The Impact of Lighting on The Indoor Environment

The Impact of Lighting on The Indoor Environment

The role of light is extremely important to the display of human visual functions, because without light, there is no sense of brightness and color, and nothing can be seen. Illumination is not only a physiological need for the shape, space, and color of human visual objects but also an indispensable material condition for beautifying the environment. Light can form and change space; it can both beautify and destroy space. Different lighting not only illuminates various spaces but also creates different spatial moods and atmospheres.

Generally speaking, lighting arrangements can be divided into direct and indirect. Direct light generally refers to direct light, such as chandeliers and spotlights. The light is scattered directly on the designated position and casts circles of light and shadow. Such as our Sunmory led floor lamp, this is the best floor lamp has a large span and a bright, eye-friendly LED lamp that is perfect for people who want to illuminate small details with precise, customizable lighting.

And the Sunmory Wood Tripod Floor Lamp does not directly hit the ground but is placed in a linen lampshade, decorate your home. The modern tripod lamp is evacuated to the wall and then reflected on the ground, which is soft. In the use of home lighting, the bedroom should be warm, the study and kitchen should be bright and practical, the living room should be rich, layered, and artistic, the dining room should be romantic, and the bathroom should be warm and soft.

Sunmory shelf floor lamps very coordinated effect can be achieved, only monochrome rendering, but if you want to have multi-level changes, you can consider using both cold and warm light. In modern living rooms, consider using alternative light to create a warm atmosphere. There are many masterpieces, such as light yellow. The wall and floor rooms use warm light sources to reflect the ground stone, highlighting the warm atmosphere, while the white ceiling uses cold light sources for indirect lighting purposes to set off the warm light sources, which is a contrast and a richness.

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People come into contact with a lot of colors every day. These colors are either intuitive, making people clear and concrete, or mysterious, making people unpredictable and confusing. All things in the world show their individuality and charm because of their unique colors. In people's lives, colors are more closely related to people's emotions, and people's emotions sometimes change with the change of colors. Reasonable use of colors in home colors and reasonable color matching can help regulate people's emotions. However, these can be aided by Sunmory best lamps, which can bring you unexpected effects.

Red: The color is bright and strong, stimulates and excites the nervous system, increases adrenal secretion and enhances blood circulation. This is a more stimulating color, which gives people bold and strong emotions, makes people unrestrained and produces warm and lively emotions. But staring at the big red color for too long will affect your eyesight and easily cause dizziness. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should generally avoid the red color. Avoid excessive use of red in bedrooms and study rooms.

Pink: bright color, can stimulate the nerve and digestive system. This is a healthy and lively color, which symbolizes warmth, luxury, joy, dynamism and liveliness. It can promote blood circulation, increase the secretion of salivary glands, and cause appetite. Suitable for restaurants. This relaxing color can also be used appropriately in the children's room. It can promote the emotional stability of healthy people, but those who are emotionally depressed, pessimistic and disappointed will aggravate this bad mood.

Green: This is a color that makes people feel stable and comfortable. It has muscle movement ability. It is most suitable for people's visual nerves and is the most ideal for visual adjustment and rest. color. However, being in a green environment for a long time can easily make people feel deserted, leading to a loss of appetite. Natural green has a certain effect on overcoming fainting, fatigue and negative emotions.

Blue: It is easy to make people think of the blue sea and clear blue sky. It is a color that makes people think about it. It has the functions of regulating nerves, calming nerves, and relieving tension. The blue light has a significant effect in treating insomnia and lowering blood pressure, and it can also reduce the emotional interference of noise on urban residents. Besides, blue also represents melancholy, which is influenced by Western culture. This imagery is also used in literary works or commercial designs for emotional appeals.

White: White clean can reflect all the light, with a bright feeling. In a small room, white is the main color, which will enhance the sense of spaciousness. White can regulate irritable people and help maintain normal blood pressure. Patients with autism and depression should not live in a white environment for a long time.

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Lighting is the psychological adjuster of mood and atmosphere. Experienced SUNMORY designers will use it to form the characteristics of the space, just as a lighting designer uses it on the stage for a theatrical atmosphere. The bright lights are stimulating and have a sense of motivation to move people forward, making us feel as if we are standing up and taking action. However, if it is used too much, it may eventually become very annoying and cause visual fatigue. Bright lights will cast strong shadows. The soft lighting may make people feel relaxed and comfortable according to different environments, giving people a sense of intimacy and romance.

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