The best floor lamp I have had

The best floor lamp I have had

There were two uninvited guests to my bedroom yesterday. I heard something fighting out there when I woke up in the middle of the night. Sometimes one jumped up, sometimes the other jumped up. I kept my eyes closed and wondering what they were doing? Flirting with each other or? I wanna open my eyes to see what was up there, but am afraid I might interrupt their entertainment. So I finally just kept lying in bed, keeping thinking about what they were busy for. Hearing the rustling of their fighting, half-closed my eyes, full of curiousness.

Family time with parent and siblings

I do not remember since when I stopped sleeping with the light on. I still remember when I was a little girl, I was so scared of dark. And every night I had to sleep with the bright light on, which I never think too bright and affect my sleeping quality. Everyday I sleep tight and well with the light on. It is yet popular to use computer at that moment, mostly we watched TV serious or movies through television rather than computer. Everyday after school, the first thing we did was having dinner, usually it was big dinner. We tend to have big dinner instead of big lunch. So the first thing after school everyday is rich food. If father happened not on a business trip, it would be a more exciting night. Father always likes to eat with a glass of wine, made by mom, enjoying the diner. Every time when father is present, I always feel the food is much more delicious than on usual days, and I can have another two bowls of rice to eat! Because of the presence of father, and the glasses of wine, it made my day.

Straight after the dinner, we had to take a shower before we started doing anything else, the whole family, my parent and siblings. Generally speaking, the next event after showering is watching a movie or a TV series. It is one of my favorite events of watching a movie, a good event to kill time with family. We would take out the DVD collecting from the drawer looking for one to watch, where filled with gangster films and war films that are dad’s favourite, and some thrilling films, properly purchased by random. On the other night we suggested watching a horror movie and dad agreed. We took a quick shower after dinner and threw into the sofa waiting for the thriller. There is no heating in winter in the south of our country, the air full of coldness in winter even at home. We put on our cotton-padded clothes, cotton slippers to keep warm and hot, running to the living room and huddled together on the sofa. Afterwards dad would pick the DVD collecting up to select a thriller. And this time he picked up one about zombie. When the DVD slipped into the player, I completely covered my eyes with my hands, and peeped through my fingers from time to time. When the thrilling sound appeared, I know it is the show up of zombie, and I always peeped through my fingers to see what was going on.

Out of blue, my brother got close to me and said: ‘ The zombie is coming!’
‘Shut up! You are so annoying!’ I said and pretended I am not scared, but already sweating inside.

Cannot fall asleep at dark and have to keep the light on.

With the development of background music and plots, I peeked through my fingers every now and then. Sometimes I felt relaxed and opened my eyes. Sometimes I was so scared that I closed my eyes tightly. Repeated on this rhythm a few times, the movie ended. I did not know what the whole story was about and I was already too scared to walking to my room alone. So I followed my dad back to my room on pins and needles.

After returning to my room, I hastily checked my wardrobe and bed, ensuring no zombie is hiding in my room. After checking up, I curled in my bed and kept the light on. I was so worried that a zombie might pop up and eat me. So I just kept the bright light on. It was as bright as the sun light but I did not feel dazzling at all. It gave a sense of safety and warmth that dispelled my worries and made me fall asleep.

After some nights with the light on, one day father came to my room to check whether I was sleep well and he was surprised that I sleep with the light on. So I told him everything.

The best floor lamp ever in my life, accompanied me sleep every night when I am scared of dark

The next morning my room has the best floor lamp with four color temperatures and timer. So every time when I am going to sleep I just set in the low color temperature and one hour timer, so that I can fall asleep with the dim light.

It was almost ten years ago, and now I am not more scared of any ghosts or zombies. But the best floor lamp from dad has kept in my mind. It accompanied me so many nights. Now I am used to sleep without light on. But sometimes when I woke up in the middle of the night, there are little animals fighting at dark.

Dimmable floor lamp with adjustable color temperature and timer, the best present from father ,full of warmth and love.

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