Light change society

Light change society

How much has the lighting changed to the society?

The natural light that nature provides to mankind makes us develop the habit of sunset at sunrise. In order to resist wildlife attacks, people kept the fire source and lit bonfires and torches in the night. This was the way the lights originally were. Later, the combustibility of paraffin and kerosene was discovered, and it was made into candles and kerosene lamps to retain the light. However, since Edison's invention of electric lights, the development of lights developed rapidly.

the development of lights developed rapidly.

Since ancient times to the present, lamps have existed as a kind of lighting facilities. With the development of the times and the progress of society, our lamps from kerosene lamps, gas bulbs, development to the LED lamp today, we are not only went through the wheel of time, but also the progress of society. So far, many roads have been installed with LED street lamps, whether expressways or highways, parks or squares, which are not only beautiful but also customize different brightness according to different places. LED street lamp is a street lamp made of LED light source. Compared with ordinary street lamps, it has the characteristics of energy saving, safety, environmental protection and high efficiency. In addition, LED street lamp has a high color display index, which is of great significance to the energy saving of urban lighting.

The appearance of lamps and lanterns has changed people's lives and rest. Because nights are no longer dark, working hours increase and are no longer limited to day work. More and more work appears at the night. Modern society, and other disguised make overtime normal. Some companies even arrange late workers to run 24-hour workshops and so on.

24-hour workshops

In addition to their work, people's lives also began to change because of the lights. Many people sleep during the day, work or live at night. They have become a veritable "nocturnal". Nightlife is enriched by the lights, there are not only have bars but also other entertainment venues. Such as evening sports, a 24-hour gym, midnight movies, 24 hour supermarket and more.

Not only office workers, but also students change because of the lights. 24 hour study room, 24 hour library, students not just during the day. In order to complete the paper on time, for better academic performance, more and more students pick up the night reading.

Not only that, the lights also began to influence artistic creation.

In the changing era of science and technology, the replacement of lamps and lanterns is upgraded. Change in the need for lighting.

the lights also began to influence artistic creation

From the first bonfire to the colorful light shows, the change of control mode has changed every aspect of life. Design changes life, and the use of lighting also slowly evolves with the progress of technology and the improvement of the product chain. The traditional lighting design is mainly the lighting function, and the reality is often beyond the current lighting pattern.

From light demand for illuminating the world, to light aesthetics, aesthetic pursuit of the theme. From the comfort of lighting and environmental protection and energy conservation, to the current cultural heritage. And from technology culture to the application of intelligent technology system. In the human society, which is more and more inclined to night activity, the existence of light brings light to mankind, which can be compared to the "the sun in the night", so that people can move as usual in the night.

Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

And with the requirements for soft outfit are more and higher, people gradually do not meet the traditional sense of lamps and lanterns. Therefore, the artistic quality in lighting began to think, and gradually began to break through, making it one of the important part of creative decoration.

The launch of the LED lights has made further breakthroughs in the artistic quality of the lights. People with the help of the characteristics of LED, with different colors, and different colors change, paint on the wall, or even make animation, so that the original "high cold" wall to add more fun, embellish life.

Technology can change the lifestyle, change people's control of light and the mode of artistic creation. The use of points, lines, noodles, three-dimensional lighting erection, geometric composition, so that the home is more modern sense.

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