Change life, change lights

Change life, change lights

Do you have your own house?

Are you buying home items for your home?

How often do you go to the furniture supermarket?

Have a house of their own, design it according to their own preferences, this should be everyone's dream!

What home items have you ever picked for your house? Sofa, table, carpet, or floor lamp?

Do you want to change the style of your home after a while? What home items do you usually change in your home? Sofa, table, carpet, or floor lamp?

Whether it's decorating a new house or changing the style at home, the most thing I do is to change the lights at home!

he most thing I do is to change the lights at home

In fact, you will find that there are still limitations at home. Because of the size of the home and how much money we have, a lot of home things you cannot change at will, such as beds, sofas, wardrobes, etc. So, if you want your home to be different, you can only start with the details. For example, murals, furnishings, lights, etc.

But, not everyone likes the murals and the furnishings. And a lot of design sense or outstanding murals and decoration are not cheap. And, these are not home necessities.

Therefore, want the home to be different or want to change the home style, the first thing that let me think of, is the light in the home.

First, lights are essential in the home. At night needs to turn on the lights, at night work and children's learning is inseparable from the lights, and to create an atmosphere can also use the lighting to layout.

Next, the shape of the lamp has modelling feeling belongs to half adornment, can replace decoration decoration, and the price is not expensive. And the lights, as consumables, can also be changed regularly.

So using the light change to change the home is a very appropriate thing

Next, let's take a look at what angles you can use the lights to change the style at home!

Appearance design and styling

1.Appearance design and styling

Nowadays, many modern floor lamps have a very good appearance design.

In Sunmory, there are a lot of design floor lights, such as arc lights, tripod floor lights, bookshelf lights and so on.

The arc light appearance of Sunmory is simple and generous, and the cloth art lampshade gives a person a warm feeling.

Sunmory's tripod floor lights design was inspired by photography. If you are a photography enthusiast, you are sure to find that it a lot like a tripod camera. Such a unique shaped floor lamp makes your room artistic.

The bookshelf lights in the Sunmory are very unique. It can not only be your bookcase and light your room at the same time, but also help you store items at home, combined with your preferences to put items, let your home instantly full of personal characteristics. Whether it is in the study, the living room or the bedroom are very suitable.

Different materials and different looks of the floor lamp can make your home become different. At sunmory, you will definitely find a landing home lighting that works for yourself, change your life and change your home.

Function settings

2.Function settings

The Times are changing, and the landing lights are also following the pace of the Times. Now, floor lights are not just for lighting in the darkness. Modern floor lights have a lot of features and modes to help you find and have the most suitable lights in different demand environments.

In Sunmory, many floor lights are available in multiple modes such as working mode, reading mode, night light mode, and baby feeding mode.

Whether it's lighting suitable for computer operation at work or enough light when reading. Whether it's the warm light at night or a light light to soothe the baby. A Sunmory floor light can meet all your needs.

For example, the Sunmory arc floor lamps not only have working mode, reading mode, night light mode and baby feeding mode, but also have the sleeping mode which including a 1 hour timer function for people. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off the lights before going to bed. It also has both remote control and foot pedal switch for you to control it easily. The angle adjustable magnet adsorption function is better for your work time.

Sunmory makes life easier.



About the color temperature, we can simply understand the tone and hardness of light. Usually, we choose the living room light source color temperature between 3000-5000K to better create a warm and comfortable home environment.

Sunmory LED arc floor lamp is equipped with a 9W bulb,color temperature 3000-6000K, and brightness 10%-100% adjustable.

You can change the style of your home by changing gentle and brightness according to your preferences and mood conditions.

If you find life monotonous and want to change your living environment, you can start with a floor lamp. Come to Sunmory to make change be easy.

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