Three Tips on Choosing Interior Lighting

Three Tips on Choosing Interior Lighting

For House decoration, do not ignore the purchase of lamps, because the lighting design determines the style of the entire home, which is very important. Buying a lamp is not only about whether it is beautiful, but also the material, craftsmanship, details, color temperature, color rendering, wattage, etc. How to choose lamps? Today, I have summarized three purchasing strategies.

1. Matching lamps and styles

Home floor height, function, style, etc. will focus on different lighting choices, especially the style. If your home is Nordic style with a crystal lamp, it will look incongruous. Therefore, when purchasing lamps and lanterns, you should fully consider the matching of lamps and house styles, and you must not just buy a lamp and hang it.

a. Nordic style lamps and lanterns
Common lamps in the Nordic style include firefly chandeliers, molecular lamps, magic bean lamps, duckbill lamps, all-copper chandeliers, and plant lamps, which are more novel and simple in shape.

b. American-style lamps
The most classic lamp shape of American style is the cup-shaped ceiling with multiple lamp heads, which is more concise and elegant than European style lamps, and the shape is much simpler. The material prefers brass elements, full of classical feelings.

c. European-style lamps
European-style lamps are full of gorgeous decorations, with exquisite shapes and good lines, mainly in gold, giving people a magnificent and gorgeous feeling. European-style classical lamps and lanterns also have dark paint, rust and other materials, which are full of simple and elegant taste.

d. Chinese style lamps
Chinese-style lamps and lanterns mostly use hollowing out or carving in the shape, with a symmetrical layout, and the shape pursues simplicity and beauty. Pure Chinese lamps are more classical in shape, new Chinese lamps are more modern in material, and new materials have Chinese elements. The colors of Chinese-style lamps are mostly red, black, yellow, etc. At first glance, you will recognize it: Chinese-style lamps, Chinese-style lamps are highly recognizable in style.

e. Modern lamps
The modern minimalist style is mainly based on ceiling lamps and chandeliers. Most of them like circles, triangles, and rectangles in shape, and they are simple and atmospheric in design. The colors are relatively diversified. In addition to black and white, the modern floor lamps like cute candy colors are very eye-catching.

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2. Color temperature of lighting

The color temperature of lamps determines whether your home is warm or cool. The main color temperatures of lamps on the market are yellowish 3000K, warm white 2500K, white 4000K, white 5000K, and white 6000K blue.

It is recommended to choose the color temperature of 3000-4000K for the family's lamps and lanterns. It is recommended to use 4000-4500K for the color temperature of kitchen, study, and bathroom lamps, and 3000-3500K for the color temperature of the living room, dining room, and bedroom.

3. Color rendering index of lamps

The color rendering Ra refers to the light shining on the surface of the object, the light with a high color rendering index, the color is more realistic, the light with a low color rendering index is easy to be distorted, and the eyes are tired after looking at it for a long time. Ra50 or less is "poor", Ra50-70 is "fair", Ra70-80 is "good", and over 80 is "excellent". Ra<70 is used on public roads, Ra70-80 is used in stadiums, workshops, etc. It is recommended that the color rendering index Ra>90 is more suitable for home use. The lamps will be marked with this indicator, and pay attention to it when choosing.

Wattage mainly refers to brightness, which is also very important for home lighting. Reference recommendations for wattage per space:

1). Entrance
5w downlight spotlight is recommended.

2). Living room
It must be transparent and bright. The recommended wattage is 2.5-3w per square meter to calculate the wattage of the bulb. For 20-30㎡, 60-80w is recommended. 70㎡ recommends 300-350w, etc. If there is a reading area in the living room, a separate reading light source should be added.

3). Kitchen
It also needs sufficient brightness without leaving dark areas. The recommended wattage is 2.5-3w per square meter to calculate the bulb wattage. 3-5㎡ is recommended 8-13w, 5-10㎡ is recommended 13-25w, and 10-15㎡ is recommended 25-38w.

4). Toilet
It is recommended to install a 16w lamp, and it is best to install an extra low-wattage warm lamp, which is too dazzling to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

5). Bedroom
It is recommended to be soft, 13-25w is recommended for 5-10㎡, 25-38w is recommended for 10-15㎡, 38-50w is recommended for 15-20㎡, and 50w or more is recommended for >20㎡.

When choosing interior lighting, it is better to have a plan first before purchasing, make sure the lighting is matching in corresponding places.

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