What are Energy-efficient Lamps

What are Energy-efficient Lamps

What are energy-efficient lamps?

In addition to the necessities of water, air, and food in human life, light has always affected people's work and rest and has always lived a life of working at sunrise and resting at sunset. In 1879, Edison invented the light bulb (incandescent lamp). Its principle is: when the lamp is connected to the circuit, the thermal effect of the current flowing through the filament causes the incandescent lamp to emit continuous visible light and infrared rays.

This phenomenon occurs when the filament temperature rises to 700K It can be noticed that due to the high temperature of the filament during operation, most of the energy is wasted in the form of infrared radiation; at the same time, due to the high temperature of the filament and the rapid evaporation, the lifespan is greatly shortened, about 2000 hours. The light efficiency is about 12 (Lm) per watt. In the past, the lighting system only focused on quantity, but today it has gradually become more refined and focused on energy-saving effects.

Due to the widespread use of lighting technology and lighting equipment, people's living standards have generally improved, and the demand for lighting equipment has surged, which has also increased power consumption. Therefore, attention has been paid to the development of high-efficiency and high-quality lighting equipment.

Electronic energy-saving lamps mainly heat the lamp filament through the ballast. At about 1160K temperature, the filament starts to emit electrons (some electron powder is fixed on the filament). The electrons collide with argon atoms elastically. After the argon atoms collide, get The energy hits the mercury atoms again, and after absorbing the energy, the transition produces ionization; ultraviolet rays of 253.7nm are emitted, and the ultraviolet rays excite the phosphors to emit light.

Since the temperature of the filament of the fluorescent lamp is about 1160K, which is lower than the working temperature of the incandescent lamp, which is 2200K ~ 2700K, Its life is also greatly improved to more than 8000 hours, and because it does not have the current heating effect like incandescent lamps, the energy conversion efficiency of the phosphor is also very high, which can reach 60 (lm) lumens per watt.


What are the benefits of energy-efficient lamps?


1) Compact structure and small size.
2) High luminous efficiency of 60Lm/w, power saving of more than 80%, energy saving.
3) Can directly replace incandescent light bulbs.
4) Longer life, 6 to 10 times longer than incandescent lamps.

5) The inner wall of the lamp tube is coated with a protective film and the use of triple spiral filaments can greatly prolong the service life.

Energy saving

Because the diameter of the tube is smaller than that of other lamps, the pressure per unit area of the inner wall of the tube is higher, and the phosphor can be fully activated to emit light. The special high-efficiency phosphor and the relative extension of the light-emitting tube are used to save energy. The obvious effect is also based on the output of high luminous flux and high luminous efficiency with a very small amount of electrical energy input. Therefore, it achieves a more obvious energy-saving purpose than others.

Where to place energy-efficient lamps?

Energy-efficient lamps have been put into practice for a while. SUNMORY floor lamps are designed based on energy-efficient theory to save as much energy as possible for our clients. We have introduced several floor lamps feature energy-efficient to meet all clients’ needs. The top three we are going to introduce today is a tripod floor lamp, a modern floor lamp, and an industrial floor lamp.

Tripod floor lamp has always been my favorite floor lamp to place at the house. The design of the outline makes it look chic and modern. It is easy to fit into any corner of your house, whether it is the living room or bedroom. Besides, it comes with a rope pull switch to control the lighting, old-school and convenient.

Modern floor lamp comes with a rotary switch on the stand that you can change to different color temperatures for various purposes, including reading, sleeping, or watching a movie. The modern design is a good plus to decorate your house without too much effect, in the living room or bedroom.

Industrial floor lamp is like the twin of a modern floor lamp. it also comes with a rotary switch in the middle of the stand to control the light easily. In addition, the simple and industrial design makes it easy to place in any place of a different style. The three-color temperature character ensures enough use for different purposes, reading, sleeping, laying back, etc.

All the above-mentioned floor lamps feature energy-saving that is not only earth-friendly but also saves your electric bills. There are more to come in the next period.

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