Light Up Your Life in Women's Day 2022

Light Up Your Life in Women's Day 2022

# History of International Women’s Day

From the United Nations' pages, the history of international women’s day traces back to a series of major women’s movements in the early 20th century, the series of feminist movements in Europe and America jointly contributed to the birth of "March 8" International Women's Day.

# Changes of Women

The worldwide recognition of international women’s day represents a triumph for feminism. In modern times, females have gotten rid of the constrictions of the old society and embraced a more equal chance in terms of position, power, and freedom. What is accompanied by is their passion for life, independence, and hobbies.

In addition, some women play an important role when it comes to domestic life. On this note, females have a stronger desire to create a comfortable and harmonious family atmosphere, bringing family members a higher sense of happiness and a better life experience. Hence, quite an amount of females is interested very much in interior decoration. For instance, interior design, décor styles, domestic furniture, etc. In terms of home lighting, Brightech who is one of the lighting industry leaders has found that on client gender distribution, 64% of females are target clients shopping their floor lamps, whilst only 35.91% are male clients. Women are fond of comfortable lighting that are suitable to rest and sometimes entertain, for instance, reading or watching a movie.

When it comes to the options of interior lighting design, there are quite some choices to do. If there is limited space, some simple and gentle lighting design will be a good fit for the house, for instance, a spotlight or table lamp. If it is spacious, a beautiful ceiling lamp along with some spotlight will make the room colorful and enjoyable.

# What to Give for International Women’s Day

The above-mentioned lamps require redecorating of walls and ceilings. With the vision of bringing elegance to everyone’s house with easy and simple style, SUNMORY has been dedicated to designing simple style and easy assembly floor lamps since 5 years ago.

On this special day for women all over the world, here are some options for women in terms of lighting.

Made of solid wood with a stable structure, SUNMORY shelf floor lamps are more durable and sturdy than like products. The shelf floor lamp comes with a cloth lampshade of elegant classic Asian style. The modern floor lamp features 2 charging USBs, 1 power outlet, to charge 3 devices at the same time, for instance, cell phones, tablets, or Bluetooth speakers, which reduces the confusion of charging cables, in the living room, bedroom, or office. Hence, make your life more convenient. SUNMORY floor lamp with shelves has a 9 watt, 800-lumen power-saving LED bulb, with 3 color temperatures available, 3000K/5000K/4000K. The nice shelf floor lamp not only plays a role in the living room for decoration but also in the bedroom as nightstands.

sunmory shelf floor lamp

Another star for women is the tree floor lamp, which comes with three palm tree lamps and a simple design, making the palm tree floor lamp suitable for various locations, living room, bedroom, study, office, or more. In addition, the surface of the SUNMORY tree branch floor lamp is coated with good texture and materials that it is stable and sturdy. The weighted base ensures the tree floor lamp has a stable and firm stand in any place. The black tree floor lamp contains 3 LED bulbs to save electricity bills. The 2700K color temperature makes soft lighting, for a comfortable vibe and care for your eyes. Other bulbs are replaceable for the pole lamps based on your needs (maximum power 40W).

sunmory tree floor lamp

Overall, women have more and more power and choice no matter it is home decoration or other personal preferences. Since lighting is one of the scales used to tell a home atmosphere, a proper lighting design will make the home bright and comfortable.

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