Guide to find the perfect reading floor lamp

Guide to find the perfect reading floor lamp

Do you belong to a group that likes to relax by reading a long scroll book on an armchair or sofa? Then you are correct to us. Sunmory will tell you how to avoid square eyes when reading in a semi-dark room, and how to buy the perfect reading light for your favorite reading place. Because light is not just a reading lamp.

Good vision and good lighting conditions are the first conditions for a relaxed reading experience. When we just read, we have put a lot of pressure on our eyes. The darker the room, the more tired your eyes. Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you are sitting on a sofa or in a comfortable armchair-a good reading floor lamp should be the beginning! Please continue to pay attention, we will tell you what to pay attention to when buying!

Which light source should be used for reading floor lamps?

A good reading floor lamp depends on your subjective feelings and personal preferences. Some people prefer to be brighter when reading, some prefer to be darker, some prefer a pointed head, and others prefer to read under ordinary indoor lighting in the form of ceiling lights. In terms of reading pleasure, the light source has some advantages and disadvantages.

Energy-saving lamps: a great invention, because, as the name suggests, they can save a lot of energy. Unfortunately, due to their lighting characteristics and color rendering options, they are not very suitable for living rooms or reading corners. Because the colors of pictures and fonts are often faked in color. With a good reading light, people always say that the more faithful the color reproduction, the more pleasing the eyes. In addition, the delayed turn-on ability of energy-saving lamps will adversely affect your reading pleasure. Because compared with other light sources, the full brightness can only be obtained after a few seconds. Of course, if you just want to flip through the newspaper quickly, this can quickly become annoying in the long run!

Halogen lamps: According to a law passed by the European Parliament, traditional halogen lamps can only be used in stores within a limited range before 2018. As a long-term solution, this option does not apply to your reading corner. Another disadvantage of them is that they dissipate a lot of heat to the surrounding environment at high power, so they get hot quickly.

LED lights: Our special LED lights. They are very durable and at the same time very economical in terms of energy consumption. You will find them built into the lights in piles. This is also a small disadvantage because they can only be partially interchanged. But don't worry, because the lamps with built-in LED lights are not inferior to traditional "colleagues." The LED reading floor lamp also has good color rendering. According to the required color temperature, you can choose LED light sources with different temperatures. These are given in Kelvin and range from warm white light to daylight white! For daytime or desks, reading lights are more suitable, with light from neutral to daylight. In the living room, the use of warm white light is particularly suitable for browsing your favorite books or magazines. This becomes especially interesting when you have found your favorite floor lamp, but are still looking for the right light source. Here, the LED reading floor lamp may be the way you choose. They almost fit the "traditional" sockets of old lamps, and they also bring the characteristics of modern colleagues!

Setting up a reading corner: What is a good reading lamp?

We have compiled the most important tips for you, among which we show you what you should pay attention to when choosing a reading lamp:

Brightness. You should always plan enough brightness for the reading corner. Because the reading light should bring enough light so as not to unnecessarily obscure the line of sight when reading. Depending on the place of use, desk lamp or floor lamp. A desk lamp is usually too small to provide enough light. Unfortunately, we cannot immediately specify the preferred brightness for your reading light. This largely depends on your reading habits and preferences. Do you like reading in bed? Or on the sofa in the living room? How much basic lighting is already in the room? Before buying a new lamp, you should ask yourself all these questions!

Adjustability. If possible, your light should have adjustable selective lighting. For example, pay attention to the individually adjustable brightness on the reading lamp, or at least make sure that your lamp head can be rotated or turned to realign. Therefore, you can place the light where you need it at any time!

Glare control. As the name suggests, reading lights with glare control are not very helpful. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that the lamp you buy can completely avoid glare. If your luminaire has a lampshade or matt cladding glass, you can achieve the best glare reduction. Float like our floor lamp for example. These can protect your eyes from unpleasant glare. The more flexible the alignment of glare-free reading lights, the more suitable for reading.

Where should I put the reading floor lamp best?

You can creatively place the perfect reading floor lamp almost anywhere in the room. Do you study a lot? Then it is worth setting up a small reading corner in the living room or study, for example. If possible, it should have a separate light source in addition to the ceiling light. Ceiling lights can provide basic lighting for the room, but point-by-point lighting ensures that your eyes have a more pleasant reading experience.

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