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Light & Human Life--(1)Baby Age

For a newborn baby, the bad surroundings may have a big impact on his growth. The lights that you are accustomed to may also have some harmful effects on the baby: such as, poor vision development, skin sensitive, impaired sleep quality, etc.

For the influence of lighting on children, the vast majority of people should be more concerned about the influence of lighting on children's vision.

About six months, the baby is already sensitive to light. When babies are born, they will react to the light, but because the eyes are not developed, the visual structure and optic nerve are not mature, the baby's vision is only 1 / 30 of the adult. Thereafter, the baby's vision through a long gradual process, vision to reach normal 1.0 at the age of 6. And by the age of 8, the vision can be fully developed.

If the eyes are often stimulated by strong light or bad light, in order to adapt to its light and dark changes, the retina will continue to accelerate the adjustment. This is particularly easy to lead to the baby's frequent blink and visual fatigue. This can lead to the baby’s decreased vision and reduced color perception sensitivity. So strong lights, laser lights, shooting lights and so on are harmful to the child's eyes.

However, ordinary lighting not only will not hurt the baby's vision, but also help the baby's vision development. The first year of birth is the sensitive period of visual development, without light stimulation or too weak, too little stimulation will cause the baby's vision development problems.

So choosing a suitable indoor lamp is very important for the family with children. Some floor lamp mounted bulbs are very light LED lights that are too strong light stimulation for babies. These kinds of light sources need to avoid children staring at the damage.

Sunmory floor light bulbs have a variety of color temperature can choose, you can adjust the color temperature, choose suitable for the baby's vision development of the light, to avoid too strong or too weak light.

The Sunmory also has floor lights with the cloth art lampshade. Linen cloth lampshade can help filter part of the light, avoid the baby directly staring at the bulb, reduce the damage of the light source to the baby's vision.

The Sunmory floor lamp can not only regulate the color temperature, but also choose a variety of modes. For example, working mode,reading mode,night light mode,and baby feeding mode. The specialized baby feeding mode which has the warm light can give the baby a gentle environment is conducive to the baby's vision development.

In fact, sleeping with the light turning on is an invisible harm to the baby. Because the baby is not in charge of cognition. Sleep at night with turning on the light, will let the baby feel that the world has no difference between day and night. This can lead to sleep confusion.

Lighting is also a kind of "pollution", which will make the pupils of children can not relax, the peripheral eye nerves and muscles are in a tight state for a long time, which is more harm than good for visual development. If we have been in the dark environment at night, suddenly turn on the light we will feel very dazzling and uncomfortable, can not open our eyes. If the baby has been under the stimulation of the light at night, the eyes and muscles will always been in a state of tension, do not get the real relaxation and rest, the vision will slowly decline.

Turn on the light when falling asleep, will inhibit the human body has a secretion called melatonin, so that the baby's immune function is reduced.

And, open the light to sleep at night the baby rest is not good, growth hormone secretion will reduce, will directly affect the baby's height, bad rest is also adverse to the baby's brain development. Think that we adults are the same, if the quality of sleep at night, get up in the morning will be energetic, on the contrary will be depressed and drowsy.

But because the darkness brings fear. The dark environment is easy to make the baby lack of security, the baby will cry. At this time, in order to appease the baby, it is very important to put a gentle floor lamp at home.

The Sunmory landing lamp has an automatic turn-off mode for an hour, which can calm the baby's uneasiness before the baby falls asleep, or avoid the problem of forgetting to turn off the light after the mother and the baby fall asleep together.

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