Floor Lamps for Bedroom

Floor Lamps for Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where people sleep. In addition to the need for the main lamp, many people like to use auxiliary lighting to improve the effect. The auxiliary lighting in the bedroom mainly includes table lamps and floor lamps, so is the bedroom floor lamp or table lamp better? Some people don't know much about floor lamps, so how many watts are the floor lamps in the bedroom? What's the point of bedroom floor lamps? Let's take a look below.

Floor lamps or desk lamps are better for the bedroom

1. Desk lamp

Appearance: There are many shapes of table lamps. Some table lamps are like works of art, bringing more beautiful visual enjoyment. The light through the lampshade makes the bedroom quieter and more elegant.
Compact: The desk lamp is very small in size, does not take up much space, and is placed directly on the bedside table. It is more suitable for small bedrooms and can be moved at any time with greater flexibility.

Convenience: Most of the desk lamps are placed by the bed. When you need to turn on the desk lamp in the middle of the night, you can easily operate it, which is more convenient to use.

Price: Relatively speaking, the price of table lamps is cheaper than floor lamps.

2. Floor lamp

The floor lamp is a kind of lamp placed on the ground. It will occupy a certain space. If the bedroom area is too small, the floor lamp will make the bedroom appear more crowded. Floor lamps are not as convenient to use as desk lamps, and it is difficult to turn them on or off while lying in bed. In terms of price, it will be much more expensive than the table lamp.

However, the floor lamp has more usage scenarios and is more convenient to move, which can create a warmer home atmosphere, especially in some corner spaces, because the floor lamp has a very good effect. Most of the lighting methods of floor lamps are direct downward projection, which is more suitable for activities that require mental concentration such as reading.

Watts for bedroom floor lamps

How many watts is the floor lamp in the bedroom? From the perspective of lighting design, this is determined by the area of your bedroom, the depth of the bedroom wall, and furniture color, as well as your usage requirements, a floor lamp for reading books, and a floor lamp for creating an atmosphere. Illuminance and luminous flux are different.

1. Desk lighting. The illuminance value is above 300LX, and the floor lamp can be placed on the edge of the desk. Generally, a dozen or twenty watts are enough.

2. Reading lighting. Many people like to lean on the bedside and read before going to bed, so consider choosing a floor lamp. The floor lamp is movable and flexible, and the floor lamp itself is a work of art, which can give people a beautiful enjoyment. The light can draw beautiful dynamic lines on the wall through the lampshade. Generally, a dozen or twenty watts are enough.

3. Dressing lighting. The illuminance should be above 300LX, and the vanity mirror lamp usually adopts a warm-emitting lamp. The light source is an incandescent lamp or tricolor fluorescent lamp. The lamp is installed above the mirror, outside the 60-degree solid angle of the field of view, to avoid glare.

4. bedroom floor lamp. Children's rooms are often illuminated by floor lamps. It should be pointed out that since the electric light source in the lighting is hot and charged, from the perspective of safety, the lamps installed in the children's bedroom must have a certain height so that the children cannot directly touch the light source.

What is the significance of floor lamps in the bedroom

The floor lamp is a kind of lighting fixture commonly used in modern furniture. It can not only provide lighting, but also decorate the home environment, so it is welcomed by many consumers. However, when people buy bedroom floor lamps, they do not know how to buy them, so the effect of the floor lamps purchased is not obvious.

the significance of floor lamps in the bedroom

So what's the point of bedroom floor lamps?

1. The bracket of the floor lamp is mostly made of metal, turn wood, or materials that can be used in a free form. The selection or production of the bracket and the base must be well-matched with the lampshade, and there can be no "little people wearing big hats" or "slim people wearing small hats". "The feeling of being out of proportion.

2. From the feng shui knowledge of the bedroom floor lamp, the lampshade of the floor lamp should be simple and elegant, and the style can be selected with strong decorativeness so that the bedroom decoration will be more interesting.

3. Bedroom floor lamps are often used for local lighting, pay attention to the convenience of movement, and are very useful for creating a corner atmosphere. From the perspective of feng shui of the floor lamp in the bedroom, the lighting method of the floor lamp is directly projected downward, which is suitable for activities such as reading and other mentally concentrated activities. If it is simple lighting, it can adjust the overall light change.

4. In terms of shape, the floor lamp looks more stable and elegant. It often uses a bottle-type or cylindrical seat, with an umbrella-shaped or cylindrical cover, which is especially beautiful for the corner of a sofa or furniture.

The above is about whether the bedroom floor lamp is better or the table lamp is better, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

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