2021 Guide of Making It Even More Comfortable for You by Light

2021 Guide of Making It Even More Comfortable for You by Light

When it's cold outside, we particularly appreciate our own four walls as a cozy retreat. Above all the living room and the bedroom. Open fires, candlelight, and cozy blankets are tried and tested and, above all, indispensable tools in winter to create coziness. But as is so often the case, light is one of them. At least if it shines in the right color temperature, does not dazzle, and is used in a targeted manner. But the lights used in the living and sleeping areas and the material from which they are made also play a not insignificant role. Sunmory will explain why in this post.

Warmth has always had a particularly beneficial effect on the human organism. After all, we like it cozy. Especially in winter. But warmth also plays a crucial role in terms of lighting design. Namely when a cozy atmosphere is to be created or this is to be emphasized. The keyword in this case is warm white light. However, to create a real feel-good atmosphere in your own four walls, you need a lot more than just the right light source.

Warm white light: It all depends on the color temperature

In the age of the incandescent lamp, nobody had to worry about the color temperature of the light. After all, most of the living area lights were designed for use with incandescent or halogen lamps, warm white light was always on top, so to speak. But that has changed completely over the last ten or fifteen years. This is due to LED technology, which has become more and more popular and has long since become the general standard in private lighting. This was accompanied by a development that not all consumers see as positive: the range of light sources has exploded at the same time. Nowadays, with every purchase, you have to pay close attention to the light color of a light source or a luminaire with built-in LEDs. Warm white, preferably even extra warm white light with a uniform light color of a maximum of 3,000, preferably 2,700 Kelvin is considered optimal in the living, sleeping, and dining areas. After all, it is very similar to the well-known incandescent light.

Huge selection: the right lamp for every taste

Simply insert the right light source in the luminaire - but that is by no means enough to make a room more comfortable. After all, it depends to a large extent on the size of the room, the colors on the walls and, last but not least, on the furnishings. Luminaires are mostly also items of furniture. At least if they are somewhere in the room and are visible. So when it comes to floor, table, floor, wall, or ceiling lights. Depending on the application, the customer nowadays has a huge selection of all conceivable shapes, sizes, and colors. There is a suitable lamp for every taste and every requirement. In all price categories, of course. But do not panic, first of all: What you like is beautiful. But what uses is the most beautiful lamp if it does not make good light or immediately suffocates any comfort when switched on?

The light must not be dazzling and should be dimmable

A good lighting concept and cozy lighting are only created with indirect, glare-free, pleasantly soft light. And of course through the skillful interplay of different lights or types of lights. In principle, the Sunmory lighting consultants therefore always recommend several light sources for the living room or bedroom, which can be switched as independently as possible and, if possible, dimmed. However, there is no guideline. Because the number of lights always depends on the size of the room, the room layout, and the furniture. Nevertheless, several smaller light sources are always better than a large ceiling or pendant lamp in the middle of the room. This creates good general lighting, but only little mood lighting or comfort. A floor lamp next to the reading chair, a table lamp on the sideboard or window sill, and a floor lamp next to the comfortable sofa is much more suitable.

Excitement and atmosphere through many small islands of light

With several lights, you create small islands of light and the skillful interplay of light and shadow creates tension, atmosphere, and comfort. At the same time, several luminaires also create visual axes, which gives room for additional structure. The lights used then underline the cozy atmosphere with their color, material, or organic shape - all the better. For example, the Sunmory lighting fixtures, which are made exclusively from natural wood. Paper lights, which are known from the Asian culture, are also guarantees for cozy, pleasant, and glare-free light.

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