Let the lights help you improve your sleep

Let the lights help you improve your sleep

Many people have sleep problems! According to medicine, sleep disorders include three categories: "sleepless sleep, sleepless sleep and poor sleep", with more than 90 kinds of sleep diseases which is seriously affect people's health level, production safety and quality of life. Scientific research has found that insufficient sleep can cause significant memory loss, along with neuronal cell malnutrition, atrophy, and even apoptosis. And it directly related to the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. So sleep is very important to humans.

What can help you with your sleep?

Adjust your life and schedule

1. Adjust your life and schedule

Regular work and rest lead to healthy sleep.

Sleep is the result of the synchronization of natural circadian rhythms, and one-third of your life is spent in sleep. Follow the laws of nature and biological rhythm, follow the instructions of the biological clock in the brain, develop good work and rest rules, and sleep in a healthy life. Circadian rhythms are periodic events within the body, such as hormones, body temperature, and alert levels. Biobody clocks produce circadian rhythms, but environmental factors such as sunlight also affect the circadian rhythm. So regular circadian rhythms can reduce sleep disorders.

Adjust your mood and reduce your stress

2. Adjust your mood and reduce your stress

In daily life, people can clearly feel that changes in mood and mental state significantly affect the quality of sleep, which is closely related to people's daytime work, study, and physical condition.

In modern life, people feel pressure from work and life which lead to life and rest be more irregular, the number of people suffering from sleep disorders is gradually increasing. Among the many factors affecting sleep, psychological problems are the important aspects. Anxiety, irritability, restlessness and other psychological phenomena can lead to insomnia.

In our daily life, we can also clearly realize the impact of the mental state on the quality of sleep. Nervous, bored, angry, feel pressure often make us can not sleep at night or sleep unstable. Therefore, improving sleep quality should start with improving psychology. Adjust your emotions and reduce the direct pressure in your work and life is very important!

With the help of drugs

3. With the help of drugs

Of all the solutions to insomnia, drugs are the fastest way to work! But why don't doctors recommend that you take sleeping pills?

First, drugs are prone to dependence. After taking the medication, you will find that sleep problems get even worse once you stop. And as the days take longer, they work less for you. Second, the drug has certain risks. We often see the characters in the TV series choosing to take plenty of sleeping pills to kill themselves. Which can explain that sleeping pills are risky, not the best way to solve insomnia.

Improve the sleep environment

4.Improve the sleep environment

We recommend that the sleeping room environment be stable and consistent. By this way, the body can connect the surrounding environment and sleep, so that you can sleep better.

We know from life and rest: the body circadian clock produces a circadian rhythm, but environmental factors such as sunlight will also affect the circadian rhythm. So the light in the sleep environment need to be dark. At this time, a floor light with adjustable light brightness is very important. Usually can choose bright light to meet the daily needs of reading and other work. You can choose sleep mode before going to bed, warm light and gentle light to create an atmosphere of sleep. It is better to add an automatic shutdown mode to let you sleep safely. The Sunmory floor lights can satisfy you.

In addition, from emotional regulation, we can find that changes in mood and mental state significantly affect the quality of sleep. And both light and color temperature will affect our emotions. Strong light can change the internal clock of the brain and control sleep, while strong light waves can also increase the death of abnormal and normal cells. Different lighting environments can have different effects on people's mental health. Psychologists find that red is easily excited and impulsive; blue is emotionally calm. This is because color affects the brain waves. So the adjustable color of mild light is very important. Sunmory's floor lamp has a variety of color temperature options, gentle lights can calm your mood. The cloth art lampshade can filter the light to make the light brightness more suitable for you to sleep. At the same time, the sunmory landing light has an hour automatically off mode, let you sleep safely.

 choose a suitable floor lamp

The best way to solve the sleep problem in a short period of time is to choose a suitable floor lamp. The floor lamp itself can choose the right choice of mild light and various function modes by adjusting the brightness of the light, which can improve your sleep environment well. And the floor lights can affect the circadian rhythm in your body. Floor lights can also affect your mood because of the color temperature of the light bulb. So, a good floor lamp is very important for the bedroom lights!

A good floor lamp can help you improve your sleep quality in many ways!

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