lighting choice - child

lighting choice - child

There are many uses of lighting, display, creating atmosphere, reading, guiding routes, etc.

Because of different preferences, different personality, different age, different, the choice of lamps and lanterns is different for different people.

Although most of the children's lamps are determined by their parents, they also have their own choices.

What will be the child's choice of lights like?

In the room, the lamp that the child chooses himself should be a bed or a small night lamp. Children's nature is simple, and they like toys. So when children go to the supermarket or IKEA with their parents, they are attracted by special lamps and lanterns. Cartoon modelling, small body shape, will always be loved by children. For example, cartoon toy lights, cute princess lights, cool cars lights, doll lights and so on.

Of course, in addition to the children themselves, parents will also pay special attention to the layout of the lamps in the children's room.

Children's room generally has the function of learning, games, rest, storage, so the choice of children's room lighting lamps must take full into account the child's personality characteristics and growth needs. So, what should parents pay attention to when choosing lamps for a children's room?

There are mainly the following six points:

  1. Non-strobe
  2. Color temperature from 3000 to 4000k
  3. Color rendering range is large
  4. lighting should be large and even enough
  5. Anti-glare
Learning lights for children's rooms need to be safe and environmental friendly

Learning lights for children's rooms need to be safe and environmental friendly. Lighting is an important tool to bring a happy time to children. When choosing lamps and lanterns for their children, parents can choose the lamps with lovely shapes and warm colors. But the choice of lamp color can not be too strange, should be mainly to protect the child's visual health. The child is in the growth and development period, for the learning lighting lamps, it is more important to understand whether the light source is in line with the actual needs of the child. Learning to use lights had best meet the above 5 conditions, in order to choose the favorite lamps and lanterns to meet their growth needs. Therefore, the bright, stable and high color display lamps should be selected.

The decorative lights of the children's room can choose the changeable shapes and bright colors. In addition to learning to use lights in the children's room will also configure some decorative lights according to the style of the whole room and the children's preferences. For example, the overall lighting can choose a bright and warm chandelier, suction ceiling lamp to create a dream feeling, while the local lighting is a wall lamp, desk lamp, shooting lamp to meet different needs. It should be noted that the selected lamps and lanterns should give the children a relaxed, interesting sense of light in the shape and color. This can expand the child's imagination and stimulate the child's learning interest. When choosing decorative lights, parents might as well take their children together, let the children make choices according to their own interests and hobbies.

Good lighting installation and lighting design in the children's room can bring great benefits to the children's body and mind. A happy atmosphere can increase the children's sense of security. But naturally, children are very active and full of curiosity about the world. In meeting the children to explore the world at the same time, the need for very main children's room lamps and lanterns according to and layout.

Let's take a look at the installation of children's room lamps

Let's take a look at the installation of children's room lamps:

1.Shooting lights need to be careful. Many children's rooms have spotlights on the walls for an artistic atmosphere. In fact, if the shooting lamp is not used well, easy to cause the child's mental tension. So under the shooting light, it is best to hang some art, such as frames, murals, etc. This avoids creating dazzling highlights.

2.Select adjustable and bright lamps. Children's room had better choose the lamp that can adjust the light and shade, dim the light before going to bed at night, can increase the child's sense of security, to help the child fall asleep as soon as possible. It is noted that the child must turn off the lamp after he falls asleep. Because children sleep under the lamp, their vision will be damaged, and the chance of myopia will increase.

3.Do not install lights at the bed. At the bed, close light magnetic radiation will have an adverse effect on children's brain development. So the lamp should be installed to ensure that the child lies on the pillow can not see the lamp head.

4.The light bulb should be covered with a lampshade. The lamp turned on for a long time will be hot, plus the surface of the bulb adsorbed a lot of dust, if the child to touch in use, it is easy to cause blasting. So be sure to choose the lampshade to cover the bulb, on the one hand to protect the child, on the other hand can extend the life of the bulb.

5.Not many mirrors in the house, the floor is not too smooth. Although mirrors and smooth materials can improve the interior brightness to some extent, strong reflection can damage the child's vision.

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