Light & Human life -- Youth

Light & Human life -- (2) Youth

The most concerned and caring stage in one's life is probably infancy and childhood.

We are too fragile in infancy and need all-round care from our parents.

We learned and grew up as our youth. Enrich and improving ourselves has become the main goal and direction of our current period. So, when we passed through infancy. The school became our home ground. Learning is our main task.

At present, myopia among students shows a trend of high incidence and low age, which has become an important social problem facing the world. In particular, due to the impact of COVID-19, the time for children and adolescents to study at home and indoor activities increases, the opportunities and time for outdoor activities are reduced, and the prevention and control situation of myopia in children and adolescents is even more severe. According to incomplete statistics, the global rate of youth myopia has exceeded 50%. Improper use of the eyes is the main cause of adolescent myopia, and light lighting has an important role in myopia prevention and control.

Experts believe that although controlling the development of myopia, the corrective treatment of the complications caused by myopia is a medical problem. But how to make healthy eyes not be myopia, the focus is on prevention.

Teenagers spend more than half of their time in the classroom. The classroom lighting environment needs to be bright and intensity appropriate, learning under the conditions of similar to natural light which is good vision protection. Eye protection lamp is of great significance for myopia prevention and control of students. According to the intensity of outdoor light, through the intelligent light system for intelligent light adjustment, simulate the effect of natural light, can help to prevent the occurrence of myopia in teenagers.

Many lights have many deficiencies

Many lights have many deficiencies, such as uneven illumination, strobe, glare, blue light hazards, overbright or overdark lighting. These are one of the causes of eye fatigue among adolescents. Preventing myopia needs to start by reducing eye fatigue.

Use the eyes at night, and the surrounding environment lighting configuration has a great relationship. The influence of spectroscopy on eye axis development, indirect lighting and direct lighting on vision function and so on studies all show that light has a certain impact on the human eyes.

In modern society, electronic products early enter the daily life of minors. Daily learning is many inseparable from the assistance of electronic products. Although excessive use of electronic products can indeed lead to myopia, but children's myopia may also be a problem of home lights.

Experts say it is very necessary to value the protection of children's early vision.

Experts say it is very necessary to value the protection of children's early vision. Parents need to pay attention to the family indoor lighting situation is very important for their children's visual development. From the birth of the child, light affects the child's visual development. It is good for the child to have a natural light environment to improve the eye function.

As a parent, you will definitely ask, are the lights at home bright enough? I worry that if the lights are too dark, it will affect the child's vision!

In fact, ophthalmologists believe that the light of children reading and writing is not too dark, but too bright. Too strong light can fatigue the child's eyes easily. Moreover, the lamp light area is uneven leading to large eye stimulation, too much blue light content makes the child retinal light damage, flash too fast cause visual fatigue and so on. These problems can affect the child's vision development, lead to myopia.

You must ask what kind of light is best for the eyes? The answer is natural light.

Natural light changes every minute and second, and this dynamic light source is very good for children's visual development. Because children are feeling the constant change of natural light, the pupil will continue to adjust. At the same time, the eye muscle feeling light source will also adjust and change. These adjustments and changes can exercise the eye. Thus it can relieve children's eye fatigue, reduce the eye solidification state, stimulate a variety of photoreceptor cells, control the development of myopia, reduce the occurrence of children's eye myopia.

The Sunmory landing lamp has a variety of modes

The Sunmory landing lamp has a variety of modes, among which the reading mode has natural light, which is very suitable for children to read and learn.

In addition to multiple modes, the Sunmory's floor lights also have a variety of color temperature options. Different color temperature can be selected according to the different light at home and the different sunshine time, the suitable light source at that time, so as to ensure the sufficient and stable light source in the room.

A variety of choices of Sunmory can reasonably cooperate with the family light configuration according to the needs to meet the eye needs of children.

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