How To Properly Clean All Lamp Shades?

Is your lampshade covered in sticky dust? Follow the easy step-by-step solution to remove it.

You can't see it when they're giving out warm lighting but lamps tend to be dusty, especially if they're positioned in the living room which can be a magnet for dust. Now is a good time to clean the lampshade before the winter is coming and the night will grow longer. 

Here are some suggestions on how to clean lamp shades of different materials, including fabric, paper, plastic, glass, and silk lamp shades.

How To Clean Fabric Lamp Shades (including cotton, linen, and polyester)

Before getting started, here are tools and materials that need to be prepared in advance:

● Static duster

● Mild laundry soap

● Microfiber cloth

● Mini brush

1. Unplug the unit and remove the lampshade before cleaning.

2. Use a static duster to wipe the dust from the surface. 

3. Fill a container with warm water, drop mild laundry soap into the container, and then soak the lamp shade in water.

4. Gently scrub the shade from the top using a clean micro cloth. 

5. Use a brush, preferably a toothbrush, to remove stubborn stains. Make sure don’t use too much pressure here to avoid damage.

6. Then rinse the lampshade with clean water and blot the surface with a dry micro cloth. Wait until the lampshade is completely dry and put it back on the lamp.

How to clean fabric lampshade

How to Clean Paper and Fiber Lamp Shades

Tools and materials:

● Microfiber cloth

● A piece of white bread or a colorless eraser

How to clean paper and fiber lampshade

Note that clean paper or parchment lampshade to avoid water completely. This is because water can damage paper, so you need to be extra gentle when cleaning paper lamp shades. In addition, to prevent stains from building up for too long and becoming difficult to remove, it is recommended to clean the lampshade once a week and it won't take much of your time.

1. After removing the lampshade, use a clean, soft, dry micro cloth to gently brush the dirt off the lampshade. You need to carefully wipe the lampshade from top to bottom and inside to outside, not leaving any dead space.

2. If there are hard-to-remove stains on the lampshade, you may need a colorless eraser or a slice of fresh white bread. Use them to suck the grease out of the lampshade.

How To Clean Plastic and Glass Lamp Shades

Tools and Materials:

● Static duster

● Mild laundry soap

● Micro clothes

If you are cleaning glass and plastic lamp shades, then you can heave a sigh of relief as they are the easiest types of lamp shades to clean. They are not as delicate as fabric or paper, nor do they require any special tools or materials to be cleaned.

1. If the lampshade cannot be removed, make sure you unplug the lamp and wait until it cools naturally.

2. For a basic clean, use a piece of micro cloth gently removes dust or dirt.

3. If the lampshade is too dirty, you can prepare a basin of warm water and add a few drops of mild cleaner. Then soak the removable lamp shade in water for a few minutes.

4. Next, use a microfiber cloth to clean the lampshade from top to bottom. Rinse the lampshade with clean water.

5. Finally, don't forget to use a clean micro cloth to dry the water from the lampshade.

How to clean plastic and glass lampshadee

How To Clean Silk Lamp Shade

Tools and materials:

● Feather or vacuum duster

● Three pieces of micro clothes

● Mild dish soap like Joy, Ivory, and Dawn

How to clean silk lampshade

A silk lampshade is dedicated, so be careful when you clean it.

1. Dusting the lampshade. Remove the shade from the lamp and use a feather duster, micro cloth, or gentle vacuum to remove dirt. 

2. For deeper cleaning, drizzle mild dish soap into warm water. Then dip a micro cloth in the soapy water. Use the wet micro cloth to wipe the lamp shade from top to bottom. Repeat this several times until the stain is removed.

3. Wet another micro cloth with clean and warm water, then wipe the entire surface of the lampshade.

4. Blot the surface of the lampshade with the last piece of white micro cloth and let it air dry.

5. If stubborn stains remain, they must be dry-cleaned professionally.

 How To Clean Pleating Lamp shade

Tools and materials:

● Hairdryer

● Clean brush like a makeup brush

● Mild laundry soap

1. Take off the lampshade and place it on a flat surface.

2. Use your hair dryer to blow dust from the top down between the pleats.

3. Then use your makeup brush to carefully move between the pleats.

4. If the pleating material is washable, follow the previous steps to clean it thoroughly.

How to clean pleating lampshade

Tips to Keep Your Lamp Shade Clean

1. The best way to keep your lampshade clean is to get one that is easy to clean, like Sunmory's.

2. Cleaning your lampshade once a week will help keep dust to a minimum, so you don't have to deep clean your lampshade as often.

3. Regardless of the types or materials of lampshades in your home, make sure they are cool before cleaning them.

4. For non-washable materials, such as paper, silk, or parchment, never soak or rinse them.

5. Avoid bleach and harsh chemicals.

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