Wow! The light can affect our appetite!

Wow! The light can affect our appetite!

There are many things in life that can affect people's appetite. The color of the tableware can affect your appetite. The size of the tableware can affect your appetite. Eating fast and slowly will also affect your appetite! You will certainly find that on cloudy days or sunny days, day or night, your appetite is different.

At night, the dim lights of the fruit shop shone on the fruit. Those fruits in the light of the yellow loom lamp, against the golden light, appear particularly fresh and beautiful, let a person have an appetite! The meat shop is the same at night, light the yellow lights, the meat will look particularly delicious.

Therefore, the light will largely affect our appetite. So what kind of light can increase your appetite? Is there only dim lights?

No! The dim lights was just one of them. Actually, all warm-tone lights can affect our appetite to some extent. If you eat in warm lights, especially in a slightly dark environment, people will feel that the food is particularly delicious and the amount of food during eating will also increase. Because warm color light will make hot food more full and gorgeous in color. However, according to the survey, in a relatively brightly lit environment, people will choose a healthy food with a 16%~24% more probability than usual. Because foods such as vegetables will appear fresher in brightly lit environments. So if you want to control your appetite and choose healthy food, choose to go to a large supermarket or a bright restaurant is better for you. If you want to use the light to reduce our appetite and control the diet, you can decorate and layout as blue lights and colors as possible.

fast-food restaurant lights and music are softer, consumers eat less but are more satisfied.

A new U. S. study in the journal Psychology Report found that when fast-food restaurant lights and music are softer, consumers eat less but are more satisfied. Because soft lights and soothing music can regulate fatigue and anxiety, making consumers feel in a better mood. The latest study completed by Dr. Brian Wensink, director of the Food and Trademark Laboratory at Cornell University and his colleagues found that average consumer food intake fell to 18% from 949 to 775 calories when fast food restaurant lighting and music were softer. Consumers also said that although they eat less, they feel more enjoyable when eating. Improvement in restaurant lighting, desktop reverse luminosity and background music can prevent consumers from eating excessively and greatly improve consumer satisfaction. This conclusion also has a good guiding significance for people to improve the dining environment at home.

People who want to lose weight by controlling their diet may try changing the layout of the lamps at home. Adjust the light and find the right dietary light for yourself to help yourself to better control your weight.

Indoor lighting is too bright and it is more likely to lead to obesity

Indoor lighting is too bright and it is more likely to lead to obesity

Studies have shown that excessive light in the room can affect sleep and hormone levels, leading to problems such as including obesity and type diabetes.

Therefore, health experts suggest that people use lights which can be adjusted to change their brightness in their homes. In the evening, you can turn the light a little darker, or change a warm light bulb. If there is a bright street lamp outside the window, you can install a light-blocking curtain to the bedroom window.

If your walls are red or orange, be careful! NHS notes that these colors can feel stress and anxious and can even cause itchy skin. In addition, bright colors can also stimulate the brain and make people eat faster. Still, if you want to cook more at home, making the kitchen bright will be a good idea.

Blue lights help men by dieting

Blue lights help men by dieting

A new study published in the journal Appetite has found that eating in blue lights can help prevent overeating. The reason is that blue lights can make the food look more unpleasant. The results of this new study have important implications for the study of weight loss methods.

Blue can prevents prevent over light in the new study. Researchers pointed out that presenting natural blue food is very rare, blue often makes everyone have doubts about the safety of food, unpleasant feelings will naturally reduce people's appetite. An interesting finding from the new study, however, is that women are not affected by the light color of the dietary environment. The researchers explained that this may be because women rely more on their smell, when tasting food.

Therefore, the light has a great impact on appetite. Candlelight dinner is known to increase their comfort and relaxation as couples dine .At home, to promote appetite, the restaurant light can be adjusted to a soft warm light. Especially in families with children and the elderly at home, which can enhance the appetite of the elderly and children. If your home light can not be changed or moved, you can choose a floor lamp to adjust your home brightness.

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