Floor Lamps for Bedroom

5 Best Floor Lamps for Bedroom of 2024: Top Picks

Discover the magic of the best floor lamps for your bedroom and how they can transform your space into a haven of comfort and style.

Ever wondered what makes a floor lamp stand out in the cozy corners of a bedroom? 

Join us on a luminous journey to uncover the secrets behind choosing the perfect lighting companion for your nighttime retreat.

Get ready to light up your world with elegance and flair!

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: SUNMORY Floor Lamp with Shelves

Best Sales: Ambimall Floor Lamps

Best Budget: FOLKSMATE Floor Lamp

Best Minimalist: RISLG Led Floor Lamp

Best Traditional: Brightech Sophia LED Floor Lamp

Best Sales: Ambimall Modern Floor Lamp

Ambimall Floor Lamps

Looking for a flexible bedroom light? This floor lamp is a good option with adjustable brightness and color-changing abilities.


  • Adjusts easily with a handy remote
  • Peppy assembly process, finished in minutes
  • Dimmable by stepless from 10% to 100%
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Integrated 1-hour timer for added convenience


  • Light intensity may not suffice for large spaces
  • The lampshade's material could feel less premium to some
  • Remote may introduce another item to misplace

Having just set up the Ambimall floor lamp in my bedroom, the change in ambiance is immediately noticeable. Adapting the brightness with the remote control feels seamless, ranging from a soft glow to a clearer, more focused light. The color temperature options let me shift from a cool white for reading to a warm tone for relaxing evenings.

The setup was quick; no need for tools or a lengthy manual. It was pretty much about connecting the poles and securing the lampshade. A perfect task for someone who prefers getting things done efficiently without fuss.

The remote has a magnetic feature. This feature allows it to stick to a pole or metal surface. As a result, it becomes easy to reach. However, I'm mindful of not knocking it off, as small remotes can easily get lost in the everyday shuffle.

In terms of design, its slender profile means it slides effortlessly into any corner, frequently going unnoticed until needed. However, it may not provide sufficient lighting for big spaces, which is important to consider for a large bedroom.

Overall, Ambimall offers a well-designed lamp that is both functional and stylish. However, it may not be suitable for larger rooms or for those who prefer stronger materials.

Best Budget: FOLKSMATE Floor Lamp


Opt for this lamp if you're seeking both a practical light source and an accent piece for your bedroom.


  • Effortless assembly and sturdy design
  • Pull chain offers convenience for switching on and off
  • Slim profile fits well in tight spaces or behind furniture
  • Affordable price


  • Light bulb not included, which requires an extra purchase
  • Shade material feels a bit basic
  • Not dimmable
  • Not as high-end in appearance for those seeking a luxury aesthetic

Just yesterday, I placed this lamp in a cozy reading nook behind a plush armchair. Its slim design made it a perfect fit without cramping the space. Easy to assemble, no tools needed. Just a few steps and it's up, creating a cozy atmosphere in my favorite spot.

This morning, the pull chain proved its worth. Easy to use, it lets me turn on the light quickly without searching for a switch when I wake up groggy. It's these user-friendly touches that elevate a product in my daily life.

Tonight, while reading, I liked how the linen shade softened the light in my bedroom, making it easier on my eyes. It's something I now value in my choice of lighting. Though the lamp doesn't make a loud statement, its simplicity seamlessly blends in, which is quite charming in its own right.

Best Overall: SUNMORY Shelf Floor Lamp

SUNMORY Shelf Floor Lamp

If you value versatility in lighting and storage within a sleek design, this lamp is a smart addition to any bedroom.


  • Adjustable light ambiance for various uses
  •  Adjustable Color Temperature
  • Non-glaring Cloth Lampshade
  • Built-in shelves offer extra storage
  • Straightforward assembly—a real breeze


  • Light may not be sufficient as the sole lighting source
  • Not dimmable
  • Limited color options to match decor

Having recently set up the SUNMORY floor lamp in my bedroom, the first thing that struck me was the ease of assembly. The design is intuitive, and the added tools are quite handy. No headaches or extra trips to the hardware store here. Once assembled, it stood tall, complementing my modern decor without overwhelming the space.

I found that this lamp has three color temperatures that are ideal for adjusting moods throughout the day. The colors can be changed to create a bright atmosphere during the day and a cozy ambiance at night. It's a particularly inviting feature when winding down with a book—nothing too harsh, but still clear and bright.

Another plus has been its dual-functionality. The LED bulb gives a soft light, and the shelves hold my keepsakes and favorite books. The shelves are practical, but they take up more floor space, which is important to think about in a small room.

Despite its many strengths, for someone looking for a primary light source, this lamp's glow may fall a little short, especially in larger bedrooms. It's more of an accent piece than a centerpiece in terms of lighting.

The style choices are limited. This might be a small problem. It could be difficult to match a specific bedroom theme. Lastly, if you're on a tight budget, you might hesitate, but the extra features make the price worth it.

In sum, the SUNMORY floor lamp with shelves is a solid pick for anyone aiming to enhance their bedroom with a functional and stylish lighting option.

Best Minimalist: RISLG Led Floor Lamp

RISLG Led Floor Lamp

This lamp is perfect for your bedroom if you want a stylish and functional option. It has a minimalist design and you can adjust the brightness.


  • Style seamlessly blends with most decor
  • Affordable price
  • Three brightness settings cater to different moods
  • Quick and straightforward assembly


  • Not the sturdiest design; may tip if nudged
  • Lampshade is plastic, which may affect durability and aesthetic
  • Color temperature not adjustable
  • Dimming function requires a compatible bulb, not included

Just settled this sleek RISLG lamp next to my reading chair, and it's transformed the corner into a cozy nook. The minimalist design doesn't just save space; it elevates my bedroom's modern aesthetic. It came in handy during last night's reading session, thanks to the soft, eye-friendly glow.

I appreciated the three brightness settings. Whether I was winding down or needed a bit more light to focus on the fine print, the lamp adjusted seamlessly. The control was just a twist away – quite intuitive.

Assembly was a breeze. No need for tools or the usual frustration that comes with putting furniture together. It's light, so I put it in a quiet spot, away from pets and busy family members. Admittedly, the plastic lampshade felt less premium than I'd hoped for, but it's what you'd expect at this price point.

Best Traditional: Brightech Sophia LED Floor Lamp


Brightech Sophia LED Floor Lamp

The Brightech Sophia LED Floor Lamp is a great option for bedroom lighting, as it is functional and elegant.


  • Enhances bedroom decor with its stylish design
  • Vintage design that goes perfectly with any décor
  • Heavy base contributes to stability and safety
  • Energy-efficient LED provides ample brightness


  • Color temperature is not adjustable
  • Base assembly might be challenging for some
  • Not dimmable, limiting lighting options

I put this lamp in my bedroom. It has a nice bronze finish and a modern style that fits well with the room's look. The tan lampshade exudes a cozy, ambient light that's ideal for my evening wind-down.

The slim design takes up little space, but the heavy base makes it sturdy. It won't tip over easily, even if my cat investigates it. The LED bulb has been a bright addition, casting a warm, inviting glow that's just perfect for reading or relaxing. Plus, not having to worry about replacing it anytime soon is a real bonus.

Now, while the overall set-up was a breeze, the initial lampshade wrinkles had me puzzled. The problem was fixed after using the supports, but it would have been nice to be warned.

I am unable to adjust the brightness level. Therefore, I cannot make the light softer. This is problematic when I want a dimmer setting for a relaxed mood.

Nonetheless, integrating it into my smart home setup was effortless. It responds well to voice commands through my Alexa, making turning it on and off as simple as saying 'Goodnight' or 'Good morning'. This lamp is a great addition for those who want practical lighting and stylish design in their bedroom. However, it does have a few drawbacks.

How to choose the Best Floor Lamp for your bedroom

Choosing the best floor lamp for your bedroom involves more than just picking a design you love. It's about finding a lamp that complements your space, matches your decor, and meets your functional needs. Here's how to make the perfect choice:

Floor Lamp Size Should Fit the Bedroom

The size of the floor lamp should harmonize with your bedroom's dimensions. A lamp that's too tall or too bulky can overwhelm a small room, while a petite lamp might get lost in a spacious area. Measure your space and consider the lamp's height and footprint to ensure it balances well with your room's scale.

Floor Lamps Should Match the Bedroom Décor

Your floor lamp should be an extension of your bedroom's style. Whether your decor is modern, traditional, or eclectic, choose a lamp that complements the room's aesthetic. Pay attention to the lamp's material, color, and design to ensure it enhances your bedroom's overall look and feel.

The Function of the Floor Lamp Should Meet the Needs of the Bedroom

Functionality is key when selecting the best floor lamp for your bedroom. Consider these features for a lamp that caters to your needs:

  • Adjustable Color Temperature: Choose a lamp with adjustable color temperature. This will allow you to change from cool to warm light. It will help you create the perfect atmosphere for any activity. For example, reading or relaxing.

  • Dimmable: A dimmable lamp allows you to control the brightness, making it easy to set the mood or reduce eye strain.

  • Timing Function: Lamps with a timing function can automatically turn off after a set period, perfect for falling asleep without worrying about leaving the light on.

  • Remote Control Function: Adjust your lamp's settings without leaving the comfort of your bed with a remote-controlled floor lamp.

  • Voice-Activated Function: Opt for a lamp with voice-activated functionality, which can serve as a convenient nightlight. A simple voice command can softly illuminate your path, making those midnight wake-ups safer and more comfortable.

Consider size, style, and functionality to find a floor lamp that brightens and improves your bedroom's comfort and appeal.

Final thoughts

In wrapping up, choosing the best floor lamp for your bedroom is a blend of style, size, and functionality.

Our top picks for 2024 offer something for every taste and need. From adjustable settings to voice-activated convenience, the right lamp can elevate your bedroom's ambiance. 

Here's a short summary of our top 5 best floor lamps for Bedroom:

Floor Lamp Brand Score Best For URL

SUNMORY Floor Lamp 


Best Overall


Ambimall Floor Lamps


Best Brightness




Best Sales


RISLG Led Floor Lamp


Best Rating


Brightech LED Floor Lamp


Best Budget


Remember, the perfect floor lamp not only lights up your space but also reflects your style and meets your daily needs.

Happy lighting!


Where to place the floor lamp in the bedroom?

  • Place next to the bed as a reading light if there's limited table space.
  • By a reading chair to create a cozy nook.
  • Ensure it matches the room size; tall lamps for high ceilings, shorter ones for low ceilings.
  • Use for mood lighting; smart lamps offer settings for waking up or sleeping.

Do apartment bedrooms need floor lamps?

Yes, especially in rooms lacking natural light or overhead fixtures. They add style, provide task lighting, and save space. Easy to install, making them renter-friendly.

What's a good floor lamp for a bedroom?

Ambimall Floor Lamp and SUNMORY Floor Lamp are top picks from our blog. Look for adjustable color temperature, dimmable options, and remote control for convenience. Consider lamps with a timing function for automatic shutoff.

Are floor lamps good in bedrooms?

Yes, they create a cozy atmosphere and add style to your decor. Offer task lighting and save space. Easy to install, no need for an electrician.

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