How to Relax through Bedroom Lighting

How to Relax through Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom lighting design

General bedroom lighting can be divided into three types: general lighting, local lighting, and decorative lighting. General lighting is used for resting in the living room; while local lighting includes a dressing table, reading, dressing collection, etc.; decorative lighting is mainly used to create the spatial atmosphere of the bedroom, such as romance and warmth.

When designing the general lighting in the bedroom, pay attention not to be too strong or white, because this kind of light can easily make the room look dull and lifeless. It is best to choose lamps with warm light, which will make the bedroom feel warmer. It is best to install two control switches for general lighting, which is convenient to use.

In addition to general lighting, the bedroom should be equipped with local combined lighting, such as a bedside lamp beside the bed to facilitate reading. The lighting for reading should be properly arranged, because the lighting is too strong or insufficient, which will directly affect the vision and cause damage to the eyes. The local lighting on the dresser and wardrobe can facilitate makeup, and the lighting of the dresser is now mostly in the mirror. Putting lights on the top is easy to produce shadows. For example, it is the most sensible way to consider installing lights on both sides of the vanity mirror, but it should be noted that the light should not be too white or too strong, and try to be as close to natural light as possible.

In short, there are not many lamps in the bedroom, there are two or three appropriate ones. In the design of the light source in some bedrooms, only two lamps are arranged on the bedside table, two small spotlights are arranged on the dresser, and a few recessed lamps are sporadically subsidized on the top. There are three lamps in total, but the environment created is first-class. Of course, the clever use of floor lamps, wall lamps, and even small chandeliers can also create a better atmosphere for the bedroom.

It is very significant for people to choose a bedroom color that is conducive to sleep during the renovation process. These can indirectly affect their quality of life. The color of the bedroom that is helpful for sleep is generally dominated by warm colors, and at the same time pay attention to the design of the light source in the bedroom decoration, and configure soft and tranquil lighting. Furthermore, the choice of the location of the bedroom bed is very particular. Below is a collection of bedroom colors that help you sleep.

The bedroom is dominated by warm tones and neutral tones, and try to avoid using too cold or too contrasting tones. The color of bedroom is mainly composed of several large colors of walls, floors, ceilings, curtains, and bedspreads. In addition to the uniform and coordinated colors of walls, floors, and ceilings, special attention should be paid to the colors of curtains and bedspreads.

Special mention should be made of the hypnotic effects of cyan. Generally speaking, cyan gives people a sense of coldness. From the perspective of space, it is a crystalline color that has a sense of distance. Its effect has a calming effect, promotes stability, and is the source of color that restores the mind and body. In addition, cyan has the effect of absorbing oxygen in the human body; as a calm flow for motor nerves, it can relax the human body, relieve nightmares, and promote hypnosis. Older people generally feel lighter, and it is more beneficial to choose cyan in bedroom decoration, and the effect is also better. Color and light are closely linked, especially in bedrooms with artificial lighting.

The sleeping function of the bedroom is directly related to the light source. The light color must be coordinated with the color of the bedroom, and the light color that does not destroy the color of the bedroom is better. If the light color of the light can make the color of the room shrouded in a hazy feeling, or make the color of the bedroom softer and more tranquil, it is an ideal light source configuration.

If the bedroom area is not large, the bed should generally be arranged against the corner of the wall; if the area is large, the bed can be arranged in the middle of the room. The bed should not be placed near the window, because it is cold by the window in winter and too hot in summer, and it is not convenient to open and close the window. It is generally customary to arrange the bed in a dimly lit area. Modern bedroom space generally does not adopt the traditional form of central axis symmetry but adopts an asymmetric free layout. No matter what layout form is adopted, it should be based on the principle of tranquility and stability, which is suitable for the needs of bedroom functions.

Bedroom lighting design

Bedroom lighting design points

1. General lighting in the bedroom
To meet the functional requirements of the general lighting in the bedroom, two methods are used: one is to install lamps with dimmers or computer switches; Generally, ceiling lamps and recessed lamps are used for general lighting in bedrooms. Ordinary rooms can also choose fluorescent lamps.

2. Partial lighting in the bedroom
One is bedside reading lighting. The second is dressing lighting. The third is decorative lighting.

The general lighting in the bedroom should be noted that the lighting should be soft, warm, and varied. Avoid using the only big light in the center of the room. The light should not be too strong or too white, because this kind of light often makes the bedroom appear dull and lifeless. If you choose a ceiling chandelier, you must choose a lamp with warm luminosity and a suitable lampshade. Hanging bulky lamps from the ceiling casts poor light and reduces the interior ambiance.

Downlights or wall lamps can be embedded above the head of the bed, and downlights can also be embedded in the decorative cabinets to make the interior more romantic and comfortable. Bedroom lighting should be conducive to forming a quiet and gentle atmosphere, giving people a sense of security.

The main lighting of the bedroom can be a milky white incandescent chandelier, which is installed in the center of the bedroom, and a wall lamp is installed on the wall about 1.8m away from the ground. If no wall lamp is installed, the bedside counter lamp can also be used for lighting.

The metal part of the lamp should not have too strong a reflection, and the light should not be too strong to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Overall, the bedroom is where we take a rest and sleep, the lighting design should put rest in the first place so that we will relax and relieve under such a lighting system.

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