What is the lampshade material

What are the lampshade materials

In soft clothes, lighting is always indispensable. Lighting is an important project to create a family atmosphere. Its light intensity can produce different family atmospheres. At the same time, the appearance of each lighting lamp will have a protective cover, we call it a lamp cover. I believe you should have noticed that there are different materials for the lampshade, which can be matched with your house arbitrarily. So, what is the material of the lampshade?

Classification of lampshade materials?

Fabric lampshade

When many table lamps are produced, various fabrics (such as silk and linen) are used to make lampshades. This kind of table lamp is more suitable for the bedroom, and the cloth table lampshade is elegant and romantic, which can create a warm and romantic living atmosphere for the bedroom.
The Sunmory wooden tripod floor lamp uses this linen lampshade, and the lampshade has openings at both ends, which can create a good atmosphere lighting. And the tripod is made of natural rubber solid wood, and the distance between the legs can be adjusted. Therefore, the tripod lamp is not only more durable but also can decorate your house.
The light of the lampshade made of cloth is relatively soft, it is easy to create an indoor atmosphere, and can also protect our eyesight. The fabric lampshade is easy to clean and replace, which can make people feel intimate. However, fabric lampshades are flammable, and the price of handmade fabric lampshades is now relatively high.

Discover our wide selection of floor lamp with linen shade options, perfect for adding a touch of warmth and elegance to any room.

Sunmory wood tripod floor lamp

Glass lampshade

Among various materials, glass lampshades are also often used. The glass material has beautiful colors and good light transmittance. Under the action of the glass lampshade, the light can achieve a beautiful and full lighting effect.
The glass lampshade has good weather resistance, even if it is used for a long time, it will not turn yellow or fade. Moreover, the glass lampshade is easy to clean and maintain, which is not only suitable for family use but also very suitable for entertainment and leisure places.
At present, LED indoor lamps and lanterns use glass lampshades, but the glass lampshades are heavy and fragile. If you have children at home, please choose carefully.

Paper lampshade

For those who like crafts, they like hands-on work, so please use various styles of paper to make lampshades for table lamps.
Common materials are kraft paper, parchment and various colored papers. These papers are different from the papers we usually write. Paper lampshades can not only create a hazy and dreamy atmosphere in the living room but also add infinite happiness to the home.
The paper lampshades on the market are mainly made of kraft paper and PVC film laminated. It is strong and durable, full of ancient charm, and has good decorative properties.

Metal lampshade

The lampshade of this material has good durability, and the main material is stainless steel and other profiles. It has a strong texture, good durability, good impact resistance, and can be mixed and matched with various decorative styles.
Now, the shades of many new LED lamps are made of metal. The cool temperament and modernity of the metal table lamp shade are deeply loved by many young people.

The role of the lampshade

Block the glare

To protect our eyes from the damage of strong light, the lampshade can filter the strong light directly emitted by the bulb, so that the light is soft and comfortable. This is not only good for our eyes, but it doesn't make us feel dizzy, and it feels very warm and comfortable.
Sunmory Shelf Floor lamp contains 3 different color temperatures, the highest color temperature can reach 5000K, and its square linen lampshade can filter out some strong light, making the surrounding light brightness look more comfortable.
The floor lamp is made of solid wood, the structure is stable and durable, the wood grain can be seen on the lampstand and the shelf, and it has 2 rechargeable USB ports and 1 power socket.
It can be used for 3 devices at the same time (such as mobile phones, tablets). Computer or Bluetooth speakers) to charge. It can be used not only as a living room decoration but also as a narrow bedside table in the bedroom.


The lampshade isolates the bulb from us, to avoid accidental rupture of the bulb and scattered bulb fragments from harming us. Therefore, the lampshade protects us and protects us from harm.

Antifouling effect

The lampshade isolates the erosion of the bulb by dust and grease, so dust and oily smoke will not enter the surface of the bulb and will not quickly damage the bulb. In this way, the use time of the lighting equipment can be prolonged, and the use time of the lighting equipment can be prolonged. Longer.

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