Best Corner Floor Lamps

7 Best Corner Floor Lamps: Top Choices for Stylish Illumination

Ever wondered which lamp can transform a dull corner into a stylish retreat? 

Our exclusive guide on the best corner floor lamps unveils top picks that blend elegance and functionality. 

Stay tuned as we reveal how these lamps can elevate your space, sparking curiosity with every enlightening detail.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: SUNMORY Sector Corner Shelf Floor Lamp 

Best Sales: Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp

Best Styling: Brightech Helix LED Floor lamp

Best Brightness: OUTON S1 Smart RGB Corner Floor Lamp 

Best Budget: Nukanu Floor Lamp 

Best Minimalist: EDISHINE LED Corner Floor Lamp 

Best Smart: Miortior Corner Floor Lamp

Best Overall: SUNMORY Sector Corner Shelf Floor Lamp

SUNMORY Sector Corner Shelf Floor Lamp

We think this floor lamp is a smart buy for anyone who values functionality and elegance in home lighting.


Price: $59.99

Room Type: ‎Living Room

Special Feature: ‎Energy Efficient

Product Dimensions: 11.2"D x 16.5"W x 61.23"H

Style: ‎Modern

Product Care Instructions: ‎Wipe with Dry Cloth

Assembly Required: ‎Yes

Recommended Uses For Product: Living Room, Bedroom

Included Components: Bulb included

Item Weight: ‎9.38 Pounds

Color: ‎Black(fan-shaped)

Voltage: 120 Volts (AC)

Shade Color: ‎Linen

Shade Material: ‎Linen

Power Source: Corded Electric

Switch Style: Pull Chain

Type of Bulb: ‎LED

Luminous Flux: 800 Lumen

Wattage: ‎9 watts


  • Enhances room décor while saving space
  • Offers three different color temperatures
  • Fabric Lampshade
  • Multi-function
  • Doubles as a shelving unit for additional storage


  • Could be brighter for some spaces
  • Fabric lampshade may require careful cleaning
  • Assembly needed, albeit straightforward

Nestled in the corner of my reading nook, the SUNMORY Sector Corner Shelf Lamp adds a cozy charm with its beige linen shade diffusing light softly across the room. The fan-shaped shelves curve neatly into the corner, providing a perfect perch for my eclectic mix of succulents and favorite novels. The three color temperature settings allow us to shift the ambiance from a warm glow for relaxation to a brighter white for focused reading.

Not just a source of light, this lamp is a conversation starter. Guests often compliment its modern design that fits unassumingly into the room's decor while providing functional shelving space. And it's not all just for show; the lamp's structure is solid and reliable once set up, blending aesthetics and practicality.

We appreciate the thoughtful design that acknowledges life's little conveniences, like the easy pull chain that eliminates the need for fumbling around in the dark. Putting it together was a breezy affair, and not once did we feel the need to call in reinforcements. The corner lamp has proven to be a valuable addition, making our spaces more inviting and organized.

Best Sales: Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp

Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp

If you're seeking a vibrant and modern lighting solution, this lamp proves to be an excellent choice with its smart features and dynamic color range.


Price: $99.99

Style: Modern, Ambiance

Color: ‎Black

Product Dimensions: ‎7.9"D x 7.9"W x 53.7"H

Special Feature: ‎Energy Efficient, Adjustable Color Temperature, Timer, Color Changing

Light Source Type: LED

Finish Type: Painted

Material: Aluminum

Lamp Type: Floor Lamp

Room Type: ‎Gaming Room, Bedroom

Shade Color: ‎Black

Recommended Uses: ‎Decoration

Power Source: Corded Electric

Shape: ‎Straight

Controller Type: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Switch Type: Alexa

Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

Included Components: ‎1*User Manual, 1*Service Card, 1*Power Adapter, 1*Floor Lamp, 1*Quick Start Guide

Mounting Type: ‎Floor Mount

Wattage: 24 Watt-hours

Lighting Method: Adjustable

Control Method: App, Voice

Item Weight: ‎3.5 Pounds

Water Resistance Level: ‎Not Water Resistant

Installation Type: ‎Freestanding

Connectivity Protocol: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, SmartThings

Voltage: ‎24 Volts (DC)

Brightness: 1000 Lumen

Finish types: ‎Painted

Bulb Features: 3-way switching

Color Temperature: ‎4300 Kelvin


  • Offers an immersive lighting experience with color sync capabilities
  • Smart controls provide convenience through app and voice commands
  • Sufficiently bright and has a multitude of color 
  • Options for various moods and occasions
  • 16 Million DIY Colors
  • Sync with Music


  • Only supports 2.4Ghz WiFi, which may limit connectivity options
  • The lack of a physical remote might be a minor inconvenience for some users
  • The color transition effects may not suit every user's taste if looking for static lighting
  • Need to install APP

Striking the perfect balance between ambiance and functionality, the Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp seamlessly integrates into our living space. Its sleek design provides a modern touch without being obtrusive, fitting cozily into any corner of the room.

Navigating the color settings to match the mood we're aiming for becomes a breeze, thanks to the intuitive Govee app. Whether we're throwing a party or settling down for a quiet evening, the lamp's colors adapt to create the ideal atmosphere.

The lamp's music sync feature is a game-changer during get-togethers, pulsating in harmony with our favorite beats. The set-up was straightforward, and before we knew it, the lamp was elevating our entertainment experience with its lively hues.

Best Styling: Brightech Helix LED Floor lamp

Brightech Helix LED Floor lamp

If you're searching for illumination that combines both form and function, this lamp merits your attention.


Price: $69.99

Style: Modern

Color: Warm White Light with Black Frame

Product Dimensions: 6"D x 6"W x 48"H

Special Feature: Energy Efficient, 3-Way, Dimmable

Light Source Type: LED

Finish Type: Painted

Material: ‎Metal

Lamp Type: ‎Floor Lamp

Room Type: Living Room

Shade Color: ‎black

Shade Material: Plastic

Power Source: ‎Corded Electric

Shape: ‎Bulb

Switch Type: Foot

Connectivity Technology: USB

Cable Length: 90 Inches

Mounting Type: Pole Mount

Wattage: ‎20 watts

Control Method: Touch

Item Weight: ‎2.64 Kilograms

Voltage: ‎110 Volts

Brightness: 1400 Lumen

Finish: Painted


  • Enhances ambiance with its bright, dimmable light
  • 3 Way Dimmable Floor Lamp
  • Super Bright LED Lighting
  • Blends seamlessly with modern decor
  • Built-in LED with a long lifespan reduces energy costs


  • Might be too short for some preferences
  • Color temperature is not adjustable
  • The light may appear too cool versus warm
  • Some might find it less suitable as a reading light

The moment I switched on the Brightech Helix LED Corner Floor Lamp, the ambiance in my living room transformed. Its sleek design, providing a gentle, upward twist, adds a touch of sophistication to the space. More than just a statement piece, its 1400 lumens of dimmable LED light filled the room with a warmth that's hard to overlook.

Installing this lamp was a breeze—a relief for anyone who dreads lengthy assembly processes. The weighted base kept it firmly in place, instilling peace of mind, especially in households with playful kids or pets. The three-way dimmer foot pedal means adjusting the brightness is as simple as tapping your foot, proving convenient during our movie nights or when I need softer lighting to wind down.

I can't stress enough the advantage of the energy-saving LED, which promises both cost efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint over time. But let's be real, not everything is perfect. While it's a powerful source of light, its stature is modest, and the coolness of the LED may not suit those in pursuit of a more traditional, warm glow. Additionally, its height can be a limitation for those who need a lamp that towers above furniture for better reading illumination.

Yet, for anyone looking to brighten a corner with a modern and minimalistic twist, this lamp is worth considering.

Best Brightness: OUTON S1 Smart RGB Corner Floor Lamp

OUTON S1 Smart RGB Corner Floor Lamp

If you're in the market for a floor lamp that offers both ambiance and functionality, this is a smart choice.


Price: $119.99

Style: Modern

Color: Black with RGB

Product Dimensions: ‎10"D x 10"W x 70"H

Special Feature: ‎16 Million DIY Color, Dimmable, RGBIC, 14+ Lighting Mode

Light Source Type: LED

Material: ‎Metal

Lamp Type: ‎Floor Lamp

Room Type: ‎Living Room

Shade Color: ‎Multicolor

Base Material: Metal

Power Source: ‎Corded Electric

Shape: L-Shape

Controller Type: Remote Control, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

Switch Type ‎Remote/APP Control/Voice Control

Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

Wattage: 30 watts

Lighting Method: Adjustable

Control Method: ‎Remote

Connectivity Protocol: Wi-Fi

Voltage: 110 Volts

Brightness: 3000 Lumen

Item Weight: ‎10.08 pounds

Average Life: 50000 Hours


  • Versatile with bright light and RGB options
  • 3 Control Ways to set up
  • 3000LM LED Torchiere Lamp provides super bright illumination 
  • Smart controls including voice and app integration
  • Dynamic RGB Color
  • Easy setup and a stable, secure base


  • RGB colors may not suit all decor styles
  • Brightness and color temperature are not adjustable
  • Smart features require compatible devices
  • Music sync sensitivity might need tweaking
  • It's a bit expensive.

Transforming a corner with the OUTON S1 Floor Lamp brings an instant uplift to the room. With the bright LED torchiere, we lit up the space effectively, making it ideal for both work and relaxation. Its ability to blend into a modern living room or game room with the dynamic RGB lighting also adds that extra pizzazz, especially when the music sync feature is on - talk about a personal light show!

Operating the lamp couldn't be more seamless. With our smartphones or voice commands, we changed lighting modes and colors without having to leave the couch. And for those who dislike complicated assembly, we set this floor lamp up in no time, enjoying its sturdiness and reliability immediately after.

A small downside was the RGB lights. While great for setting the mood or creating a party atmosphere, some might find them less appropriate in traditional decor settings. Plus, if you don't have a smart home system set up, you won't be able to use all its features. We did have to fiddle with the music sync sensitivity to get it just right, but once we did, our gaming sessions were nothing short of epic.

In sum, we're impressed with the OUTON S1 Floor Lamp's host of features. It meets our need for strong practical lighting and our desire for a modern, smart home device. Plus, the added fun factor of color-changing lights geared to our favorite tunes makes it stand out.

Best Budget: Nukanu Floor Lamp

Nukanu Floor Lamp

This versatile floor lamp elevates any corner with its impressive lighting capabilities and user-friendly features.


Price: $39.97

Style: Modern

Color: Black

Product Dimensions: 8"D x 8"W x 66.2"H

Special Feature: Adjustable Color Temperature, Dimmable, Energy Efficient, Decoration

Light Source Type: ‎LED

Finish Type: ‎Painted

Material: Plastic, Iron

Lamp Type: ‎LED

Room Type: ‎Office, Bedroom, Living Room, Study Room, Dining Room

Shade Color: ‎white

Shade Material: ‎Plastic

Recommended Uses: Decoration

Power Source: ‎Corded Electric

Shape: ‎Straight

Controller Type: ‎Remote Control

Switch Type: Push Button, remote

Connectivity Technology: IR

Mounting Type: Floor Mount

Wattage: 12 Watt-hours

Lighting Method: 360-degree luminescence

Control Method: ‎Remote

Item Weight: 5.64 Pounds

Voltage: 12 Volts (DC)

Brightness: 1200 Lumen

Finish types: Painted

Maximum Compatible Wattage: ‎12 Watt Hours

Bulb Features: ‎Dimmable

Color Rendering Index (CRI): ‎85.00

Average Life: 50000 Hours


  • Emits bright, consistent light, enhancing the ambiance of any room
  • Adjustable Color temperature & Brightness
  • Affordable prices
  • Remote control adds convenience for adjusting settings from a distance
  • Heavy base ensures stability, preventing tipping over by pets or children


  • Some users report a slight wiggle even when fully tightened
  • Power supply noise may be a minor annoyance
  • Made primarily of plastic, which may not appeal to all tastes

For those nooks that crave a touch of brightness, the Nukanu Corner Delight stands out as a beacon of style and functionality. Its sleek frame slips effortlessly into tight spaces, and honestly, setting it up was a breeze. We appreciated how it blended into our decor, virtually unnoticed until illuminated.

With our day-to-day demands, having the ability to tweak light intensity and color with the tap of a remote was so convenient. We could dial the brightness up for work or soften it for a cozy evening in. The 360-degree light distribution meant no more dull corners, and the whole room felt more inviting.

On a practical note, we were particularly keen on the lamp's sturdy base. It held its own against our overly enthusiastic pup without a hitch. Yes, we did notice a bit of wiggle at the stand's connection point, but it was stable overall. If we were to nitpick, the buzz of the power supply caught our attention during quieter moments, but it wasn't a dealbreaker.

We must mention the construction, although robust, is mostly plastic. This might not be to everyone's taste, especially if you're after a more premium material. However, it does not detract from the lamp's sleek aesthetics or functionality. For those living in smaller spaces, this lamp is a smart choice that compromises neither style nor space.

Best Minimalist: EDISHINE LED Corner Floor Lamp

EDISHINE LED Corner Floor Lamp

If you're aiming to enhance your room ambiance with versatility in lighting, the EDISHINE LED Corner Floor Lamp is a go-to option we'd readily recommend based on our experience.


Price: $56.99

Style: Minimalist

Color: ‎Silver

Product Dimensions: ‎7.8"D x 7.8"W x 57.5"H

Special Feature: Dimmable, Remote Control, 7 CCT, Integrated, 7 Brightness

Light Source Type: LED

Finish Type: Finished

Material: Aluminum, Iron, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Lamp Type: ‎Floor Lamp

Room Type: Living Room

Shade Color: ‎Silver

Shade Material: Metal

Base Material: ‎Metal

Recommended Uses: ‎illumination

Power Source: ‎Corded Electric

Shape: Bulb

Controller Type: ‎Remote Control

Switch Type: Remote

Connectivity Technology: IR

Cable Length: 70 Inches

Mounting Type: Floor Mount

Wattage: 19 watts

Lighting Method: Adjustable

Control Method: ‎Remote

Item Weight: ‎4.5 Pounds

Bulb Base: Wedge

Water Resistance Level: Water Resistant

Voltage: ‎120 Volts

Base Diameter: ‎7.8 Inches

Brightness: 1100 Lumen

Finish: Finished

Coverage: ‎5ft


Offers a variety of color temperatures and brightness levels, suiting different moods and occasions

Eye Care and Cozy Light

7 color temperatures from 2700 to 6000K

The remote control adds convenience, allowing you to adjust settings from a distance

Sleek design that's both a practical light source and a modern decorative piece


  • Not the simplest to assemble; it requires patience
  • The remote control can occasionally be unresponsive
  • Though stable, the base might seem bulky in smaller spaces

The moment we set up the EDISHINE lamp, its refined look comes to light as a classy addition to our corner space, illustrating that good things can come in slim packages. We've found the color temperature range to be ideal for transitioning from a productive daytime workspace to a cozy evening retreat. The seven levels of brightness boost its functionality, making it a versatile piece for any room.

Handling the lamp is a breeze with the remote control. Our choices feel limitless—flipping between brightness and color temperature without moving an inch is a feature we never knew we needed but now can't imagine living without. Plus, it's quite a relief to find this lamp maintains a cool touch even after hours of use, making it safe around curious pets and kids.

While the assembly is straightforward, it's not a five-minute job. Be ready to dedicate some time to putting it together. And there's a slight hiccup with the remote; it sometimes tests our patience with its responsiveness. Standing on its hefty base, the lamp feels secure but could eat into the floor territory of a more compact room.

Overall, we appreciate how the EDISHINE LED Corner Floor Lamp manages to light up not just the room but our mood as well. It's a sturdy, reliable companion that has earned its place in our living space.

Best Smart: Miortior Corner Floor Lamp

Miortior Corner Floor Lamp

If you're looking to enhance your room's ambiance with ease, this lamp's vibrant customization options and user-friendly features make it a worthwhile purchase.


Price: $42.48

Style: Modern, Ambiance

Product Dimensions: 4"D x 4"W x 55.12"H

Special Feature: Smart APP Control, Easy to Install, Timer, ‎Energy Efficient, Remote Control, Color Changing, Base Button Control

Light Source Type: ‎LED

Finish Type: Painted

Material: ‎Aluminum

Lamp Type: LED

Room Type: Gaming Room, Living Room, Bedroom

Shade Color: Multicolor

Base Material: ‎Button Base

Recommended Uses: ‎Decoration

Power Source: ‎Corded Electric

Shape: ‎Corner

Controller Type: Remote Control

Switch Type: Remote

Connectivity Technology: ‎Bluetooth

Included Components: ‎RGB Floor Lamp * 1, Remote Control * 1, Power Adapter * 1, Instruction Manual * 1

Mounting Type: Floor Mount

Lighting Method: Adjustable

Control Method: App

Item Weight: ‎0.85 Kilograms

Connectivity Protocol: Bluetooth

Voltage: 110 Volts (AC)

Brightness: 1000 Lumen

Bulb Features ‎3-way switching


  • Ample color selection and dynamic modes facilitate striking room transformations.
  • Three control methods: app control, remote control, and button control.
  • Setup is straightforward, negating the need for professional assistance.
  • The synchronization with audio heightens the overall sensory experience.
  • Brightness can be adjusted from 1% to 100%.


  • Remote control reliability can vary, occasionally requiring re-alignments.
  • The lamp's modular design, while sleek, may be delicate if bumped.
  • App connectivity issues could surface, impacting the full range of features.
  • Color temperature is not adjustable.

Incorporating this lamp into my living room setup was a breeze. Its slender design tucked neatly into the corner, soon becoming a conversation piece. I was instantly smitten with its swath of colors—over 16 million hues that I could manipulate right from my phone. On a whim, I could match the lighting to my mood or the theme of any gathering.

The music sync feature set the mood during our last get-together. Streaming a playlist through the speaker, the lights danced in harmony with the beats, bringing a new layer of immersion to our experience. It's akin to having a personalized club setting, minus the cover charge.

Interacting with the lamp is nearly effortless. Whether it was the handy remote or a few taps on the Bluetooth-connected app, I had full command over brightness and effects. There was a hiccup, however, when the app was momentarily unresponsive, but a quick reset got things back on track. Standing back to admire the show of lights, I valued the lamp's ability to turn a routine space into a dynamic backdrop for life's moments.

Buying Guide

When searching for the perfect corner floor lamp, it's essential to consider how it’ll fit within our space and meet our specific needs. We'll evaluate critical aspects, such as room size, lighting purposes, style preferences, and additional features to ensure we make a well-informed decision.

How Big Is Your Room and How High Are the Ceilings

Room dimensions and ceiling height dictate the type of floor lamp that will function best in our space. For larger rooms, broader lamps can fill the space nicely, whereas, in smaller rooms, a slim, taller lamp might suit us better. Ceilings higher than 8 feet may require a taller lamp to provide adequate light distribution.

What Do You Use Floor Lamps For

We should consider what tasks we’re using our floor lamp for. If it's for reading, an adjustable lamp with a focused light would be ideal. For ambient lighting, we might opt for a lamp with a softer, diffuse glow. The purpose significantly influences the lamp's brightness level and design.

What Kind of Style Do You Like

Our lamp should reflect our style. Whether we prefer modern aesthetics, which favor clean lines and minimalistic design, or traditional décor with intricate details, we’ll want a lamp that complements our room’s overall theme.

What Are Your Additional Needs

Consider if we require extra features such as dimmers for adjustable light intensity or lamps with shelves for added functionality. Some lamps even offer smart connectivity for a more high-tech approach to lighting. We’ll need to keep an eye out for these additional perks, prioritizing what aligns with our lifestyle and preferences.

Final Thoughts on the Best Corner Floor Lamps

Our journey through the world of corner floor lamps highlights how each model uniquely enhances room aesthetics and functionality. 

From the modern, smart features of the OUTON S1 to the budget-friendly Nukanu Corner Delight, we've explored options that cater to diverse styles and needs. 

Whether seeking ambiance, practicality, or a blend of both, these lamps promise to elevate any space, adding both light and flair to your corners.

Here's a short summary of our top 7 best corner floor lamps:

Floor Lamp Brand Score Best For URL
SUNMORY Corner Floor Lamp 9.5 Best Overall SUNMORY
Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp 9.4 Best Sales Govee 
Brightech Helix LED Floor lamp 9.3 Best Styling Brightech
OUTON Corner Floor Lamp 9.2 Best Brightness OUTON
Nukanu Floor Lamp 9.2 Best Budget Nukanu 
EDISHINE LED Floor Lamp 9.1 Best Minimalist EDISHINE
Miortior Corner Floor Lamp 9.1 Best Smart  Miortior

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your corner into a charming, well-lit haven with the SUNMORY Sector Corner Shelf Floor Lamp

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