Where to Place Floor Lamps

Where to Place Floor Lamps


Floor lamps have become the trend in the lighting system. However, how where to place the floor lamps to create a proper vibe for the house has become a lesson for everyone who is planning to decorate the room with floor lamps. Only when you place the floor lamps in a proper location that the lighting system will look fine and match.

For example, if you place a floor lamp that is too high or too low beside the bed or table, it will not make your room look good. So today we are going to introduce some tips on placing floor lamps.

Where to place floor lamps?

Floor lamps are generally placed beside sofas, coffee tables, desks, bedsides, etc., which can play a role in local lighting and decoration. The advantages of this kind of lamp are that they are flexible and practical. (If you usually shoot something at home, it can also be used as a fill light, or it can be placed in the children's room to illuminate the children's homework), which can very well increase the layering of the space. It is also common in the decorative style of small apartments without main lighting, with spotlights, and track lights, together with playing a role in lighting the whole house.

Features of floor lamps

1. Floor lamps play a role in local lighting, and the space occupation is not particularly large. It can be placed at the head of the bed, or beside the sofa or desk, which can be increased. Light, reading, and office work will not hurt your eyes too much, and the light will not affect others too much.

2. Flexibility, the floor lamp is not like other lamps, it is relatively flexible, you can move it at will, and you can put it where you need it.

3. Improve the atmosphere, can enhance the layering of the space, put it on the bedside, it is more emotional at night.

4. It is convenient for maintenance, cleaning, and maintenance, the general floor lamp is relatively simple in shape, and it is more convenient to take care of.

floor lamps

Floor lamps are divided into the direct light type and top light type, the direct light type has soft light, the light is relatively concentrated, and the impact on the surrounding is relatively small. In the top light type, the light can be shot on the ceiling and then reflected, and the illumination range is relatively large. The overall lighting atmosphere is better. Now, most of the floor lamps are still very artistic in design, and they are also proper artwork when placed at home. The price is generally not too expensive, and the practicability is very strong.

If conditions permit, it is still necessary to have a few floor lamps at home. My new house is also being renovated these days. I have seen a lot of floor lamps on the Internet. There are several floor lamps that I think are quite good. I would recommend them to you if you need them, I hope they can help you.

SUNMORY arc floor lamp is one of my favorite floor lamps since it comes with a remote control system to control the lighting. It is very convenient to switch it whether I was reading or watching a movie.

The tripod floor lamp is on the second list to place in my house, since it is of simple style to match the furniture easily, for instance, besides a sofa, or a table, it will not let you down.

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