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Lighting Design of Living Room


The living room is the space at home where we spend most of our free time besides sleeping in the bedroom. It is where we entertain our friends, where we have parties, where we lay back, where we enjoy free time with family. Moreover, in this special place, other than the furniture we usually talk about, today we would like to introduce the lighting design and functions when it comes to the living room.

Different color temperatures will result in various moods and modes. Under bright and white color, the vibe turns into safe, clear, and positive. When it switches to dim and dark, the vibe feels blue, ambiguous, and negative. In the event of yellow or light yellow, it makes people feel calm and peaceful. If you want to make a rational decision, the blue color will be the first choice to do so. Since the living room is the space we act different roles, the choice and design of lighting is a vital element for better surroundings and entertainment.

lighting design of the living room

#1 Designed with ceiling light or downlight

The ceiling light is one of the main lights in the living room. For the design of living room lighting, the ceiling light usually works as usual lighting. There are various ceiling lights available in the market to fit different types of the living room. The first element to take into account is the efficiency of the lighting, and LED light should be the top option since it not only saves electricity but also features a long lifetime. The switch of modern ceiling light is designed with independent control to switch to various color temperatures to suit different vibes.

In addition, another light similar to ceiling light is downlight, which features directional light with concentrated illumination. Downlight usually works as auxiliary lighting to the ceiling light, it usually embeds on the top ceiling that is easy to harmonize with the environment. With a high sense of design, downlight contrasts with other lighting and is dotted around as a structure to decorate the top ceiling. For the layout of the downlight, it is suggested to use one or two with a distance of 1.2m in the living room. The light of the downlight is soft that it feels comfortable under the light. Besides, the bulb of the downlight employs LED light that saves electric bills. When you are watching TV or movies, turn the downlight on to accompany you through the show.

#2 Designed with the spotlight or track light

Spotlight features high concentration that reflects on special figures and items that it usually used for specific illumination. Installing a spotlight in the living room will make the finishing point to some unique décor or character in the living room. If well-matched with other lights, it will result in a wonderful and exceptional vibe. However, because of its concentration of lighting, it will produce high heat and energy within a short time. Not recommended to use it as the main illumination, but as local lighting or accent lighting.

Another similar light to spotlight is track light, with no main light and no set pattern, as modern lighting. It changes and creates a different atmosphere. Installing tracks on the ceiling or on the wall to assist the track light directing in any angle as much as possible. If the track light changes to a different angle, the effect shows different views and scenes. With the unique function of concentration, party time is the good timing for the spotlight.

#3 Practice

With the mission to make every family and house full of warmth, comfort, and color, SUNMORY has dedicated itself to designing a cozy illumination to every corner of the space. Under the ambition, we have a serious control system from the selection to design and production. Each lamp and lighting of SUNMORY comes with the end to make the house a room laudable for both hosts and guests. The same as IKEA, SUNMORY also embraces the concept of simple design for elegance and comfort, bringing clients enjoyment at home. For example, in the event of a neo-classical living room. Simple and warm, Baroco-style crystal ceiling lamp, working as the main lighting to create all kinds of vibes with the luxury and delicate outlook, as well as the glittering and translucent crystals. Besides, it also comes with an independent switch to control the different color temperatures for different surroundings.

What is next is the downlight to dot around the main light as the auxiliary illumination, creating a surface with a few dots that make a sense of relaxation. When you are watching TV, the combination of ceiling light and downlight protects the eyes. Whilst, in daily life, the combination builds a romantic and hazy vibe. When it comes to the cabinet in the living room, the spotlight is the partner to light up the display inside. Overall, with the main light, auxiliary light, local light, and accent light, the living room presents a warm and comfortable style vividly and incisively.

#4 What about the floor lamp in the living room?

The above-mentioned lights are based on ceilings or walls, an easy and simple modern lamp has gradually become the trend in terms of interior lighting, floor lamp, free illumination and decoration to your house, no requirements for tools and finishing. It is free to place at any corner around the living room, whether it is next to a sofa, end a table, or the cabinet. What is on the list for a living room?

Sunmory shelf floor lamp
With three-colored temperature and three-layered shelves, the Sunmory shelf floor lamp makes your life easier with adjustable colors meeting tremendous activities in the living room. Plus with the three shelves, it not only works as illumination but also as a good accessory to store your stuff and ornaments. Besides, it comes with 2 USB ports and 2 power outlets to make your life and work more and more convenient, reducing the trouble caused by cables, in the living room, bedroom, or study.

Sunmory arc floor lamp
Other than the shelf floor lamp, there is another star for the living room, the arc floor lamp. What makes the arc floor lamp stand out? The stepless dimmable function switch to various set modes, reading mode, night light mode, working mode, and baby feeding mode. The sturdy and stable base frees your mind when it stands next to a TV or sofa. The remote control and footswitch free your attention to TV or books. You can just lay back on a sofa and switch the lamp just through a tip on your finger or your toe. What is more, the arc floor lamp is easy to assemble without the tools required, set up immediately in a short time. The reading mode will perfectly match your reading mood when you need it.

sunmory floor lamps

The living room is the heart of the house, where you entertain with friends, where you relax and lay back, where you have parties. The specific set of lighting makes the living room suitable for different events and activities.

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