Interior Lighting Design with Floor Lamp

Interior Lighting Design with Floor Lamp


Lighting is the main media to change space perception. When taking a picture, the lighting changes the outline of a face. A good lighting effect not only results in a good look but also a good outline. So does interior lighting design. If there is a good layout of furniture and space, one more factor to make the room look beautiful and spacious is lighting.

1. Classification of lights

In the first place, we would like to introduce the classification of lights, ambient lighting, rimming light, and focal light.

Ambient light

For ambient light, the lighting range is very large that it is not easy to find the resources. For example, recessed light, ceiling light, and wall lamp.

Rimming light

For rimming light, the main tools used for rimming light are light strips and troffer. With rimming light, the outline of the wall and ceiling will be clearer.

Focal light

Focal light focuses on creating a local atmosphere. For instance, ceiling light, spotlight, table lamp, footlight, and floor lamp.

2. Ways of lighting

Next, let us talk about ways of lighting to design lighting effects. There are many options when it comes to ways of lighting. One tip of choosing to light: in the very first place, make sure what kind of light you want, ambient light, rimming light, or focal light. Afterward, pick up lamps as per ways of lighting and decoration style.

For ways of lighting, there are two main primary ways of lighting, indirect lighting (reflecting lighting), which effectively avoids direct lighting into the eyes or glares from the glasses. However, it spends more money on indirect lighting, requiring more straps and lamps to keep the brightness.

In contrast to indirect lighting, direct lighting is more efficient and efficient. When choosing direct lighting, remember to avoid too large a light projection ankle.

3. Practice lighting

For ambient light, playing as the background of lighting design usually has a large illumination zone. Hence, it usually uses indirect lighting. Generally, ambient light and rimming light are used in the living room. However, there is a disadvantage of ambient light, not easy to adjust. Currently, a new trend has become popular for living room lighting design, dotted lighting in the ceiling. you can adjust the brightness freely and save electricity.

For rimming light, which refers to strip lights mainly. It not only makes the space more stylish but also works as auxiliary lighting to ambient light. It usually uses indirect lighting for more clear illumination and aesthetic effect.

For focal light, it usually employs direct lighting with strong illumination and small range to have an intense contrast to the surroundings. It plays like the spotlight on the stage. Suggestions: better use movable lamps to collocate with warm lights, having a warm and soft lighting vibe.

4. Examples of interior lighting design


A vestibule is a place that enters indoors to give a person the first impression. It should be bright. You can place some table lamps on the cabinet to have a spacious lighting effect. A ceiling lamp combined with a wall lamp or spotlight will make the surroundings elegant and harmonious. Besides, placing a shelf floor lamp next to the stool will be a plus to light the seat and place your keys and bags.

Living room

The living room is where we entertain with our family and friends. You meet friends in your living room; you watch videos in the living room; you read in the living room; you play games in the living room, etc. Hence, it requires various and versatile lighting combinations to work it out. The lighting effect in the living room should match with furniture to create a proper living room surrounding and home vibe.

If the living room is spacious and the height is above 3 meters, it is advisable to install a ceiling light in the center, which will work as the main light to make the room bright and wonderful.

If the room is not enough, an arc floor lamp placed next to your sofa is an advisable option as well. With the elegant and simple design, the arc floor lamp will make your room looks gentle and decent.

Besides, some spotlight to place around the ceiling lamp will be a good plus to the completely lighting effect. If you are interested in the lighting design of the living room, visit our article on Lighting Design of Living Room.


In the kitchen, scattered light is also used as a living room. One of the most popular ones is a ceiling lamp above a dinning-table, with a distance between the dinning-table among 55 to 60 cm, so that avoids direct lighting to the eyes.

Besides the ceiling lamp, you can also design some auxiliary light on the cabinet or the wall.


A bedroom is a private place where you rest and spend time alone. You do not need bright light and glares. Two locations need to pay attention to, the wall behind the head of a bed and besides. For the wall, it is advisable to install wall light. For bedside, a tree floor lamp will make your room have a sense of design.

sunmory tree floor lamp

Game room

What is the most exciting place at home? Definitely game room! You can relax after work and have a lot of fun with friends or family, playing games, listening to music, or having a party, etc. On this note, a colorful and active light should be on the top list to place in the game room, RGBCW floor lamp. The light will change with the sound tempo and you can DIY the colors on your phone. Amazing.

sunmory rbgcw floor lamp

All in all, a proper lamp with matching lighting directly decides the style and vibe of your household. Grasp the techniques of lighting and color design, making your house have aesthetic sense and decent style.

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