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The best tips for the right lighting in the home office

Who does not know it? You sit for hours at your desk in front of the screen, your eyes burn and your concentration seems to have blown away. Many people are not aware of how much influence the right lighting in the workplace can have on general well-being and the quality of work. In this article, we will explain to you how you can best use lighting to your advantage.

how you can best use lighting to your advantage.

It all depends on the right place!

If the table is in the farthest corner of the room and is only sparsely lit, then it is urgent time to ensure adequate lighting and to relocate the desk. If possible, place the desk near the window to have as much daylight as possible to work. You should make sure that you set up your desk so that you are not directly blinded by the sun. To do this, you can set it up to the side of the window, for example, or you can invest in a few curtains that you can pull out if necessary.

Daylight is best for work, as the focus remains longer. So setting up your desk near the window has a positive effect on your work. However, if you don't get any more sun due to bad weather or winter, good desk lighting will help you to stay productive. As far as the light color is concerned, we recommend neutral white light for perfect desk lighting, as this is most similar to natural daylight and optimally supports you in concentrated work.

You should also pay close attention to the position of the lamp. It is best to place it on the opposite side of your writing hand so that you avoid annoying shadows in your workplace.

Form and function!

Now that you know how to best place your desk, the next step is which lights are best for working at your desk. In principle, anything that can be adjusted as flexibly as possible is suitable. An adjustable lamp is always good because you can ensure that neither you nor your computer screen is blinded by the light. In addition, a beautiful lamp with a lampshade can be perfectly matched to your interior and also ensures that the light does not dazzle you.

The usual go-to for illuminating your desk is of course the classic table or desk lamp. The selection of designs for the perfect light source is endless and there is something for every furnishing style. If your apartment is furnished in a more minimalist way, a filigree table lamp fits perfectly, while a lamp with an industrial character is also suitable for a modern loft. If you have little space on your desk, the use of a floor lamp is also suitable, as you can place it next to the table, or a clamp lamp that you can attach to your tabletop.

Floor lamps are perfect for the study

Floor lamps are perfect for the study because, in addition to their functionality, they also look stylish. They can also be used flexibly, as you can place them next to your desk, but also next to your sofa or bed as a reading lamp, depending on your needs.

The clamp lamp is ideal for the right lighting at small tables, as it can simply be clamped to the tabletop and does not take up any space on the table. In addition, most clip-on lights have a movable arm with which the light head can be flexibly positioned.

Desk, standing, or clip-on lights are ideal for making your day-to-day work in the home office easier. If your luminaire can also be dimmed, you can adjust the light according to your brightness requirements or, as soon as you have finished your work, you can start to prepare for a relaxed evening and use the luminaire as a subtle mood light.

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