8 Rules to Rock your Room with a Black Floor Lamp

8 Rules to Decorate Your Room with Black Floor Lamps

When it comes to decorate your room, there are a lot of factors need to take into account, the color of wall, floor, furniture, and light. The material of wall, floor, furniture, and light. No matter what kind of material you select or what kind of color you want to decor your house, the color of black and white never been out of time. And today we would like to recommend you 8 rules to rock your room with a black LED floor lamp.

1. Pay attention to hardware

Shapes attach to bases in a different way. Some might need a harp, some might require the hardware attached to the bulb’s base, while others just fit right on the bulb. Do not forget to match the shape and base if you buy them separately. Remember to bright your lamp with you if you are going to buy a new lampshade shapes to replace.

For those seeking to enhance their space with elegant simplicity, explore our collection of black floor lamps, which perfectly combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

2. Ensure enough lighting

No matter where you are going to light up, remember to add sufficient light. Do not just stand up a light with little light, it will not meet all your needs for any activities. If your purpose is to illuminate the entire room or provide light for reading or working, a translucent shade is the first pick up. If your want an accent lighting, maybe an opaque shape will be a good choice for dramatic look. Do not forget the lampshade level should be at eye level when you seated.

3. Select a right shade shape

Shannon Petrie of HGTV says, “If you are going for a modern or contemporary look, think simple or streamlined when selecting lamps. Slim bases and drum-shaped shades can add height and drama to a space without overpowering its other decor. “ If you prefer a more classic aesthetic, “Shades with a tapered shape trend to blend well with traditional decor.” Says Petrie. If you are going to place different bases in the same room, try shades of the same shape will look great.

floor lamp is better to place it beside the sofa or bed.
4. Complete your decor

Every room need all the accessories to make it looks great and complete, do not forget to add all the piece required for room decoration. The table, chairs, desk lamps, rugs, plants, etc. All all are part of decors to bright your room. And for a black floor lamp, it is better to place it beside the sofa or bed.

5. Do not forget texture and color

When you want to elevating your interior, do not make your lampshade overlooked. Black color floor lamp is a good boost to your room, a modest decoration to make your room look decent. For the texture of lampshade, metal or polished appearance will add some grace to the room.

6. Take care of the scale

Try to keep all the lamps in the same room about the same height first. Be mindful of the size of the lamps fit the scale of your space. You do not want to add an extra large floor lamp into your small room to make it look out of match. While at the same time, a small floor lamp in a large living room or space will not be appropriate.

7. Do not miss a proper placement

The black floor lamp is a good partner to your sofa. Use the space of corner, spaces between sofa, or spaces between sofa and wall. Place the black floor lamp on one end of the sofa while the other end comes with a plant. In the corner of a bedroom, a black floor lamp in the bedside will make your room looks warm and cosy.

8. Match the right lampshade with right base

Some tips from Petrie: “If you have a square base, try a square or rectangular shade. A round or drum-shaped shade works well with a round or bulb-shaped base, while a conical shade is a good fit for a tall, thin base.” According to The Kellogg Collection blog, “The width of the shade should be at least as wide as the widest part of the lamp and can be up to 2x the width. The shade should be 40% to 60% of the height of your lamp. For example a 30” lamp might have a 13” shade.”

Do you have any idea in mind now to decorate your room with a black floor lamp? If not, we are highly recommended you to try SUNMORY LED sofa floor lamp, that comes with a remote control. The modern LED black floor lamp offers 4 color temperatures 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 6000K with non-flickering light. The distance to control your light through the remote control is within 49.2 feet. SUNNMORY LED floor lamp features 360° flexible and adjustable gooseneck, you can bend and rotate to the desired point as you want. Comes with a heavy base, no worries of knock down by kids. There are 6 modes to control the light, sleep, coffee, reading, work, breastfeeding, and game mode. A perfect black floor lamp for living room or bedroom.

A perfect black floor lamp for living room or bedroom

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