What Lighting Should Be Used in Each Area of Your House?

What Lighting Should Be Used in Each Area of Your House?

Many people will say that lighting is the best way to let a busy person experience the warmth of home.

Different from outdoor natural light, in everyone's home, light is produced by lamps, which complicates the selection and layout of light in different areas. Therefore, when choosing lights for different areas, the shape and lighting science of the lights must be considered.

No matter Sunmory is bright, dim, warm, or ambiguous, no matter what kind of light it is, each kind of light can make the whole home feel different.

An elegant and interesting family is not something that an incandescent lamp can solve. Sunmory all kinds of lamps cooperate, and the light and shade are relaxed, which can quickly improve the taste of a family's life.

So what different types of lights should we install in different areas of the home? Sunmory will give you an answer.


The traditional lighting only serves as basic lighting, without considering the convenience of use. The human body will block the focus light, and the limited light source will also make the shadow of the entrance cabinet block the line of sight. It is very inconvenient to change shoes when visiting.

Although the market price of people staying at the entrance is not long, a bright light is still very important. For ceilings, you can choose embedded energy-saving lamps that are suitable for overall lighting as a whole, with even and sufficient light. The hanging part of the porch cabinet can be equipped with lights with supplementary lighting.

lighting for porch

Living room

In a traditional living room, you can easily illuminate the entire space with a ceiling lamp or fluorescent tube. However, it lacks characteristics and variability, and cannot be adjusted according to changes in the behavior of space users.

As the main lighting, the ambient light only needs to illuminate the entire area and does not need to be too strong.

Such as sunmory light strips or some small table lamps. This can make people more relaxed. A light trough can be installed above the TV to provide diffuse reflection light for the entire space, reduce the brightness difference between the TV screen and the back, and relieve visual fatigue.

In the corner next to the TV, you can add a sunmory floor lamp, which can make the living room look more layered, and can also provide soft mid-range visual light when you watch TV so that your eyes have a more comfortable experience. At the same time, a high-value floor lamp is also a decoration to enhance the style of the family.

If you need reading, you can add a soft-lit table lamp or floor-standing reading lamp to the sofa area. SUNMORY shelf floor lamp with shelves includes a 9 Watt, 800-lumen power-saving LED bulb, so you don’t need to buy an extra bulb. The LED floor lamp bulb is 3 color temp: 3000K/5000K/4000K. I'm sure you'll like it! The light of the reading lamp and the indirect lighting from the front will make the eyes more comfortable. The edge area of the living room generally has decorative hanging pictures, and you can use adjustable-angle track spotlights to provide lighting while providing indirect lighting for nearby spaces.

lighting for living room


Warm white or white light is the most suitable because you have to concentrate for a long time in the kitchen. Daylight has the strongest effect on maintaining excitement, and it is easy to find kitchen dirt.

As a food production place, is also the place where light is most needed in the whole home. Most people just install a ceiling lamp in the center of the ceiling. The center of the kitchen still needs light as the overall lighting of the kitchen. Add focus lights above the dining table and sink, and install small spotlights for local and focal lighting.

lighting for kitchen


The bedroom is our resting area. The lighting of the bedroom should not only satisfy the usual activities but also take into account that when the night is up, one room and one light are not good, that is, when the night is up, the light is open to the eyes of people who open from the dark. It will be very exciting.

The bedroom lighting can be divided into three parts: overall lighting, pillow side local lighting, wardrobe local lighting.

Diffuse ceiling lights or chandelier lights can illuminate the entire bedroom. Arrange soft light strips to raise the ceiling, and use diffuse indirect lighting to assist the entire space. The overall feeling is very comfortable.

Wall lamps that do not take up space can be installed on two sections of walls about 1.8m from the head of the bed. Or you can set up a bedside counter lamp or floor lamp.

If you are more afraid of the dark, you can learn from the hotel and set up a sunmory weak corner lamp at the end of the bed to increase your sense of security. Just turn on a small light when you sleep at night.

Those who like to watch TV at night should also disperse the glare from the screen. Add light troughs on both sides of the background wall to narrow the contrast between light and dark to avoid damage to eyesight in a dim environment.

The local lighting of the closet is to facilitate the user to see the inside of the closet clearly when opening the closet.

lighting for bedroom


Regardless of the size of the bathroom, the lighting inside is very important. The lighting in the bathroom is unreasonable, and shadows will appear on the face in front of the mirror, which is not conducive to makeup, shaving, and other facial cleanings.

lighting for bathroom

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