Shelf Floor Lamp II

One of our most functional lamps, the 5000 Kelvin floor lamp offers a three floors of storage place, allowing you to place extra stuff like the book which you read every night. Start with the size and configuration that will fit into your space, then assemble it to design your own custom upholstery. Keep in mind the pure lampshade design at the top only is determined by your practical selection. Realizing lighting and storage as a whole, this is exactly what you need.

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Shelf Floor Lamp
Shelf Floor Lamp II

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Every home is a small world, with light and warmth always with you. SUNMORY's committed to exploring the harmonious unity of science and nature, practicality and beauty. Not only bring you convenience but also decorate your home.

Why Sunmory shelf floor lamp II?

1. 3-Color Temperatures LED Bulb Included

SUNMORY 3-light shelf floor lamp includes a 9 Watt, 800-lumen power-saving LED bulb, so you don't need to buy an extra bulb. The LED lamp bulb has 3 color temps: 3000K/5000K/4000K. You can switch different color temperatures according to different scenes. It also can work with smart outlets that are Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Apple HomeKit enabled(requires smart outlet sold separately).

2.Non-glaring Cloth Lampshade

This shelf floor lamp is equipped with a high-quality off-white cloth lampshade and opens upwards. With the built-in three-color temperature bulb, it can be used for both functional lighting and ambient lighting.

3. Storage & Display

This tall lamp has 3 layers of high-density fiberboard, each with a maximum weight of more than 50 pounds. On the shelf, you can put decorations such as vases and photo frames, as well as daily necessities such as books and mobile phones. So it can be used as a corner lamp to decorate your living room or as a skinny nightstand with a lamp to bring convenience to your life. It is very suitable as a gift for Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas.

4. Minimalist Design & Versatile Style

The matches Asian, mid-century modern, rustic, country, and farmhouse decor thanks to its diverse lighting effects and simple lines.

5. Easy contemporary stand-up lamp Assemble

SUNMORY basic shelf floor lamp has been improved in craftsmanship and simplified in installation steps. Compared with other similar products, it will save you 30% percent of installation time. The accompanying package comes with the tools needed for assembly and an instruction manual containing text and video installation steps. Simple and repetitive operations are very easy for most people.

For an Eco-friendly Future

SUNMORY floor lamp with shelves includes a 9 Watt, 800-lumen power-saving LED bulb, so you don’t need to buy an extra bulb. The LED floor lamp bulb has 3 color temps: 3000K/5000K/4000K. The cool shelf floor lamps can be used not only as a living room decoration but also as narrow nightstands for bedrooms. You can find the floor lamps installation steps video on Supplied with installation tools, a lamp with shelves won't take you much time to build up, and you can DIY the lampshade as you like. 

Warm Tip: Please tighten each post to keep the whole lamp stable.

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People Usually Ask

1. Is it easy to assemble?

It was so easy that my 7-year-old son was so excited to get it and assembled it in 10 minutes.

By fufen on July 3, 2022

2. Is it bright enough for a large living room?

I guess that depends on how bright you want the room to be. I have this in my son's room (average size) and he sometimes only uses this for his light. There are 3 modes and one is brighter than the other for sure, more of a daylight white. I think it's bright enough, but that's my opinion.

By dixie b. on February 11, 2022

3.How do you switch the different temperatures? When I pull the chain, it just turns on and off.

I did not have that issue. The special bulb they sent with the stand lamp did provide different brightness.

By Tammy V on February 11, 2022

4. Do I need any tools to assemble this shelf lamp?

It comes with all tools and parts. It took about 1/2 hour to assemble. I am very happy with the size and features. It charges my phone kindle and tablet overnight.

By Javene Black on February 11, 2022

5. How about this floor lamp with shelves?

It's great, I put it next to my bed, not only for lighting, for ambience, but also for charging my phone and iPad, very practical.

By Cord on July 2, 2022

6. Does this floor lamps for living room have 3 color temperatures?

Yes, he has three color temperatures, warm yellow, bright yellow, white daylight, you can switch the color temperature with a zipper switch.

By marker on July 1, 2022

7. Is it stable on the carpet?

Yes, the lamppost of this shelf floor lamp is metal, so it is heavier and more stable. If you think it’s not enough, you can put heavy things on the bottom

By Polly on February 11, 2022

8. Do I need to buy a light bulb for this floor lamp?

NO, it contains a three-color temperature bulb, but if you want smart regulation, you need to buy a smart light bulb and socket.

By Erica on February 11, 2022

9: Does the lampshade sit flush with the top of the base?

Not really. The ring of the concave metal bracket seems too small so it sits higher than it probably should. I ended up bending the bottom metal bracket so it concaved more and that allowed my shade to sit lower and leave no gap when sitting on the top shelf.

By Shirley on October 28, 2021

10: Is the ac power outlet 2-prong or 3-prong? product info shows both. how can I guarantee I'll receive the one I need?

Hello friend,

Thank you for your question.

The power outlet of our new version is 2-prong. … see more

By TSI Direct SELLER on May 26, 2022

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