Interior Design: Floor Lamps with Shelves

Interior Design: Floor Lamps with Shelves

After a busy and stressed working day.
A warm shower first.
A delicious dinner afterwards.
A book, a movie, or a cup of tea.
Curl up on sofa with the beloved.
Enjoy and relax the night.

Under the light of floor lamps.

Light is the important thing in every family

Light is the important thing in every family, but there are a lot of choice for light when it comes to interior design. Floor lamps with shelves, desk lamps, ceiling lamps, string light, etc. Floor lamps are the most convenient light for interior design, you can place it in the living room or in your bedroom.

Functions of Floor Lamps

Local lighting

The floor lamps are usually used for local lighting and create atmosphere, including uplighting and straight lighting. When using uplighting floor lamps, the ceiling is better to be in white or light color with reflection effect. On this note, the light will become softer and have more influence space so that working as a basic lighting. While for straight lighting, the light is focused on somewhere with local lighting, having less influence for the space. The light reflects from the ceiling and spreads evenly in the room. The light is soft and to some extent it relaxes mind.

Fashion and Beautiful

For the style of floor lamps with shelves, the highlight is the shelves. Generally speaking, floor lamps with shelves are designed with simple style to working as a decoration. And in most shelves, the barrel type shelves are the most popular one. However, the selection of floor lamps with shelves are up to your personal preferences, pick up a proper one is more important than anything. You should think about your interior design first before you choose a floor lamp.

Decorating and Match Home

Floor lamps are usually placed in living room or the area for rest, like study or bedroom. The stand usually made of metal or wood to match sofa or tea table. It will perfectly meets the need of local lighting and decorating at the same time. With sound match, the floor lamps not only make your life more convenient but also decorate your home.

How to Select Floor Lamps

How to Select Floor Lamps

Best Couple: Sofa+Floor Lamps

Under a soft and warm light, reading a book or watching a movie not only pleases your mind but also your eyes. Curling up on a sofa while a floor lamps with shelves beside will make your night more enjoyable.

Bed Partner: Bedroom+Floor Lamps

The local lighting of floor lamps will perfectly integrate with the room. movable and integration, the floor lamps will make your room cosy and warm.

Create atmosphere: living room+ Floor Lamps

Warm and soft light reflects from the ceiling to create a comfy and romantic atmosphere. Discharge your tiredness.

Sizes of Floor Lamps

Sizes of Floor Lamps

Big Floor Lamps

Generally speaking, the height of big floor lamps is from 1520-1850mm, and the diameter of lampshade is from 400-500mm, suitable for house area above 130㎡.

Middle Floor Lamps

Generally speaking, the height of middle floor lamps is from 1400-1700mm, and the diameter of lampshade is from 350-400mm, suitable for house area around 100㎡.

Small Floor Lamps

Generally speaking, the height of small floor lamps is from 1080-1400mm, and the diameter of lampshade is from 250-450mm, suitable for house area below 100㎡.

How to Maintain Floor Lamps with Shelves


Moisture has been a problem for electric appliance, whether it is lamps or other equipment. The moisture will cause short lifetime and risk of electricity dangerous. Hence the key point for floor lamps maintenance is to keep it dry. Use moistureproof lampshade to proof moisture and keep the lamps safe and clean.

Dust clean

The floor lamps with shelves also need to take are of the dust. If the dust didn’t clean up for a long time, the light will get dark and the whole lighting effect will be bad. So it is important to clean dust regularly and correctly. Do not over clean that make the lampshade out of shape.

Do not switch frequently

The circulating of electric will change when you switch the light on or off. So be careful to use to light, do not switch so frequently to keep the lifetime longer. All the bad using habit will shorten the lifetime of lamps.

Floor lamps with shelves are very functional comparing to other lamps. You need to think about how to match with your furniture when you are selecting lamps for your new home. Floor lamps with shelves can also be a furniture to your home since it can be used to place things as well, books, a cup of tea or coffee, or phones, not only lighting your room but also be a useful tool to safe more space in y our home.

How to Maintain Floor Lamps with Shelves

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