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Sunmory RGBCW Floor Lamp

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Floor Lamp with App & Remote Control

Sunmory RGBCW Floor Lamp not only pairs with a remote control but also supports App to control. Simply tap the screen with your fingers to change the LED floor lamp’s color and lighting effects at any time. It also supports stepless dimming and color temperatures changing, making it suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and reading rooms.

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Sync with Voice & Music

This standing lamp is designed with audio synchronization, the color and brightness of the RGB floor lamp will change with the level of music or game sound, which brings you a wonderful experience of being on the scene. Enhancing the atmosphere of watching movies, and creating an active party vibe.

application scenarios of RGBCW floor lamp
Creative Lighting Effect with DIY Mode

There are 16 million lighting effects on this RGB lamp via the app, more than 200 lighting changing modes, and the color temperature range is between 2700K and 6500K. You can set the lighting effects and modes according to your own needs. No matter it is with conventional lighting or colorful mood lighting for parties and movies, this corner led light is a great choice.

Floor Lamp with Wide Range of Application Scenarios

The combination of stepless dimming with brightness, color temperature mode and colorful personalized lighting effects make this bright floor lamp not only great lighting for the living room, playroom and bedroom but also can give an active atmosphere.

RGBCW floor lamp color temperature
Easy to Assemble SUNMORY Floor Lamp

Includes a user manual for Sunmory RGBCW floor lamp in the package, which introduces the specific installation steps for the led floor lamp also available as video, simple repetitive operations. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions after receiving the package, and we will reply to any questions anytime.

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