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Lighting Decoration Tips for Halloween

When was the most scary and exciting Halloween you have been through last time? Still feel excited for the new coming of Halloween in 2021 but worried about Covid-19? Do not worry. We have some tips today to celebrate Halloween safely and interestingly.

Spooky Halloween Movies Marathon

Toss some snacks onto your bowls and start choosing spooky movies with your family, a good chance to wrap up on sofa with your beloved and scream together. If you want some classic whimsical, Hocus Pocus should be on your list to play. Besides, The Addams Family, Fun Size, Trick ‘r Treat, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Get Out can be something to scream up.

Horror Stories Telling

If you find movies or zoom parties require too much equipment but want something natural but thrilling at the same time, telling horror stories is a good choice. Well-prepared the stories before the timing, and gather all the family to tell stories one by one. In the end, do not forget to vote for the most horror one of the night! It is a game!

Zoom Halloween Parties

For long-distanced families and friends, it is time to set up a zoom party. Have some rules first before the game. Dress up and pick up a theme to make the party fun. Find something in the house or some interesting games to start the zoom parties.


Making Costumes

Making Costumes

For a colorful Halloween party, making costumes with kids will colorize the room and people. Use material available at hands, fabrics and makeup are easy ingredients to make costumes and make your face shining. Find some special characters to mimic and compete who is the most beautiful one.

Playing Halloween Games

Oh! Do not forget the important link of Halloween, Halloween games. Remember to prepare the materials one day before the festival comes, as long as there is family with you, there is always fun to play the games.

Playing Halloween Music Nonstop

It is never a bad idea to start a party with music. Halloween is a good timing to select chic and spooky musics to throw a party at home, be the dance queen and king of Halloween night!

Going Global

Are you used to western ways of celebrating Halloween? Try that of other cultures, especially Asian ones, you will find a lot of fun to celebrate Halloween in a different way. Learn other cultures and how to make traditional food and crafts.

Making a Spooky Snake

Making a Spooky Snake

Instead of going to haunted house or trick-or-treat with friends, you can change the direction into creating a stunning spread of spooky snacks. It will be quite an enjoyable process to make the snacks as well.

Light Decorating to Your House

Other than the above-mentioned games and activities, what else well illuminates the beginning of Halloween? Lighting. A good lighting to your house will greatly decorate the house with a spooky vibe, or any vibes you are interested in.
From the living room to bed room and wash room, there are numerous choices for your decoration, you can pick from the color and light fixtures to decide your house vibe.

If you want something extremely scary, red can be a good pickup for your house light decoration. If you want to be something old school, yellow is the color that is popular among every season. If you want to add something extra to your Halloween night, green and blue are the colors that will light up the room.
Other than light colors, there are various light fixtures to decorate your house. Whether it is shelf floor lamp, or wood tripod floor lamp, it well enlightens your rooms and you can switch to the color you want. If you are up for anything to light up your room, do not hesitate to visit our product list for a better understanding.

Covid-19 has swept every corner of the world, in the past two years we have been under stress, anxieties, and worries. It is not easy to get rid of the lockdown situation currently, but it is more easy for us to celebrate every good moment with our family and friends. It is difficult to meet distanced friends and family, but it is easy to set up a zoom meeting and zoom party with them. It is difficult to throw into crowded very soon for a festival celebration, but it is easy to get your hands dirty with people around you. It is difficult to travel across the country again, but it is easy to switch the TV on to start a journey with the movie. We never expect what will come next, but we have to cherish the moment we have every second and every minute with our beloved ones.

Halloween is coming again, do you have any idea after going through all the tips? Or you have more interesting ideas to share?

Light Decorating to Your House

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