Indoor lighting and Human health

Indoor lighting and Human health

1.The impact of light on human health

People's life cannot live without light. Without the light, we cannot walk through the darkness. Without the light, we cannot carry out the scientific eyes. Without the light, our health will also be affected.

Effects of illumination

Current lighting specifications provide illumination advice for different room types, derived from normal lighting requirements for conditions typical of activity in different rooms. Can ensure that people gain good visual acuity when completing various indoor activities to avoid visual fatigue and minimize the productivity decline.

Effect of color temperature

Color quality can affect visual appeal, can improve and reduce people's comfort. Poor color quality reduces visual acuity and the accurate presentation of the illuminated object. For example, under the light with a lower color quality index, food, human skin tone and plants may appear dark or not saturated, which will affect people's mood and appetite to a large extent. Therefore, by the use of lamps with high-quality color display ability, the distinction between spatial beauty and color can be enhanced.

SUNMORY does good both in illumination and color temperature.

SUNMORY does good both in illumination and color temperature.

In addition to the most basic visual effects, and the effects on human mood and appetite, light will directly affect human health in a non-visual way.

The circadian clock synchronize physiological function over a 24-hour cycle, which is called the circadian rhythm. Natural light and indoor lighting at sunrise and sunset maintain our body's biological clocks, such as sleep and wake cycles, which is the rhythmic action of light. Multiple physiological processes, including those associated with digestion and sleep, are regulated through hormonal changes and interactions during this cycle.

According to the World Health Organization, up to 40 percent of people have all kinds of sleep disorders worldwide. At the same time, sleep disorders may lead to an increased risk of diabetes, obesity, depression, hypertension, and stroke. Therefore, it is particularly important to consider the effects of light on the human body.

Key points of different space health lighting design in the residence

2.Key points of different space health lighting design in the residence

Common lighting design points include intensity of illumination, colour temperature, color rendering index and the reflection ratio of the surface.

As people spend more than 90% of the day indoors, inadequate or improper lighting design will lead to human circadian rhythm offset, the layout of indoor lighting is very important. Good lighting minimized interference with the body's circadian system, increased efficiency and help to achieve good sleep quality. Therefore, the lighting layout needs to be adjusted according to the different functions to be used.

A lot of the lighting equipment is fixed in the room. So in order to adjust the lighting and layout, the floor lamps have very good advantages. The floor lamps of SUNMORY have a variety of features that can meet all of your everyday needs.

To meet the different functional needs, and to achieve the purpose of setting off the environment and atmosphere.

Living room

To meet the different functional needs, and to achieve the purpose of setting off the environment and atmosphere.

The so-called attention on the function is to set the light source for the different functional areas in the living room, and consider the overall sense of hierarchy. And by choosing the lighting of different modeling, color, texture, you can achieve the purpose of creating an atmosphere. Therefore, the most important point of the living room is that the lighting environment can be controlled, such as setting the theater mode, party mode, etc.

Dining room

Using appropriate illumination, high illumination can sensitize taste.
The most important thing in the kitchen lighting design is to ensure adequate lighting to the operating countertop. High illumination makes the taste sensitive. So usually install fluorescent lights or LED white light under the wall cabinet to provide reasonable lighting for the operating table.

Study room

High color temperature and high illumination, the office space has the appropriate focus visual sensitivity, and avoid glare.

The study is the place that reads and works on weekdays, need to invest higher energy. Accordingly, the study should use the light of high color gentle and high illumination, and ensure the surface of metope and furniture has higher reflectance. This can improve the brain excitement, concentration and vigilance, improve mental activity, is beneficial to mental load. At the same time, the study can also add control lighting system when setting to remind rest time and avoid excessive fatigue.


Circadian lamps that can automatically simulate natural light changes.
Low color mild and low illumination illumination feels relaxing. Accordingly the lighting in the bedroom needs soft, warm, avoid use indoor central only top lamp. In addition, applying a circadian lighting system in the bedroom is also a good choice. The circadian lighting system is able to change with the external natural light environment and set sleep and wake up time according to user needs. During both time periods, the lights will gradually simulate dusk and dawn in advance, to help users enter sleep or comfortable wake up faster.

With the development of social economy and living standards, people in addition to functional and visual needs for living lighting, there are also humanized, intelligent and healthy needs for living lighting.

With the pursuit of a high quality of life, healthy lighting plays an increasingly important role. In the lighting layout should be considered more comprehensive and more humanized, so that people enjoy life will not be affected by the health of the surrounding light environment.

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