad have relocated to different cities over the past 20 years. And with all the moving memories, we have to give up some lovely stuff sometimes because it takes money and energy to get those to a new place. It was always a heart-wrenching decision to move to a new place, have to say goodbye to our adorable and kind neighbor, have to say goodbye to our cute classmates and friends, have to say goodbye to the our temporary house, have to get used to new house, new friends, new school, and new surroundings. When it comes to relocating, we have to face all the unexpected and upcoming problems. How to sign up a new school, how to redecorate a new house, how to get close to new neighbor, how to get in the new society. It is never easy to get everything settle down, but what makes me most happy and grateful is that we are always together, my parent and my siblings.

Shelf floor lamp near the bed

Mom has been working as a housewife since the born of my oldest brother. For the sake of a better care of my brother and family, mom quits the work and starts focusing on family. Poor and hard, mom does not get any help but need to run everything on her own. Dad starts his own business at that moment, in another city, which means that was a long distance marriage. In order to save money as much as possible, mom rents a small room that has to cover everything inside, kitchen, bedroom, living room are all included within a room. There is only a bed, a table, and a small sofa inside, and you can get anything just with a small turn. What a lovely and usable room! After living in the tiny room for around four years, we finally got some money to move to a bigger one, bigger means have separate bedroom, living room, dinning, and kitchen.

In the fourth year of living in the small room, mom has some good news hear from dad, he has developed well on his business and now has the confident to spare some money to move to a bigger house. Exciting new!At the same time, another cheerful news comes! Mom is pregnant again! Moving to a new house with a upcoming baby, mom, dad, and brother are all very excited and looking forward to the new life. The first thing is how to move. It was more than twenty years ago, no developed express, internet, and transportation. And dad is far away and cannot make it. So the moving is prepared by mom and other relatives.

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The first thing we move in is to do some cleaning. It was a small, but two-story building. With a kitchen, a dinning room, and a living room on the first floor. On the second floor, there are an open space for entertainment, three bedrooms, and a living room. It is more than just a room this time, so it is a heavy work to get everything done. It takes two weeks to completely clean up the room, because mom is pregnant and has to take care a running boy also, my brother. After the hard work of cleaning, mom starts thinking about getting some new decorations for the new house. The first thing is new beds. We need two more beds since the family is getting stronger and bigger. Then a set of sofa and dinning table. And the most important one, kitchenware. Eating first than anything else. After purchasing everything, we barely have money left. Brother is the age of nursery school. So the second year when we move to the new house, mom sends brother to school and the second brother comes to earth. After sending big brother to school, mom takes care of the second brother at home. Life goes smooth gradually. Until one day, dad comes home with a news of never expected before. We need to move again! Mom has rejected to do so at first but after a few days thinking, mom finally says yes. And the moving game plays again.

But this time is a cross states moving, from the south of America to the north of America, where dad runs his business. As of that moment, dad has expanded his business well and he thinks it is time to collect the family together. So he comes home this time to ask mom to move there. Since the relocating is for a long-term settling, mom has to sales everything before they leave, except small personal belongings. So the new adventure starts! Four persons this time!

Table lamp near the bed

The new house turns out big and well-furnished. Mom does not need to take care everything this time, dad gets everything done. It was a four-story house with a huge parking garage. And we live in the first and second floor mainly. The first floor is a living room, huge enough to play badminton, a kitchen connected to dinning room, and a study. While the second floor has four bed rooms this time, two wash rooms, and two living rooms. Spacious and bright this time. And there is something special comparing to our previous houses. It has bedroom lamps inside everything bedroom. With the bedroom lamps, the room looks different completely. It well decorates the room, with a simple but functional look, we can turn it to low color temperature when going to bed, and turn it to high color temperature when going to study. What a plus to our bedrooms! And this time, I am on my way to earth, yes, mom is pregnant again.

Every time we move to a new life, there is a new life coming to my family. And the last time we move, our family becomes a family of five member! It is tough for the whole process to get a big family, but we are all good and together all the way up.

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