JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Review

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Review: Cons Not to Be Missed

Is The JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp for You?

Who's Going to Love the JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp

  • Decor enthusiasts value sleek design.
  • Users enjoy a customizable ambiance.
  • Tech-savvy individuals like remote and touch control.
  • Energy efficiency advocates.
  • Safety and Space Savers.

Who Should Steer Clear of the JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp

  • Those needing bright, primary lighting.
  • Simplicity seekers prefer app-free operation.
  • Individuals are annoyed by high-pitched noises.
  • Multi-lamp households.
  • Instant-on preference users.

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Overview

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp

The JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp provides adjustable lighting with energy-efficient LED technology and various control options. It is best for creating ambiance in smaller spaces, not for lighting up large areas.

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Video Review

Do you prefer watching to reading? Watch this video for the JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp review.

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Specification

  • Price: $47.99
  • Style: ‎Modern
  • Brand: ‎JOOFO
  • Color: ‎Black
  • Product Dimensions: ‎4.33"D x 12.2"W x 32.67"H
  • Special Feature: ‎LED Touch Panel, Dimmable
  • Light Source Type:‎ LED
  • Finish Type:‎ Painted
  • Material: Iron
  • Room Type: ‎Office, Bedroom, Classroom
  • Shade Color: ‎White
  • Shade Material: ‎Acrylic
  • Recommended Uses: Indoor
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Shape: Straight
  • Controller Type: ‎Remote Control
  • Switch Type: ‎remote, touch
  • Number of Light Sources: 1
  • Connectivity Technology: ‎IR
  • Wattage: ‎30 watts
  • Lighting Method: ‎Adjustable
  • Control Method: ‎Remote
  • Voltage: ‎110 Volts
  • Brightness: 2400 Lumen
  • Item Weight: ‎9.5 pounds

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Key Features

 Multiple Control Ways

The JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp offers unparalleled convenience with its multiple control options. Whether you're cozied up in bed or seated across the room, the remote control allows you to adjust settings without moving an inch. Additionally, the touch control feature adds a layer of modernity, enabling stepless brightness adjustments. The remote control can control all JOOFO lamps at once, which may surprise you if you're not prepared.

Using Life Longer 20% Than Others

One of the lamp's standout features is its longevity. The new LED technology is very bright, like a 200W bulb, but it doesn't get hot. This lamp lasts up to 100,000 hours, saving energy and money in the long run.

Some users have said that the warm light setting makes a high-pitched noise. This noise might be annoying for people with sensitive ears. However, the product has many benefits.

3 Color Temperatures and Stepless Dimming

You can change the color and brightness of your lights to create the perfect atmosphere for any situation. This feature is perfect for setting the mood for any activity or time of day. The lamp does not remember its last setting when unplugged. You may need to adjust it again when you turn it back on.

Save Space and Safe Base

Designed with a heavy base, the JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp is both stable and safe around children and pets. Its compact design fits well in tight spaces, making it perfect for smaller areas like corners or under furniture. While the lamp's design is praised for its safety and efficiency, some users have found the touch controls to be less responsive than desired.

Directional and Glare-Free Light

The lamp's lighted surface can be moved to shine light where you need it, preventing glare for a better experience. This makes it perfect for tasks that require focused light, such as reading or remote meetings. The lamp can light up small areas or corners, but it's not meant to brighten whole rooms.

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Review performance


JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Assemble

First off, the assembly process was a breeze. The lamp's design is intuitive, making it easy to put together right out of the box. This simplicity is a huge plus for someone like me who values convenience and efficiency in products. The straightforward assembly means you can enjoy the lamp's benefits without any frustration or need for extra tools.

Appearance & Design

The JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp boasts a stylish, modern design that immediately caught my eye. Its sleek design and stylish look make it ideal for any room, adding to the decor without being too dominant. The sleek design not only adds a touch of sophistication but also blends seamlessly with various interior styles.


JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp brightness

While I love this lamp for its style and design, it's important to note that it doesn't brighten the whole room. It's more suited for creating a focused ambiance or lighting up a specific area. This light is good for reading or creating a cozy atmosphere. However, it may not be bright enough for larger spaces.

If you're in need of more powerful lighting that can illuminate larger spaces effectively, consider exploring our range of very bright floor lamps, designed to meet the demands of any room size.

Color Temperature

One of the lamp's standout features is its three color temperatures and stepless dimming. This flexibility allows me to adjust the lighting to match my mood or the task at hand. Whether I'm working late at night or relaxing in the evening, I can find the perfect setting. I heard a loud noise when using the warm light setting, which could be distracting in quiet places.

Controls and Switches

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Remote

The multiple control options, including a remote control and touch control, offer convenience and versatility. I like being able to change the light settings from far away, especially when I'm feeling lazy in the evenings. That said, the touch controls can be finicky at times, and I've experienced moments when they didn't respond as expected.

Save Space and Safe Base

Living in a smaller space, I'm always looking for products that are both compact and safe. The JOOFO lamp's heavy base provides stability, making it safe around pets and children. Its space-saving design with style and functionality is a big advantage. I can easily place it in the perfect spot for the best lighting.

What I like about JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp

  • It's a stylish, bright, easy-to-assemble piece
  • The brightness the three light temperatures, the size, and the slimness.
  • Has a sleek modern design
  • Stepless brightness adjustment(brightness from 5% to 100%)
  • 3 Color Temperatures
  • Rotation at almost any angle
  • Save Space and Safe Base

What I don't like about JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp

  • High-pitched humming noise
  • Doesn't brighten the whole room
  • One remote will turn on two different bedroom lights
  • It doesn’t restore the previous state (on/off, brightness, and color temp) after the power is disconnected
  • The light was not ambient and created shadows

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Amazon User Reviews Screenshots

Ready to find out what the JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp is really like? Below, you'll see screenshots of a real portion of user reviews, providing you with unfiltered, direct insight. Keep scrolling to see what they're saying! If you'd like to read more reviews, check them out on Amazon JOOFO reviews.

JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Amazon User Reviews
JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Amazon User Reviews
JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Amazon User Reviews
JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Amazon User Reviews
JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Amazon User Reviews
JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Amazon User Reviews
JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Amazon User Reviews
JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp Amazon User Reviews

The Bottom Line on JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp

The JOOFO Sky LED Floor Lamp impresses with its sleek design and customizable settings, perfect for those who value aesthetics and functionality. However, its limitations in room illumination and the potential for noise may not suit everyone's needs.

Seeking an alternative that marries style with practicality? The Sunmory Floor Lamps  could be your ideal choice. It offers a range of lighting options to fit any space, ensuring both elegance and efficiency.

Have you explored the features of the JOOFO lamp, or do you prefer the versatility of the Sunmory Floor Lamp? Share your experiences and preferences in the comments!

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