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Light and starlight

Do you like the stars? Do you know what the stars are? Do you know why we can see the starlight?

Stars refer to celestial objects in the universe visible to the naked eye. The activity of the energy inside the stars makes the star change in shape irregular. Stars can be roughly divided into planets, stars, comets, white dwarfs, etc.
The sun is the source of light and heat on the earth, and we face the stars at night, only see a little shining light, but we do not know that some of the stars also emit light and heat.
Probably in the absence of lights, the stars are the only bright light we can see at night. For the stars, people often give beautiful sustenance.
Since ancient times, people will use the word ‘the end of time’ to compare the long time, but the time of ‘the end of time’ is not long than the life of a star.
The Stars are synonymous with romance. At the edge of the Milky Way, 30,000 light-years from Earth, there are two giant galaxies, consisting of billions of stars and gas clouds. The stars, gas, and dust of the larger galaxy on the right form an "arm" surrounding the smaller galaxy on the left, slowly interacting with various graceful gestures.

What are you thinking about when looking at the star river? Do the stars have special meanings for you?

When you were a child, you like the stars all over the sky, because the charming stars make people intoxicated!
When you were young, you like to walk under the nebula with the people you adore, this scene is like a picture.
When you are old, you still like flashing stars , looking at it you can feel the quiet years.
Because they are just like your parents and family, in every stage of your life is silently guarding to accompany you!

Since Edison invented the electric lights, it seems to be harder and harder to see the stars at night. Because of the progress of science and technology, people's development of electric light is also becoming more and more advanced. We are no longer limited to ordinary lighting effects. We feel the color temperature of the light source, emphasize the design of lamp, experience the sense of use. It is no longer a simple lighting tool. Electric lights are also changing because of the production of materials and functions. For example, LED lights, eye protection lights, warm lights, energy-saving lights, floor lights, indoor lights, outdoor lights and so on.

The lights also gradually replaced the stars, illuminating the direction for us at night.

The night seemed no longer dark from when to began. Lights were blazing everywhere, street lights, signal lights, building decorative lights, and car lights. Our life is becoming more and more inseparable from the lights.
Starlight and lights are very important, and no one is better than anyone, but for me, lights may be more important.
As a child, you are curious about the lights and why it makes the room light up!
When you are young, you pay attention to the lights, because you can go through the window to know whether she or he gets home safely and sleep safely.
When you are old, you will look up at the sky and you will look at the street lights. But I guess, you are more immersed in the warmth of the light. Busy a day of you, back home, looking at the lover in the room light, children, at this time you are the happiest person in the world!

There is my favorite quote in the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’: there is no y (why) but i (I) in the happiness.

I don't know how you think, for me, to return to my home, to see the gentle light through the window, is the source of my happiness. Because which ray of light represents the safety of my family, and a person in the room who cares about me is waiting for me to go home.
The lights at home I hope to be warm and healing, so, I rarely turn on the chandelier lighting again. Every room in my house has a fine floor light. The study and bookshelf lamp match very well, which I looked for a long time to discover the shelf floor lamp, and find one in Sunmory, that satisfied the light and receive. The living room I put a modern floor lamps, unique tripod lamp design to let the living room more than a sense of design. I put the arched floor lamp in the bedroom as a great reading lamp for reading prior to bed.

I love the starlight, that is the good sustenance of the heart, romantic yearning. I rely on the lights, that is the portrayal of life, is an indispensable ‘partner’ in life!

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