Light color -- how warm do you want it to be?

The light color of the lamp is an important decision criterion when purchasing. Find out the right light source quickly and easily. But when it comes to the color of the light source, what should you pay attention to? Choose the right light color for each living area, and learn how to quickly and easily achieve the effect you want in the future.

What is light color?

The light color of the lamp describes the color temperature. Unit is Kelvin (K). It provides information about whether the lamp emits warm or cold light. Low Kelvin values ​​describe warm white light (from 2700 K). The higher the value, the colder the light (starting at 5300 K).

Therefore, it is important to consider the purpose of the lamp in advance when purchasing. You will always find values ​​between 2700 K and 5300 K on the packaging and provide you with information about light colors.

LED light color - uncomfortable myth

The evil tongue claims that LED light sources have many disadvantages compared to obsolete light bulbs. If you believe in one of the countless myths, this is mainly related to light colors. It is too bright, too harsh, and uncomfortable. But we can assure you: a complete range of LED lights. The spectrum of LED lights is even stronger than energy-consuming bulbs in the blue and green wavelength range.

Show your light colors - individually display room by room

After a long weekend, you push the doorknob to the floor and open the office door. The smell of copy paper immediately rises in your nose. Tap the light switch, and your kingdom will be filled with bright white light for the next eight hours. This is exactly the case: general white, or better neutral white, is especially suitable for offices. Created in a value range between 3300 and 5300 Kelvin, you can also use this type of lamp to perfectly illuminate your kitchen. Is it about the light color in the bathroom? Then you have come to the right place.

You turn off the engine of the car, open the front door, and walk along the corridors of the apartment building. When you arrive at the door of the apartment, you will know one thing: only a few minutes away from your favorite book and a good glass of wine. When you arrive in the living room, the warm white light from the new lamp will protect your eyes. Even the lights in your bedroom emit light from 2700 to 3300 Kelvin.

But you still have a problem: your friend has been complaining about too little light in his basement workshop for some time. You quietly walked down the cold marble stairs. You open the light-colored wooden door and let your eyes wander around in the dark basement. He is right—some things must change. You instinctively remember your last research: lamps with Kelvin values ​​starting from 5300 K are suitable for dark rooms or basement compartments. They simulate daylight, and even without windows, they can give each workshop a feel-good atmosphere.

Light color table - stepless comfort

Do you always ask yourself which lamp can provide perfect light in which room? Well, like many things in life, personal taste sets the tone here. But the type of lamp used is also decisive. Next time you buy a lamp, remember these three points of reference: Your living room needs a 3000K light color. We recommend using a light color of 4000 K for your office. Any color over 5000 K is very close to natural sunlight and is suitable for a windowless room. Here we recommend the Sunmory floor lamp, which contains a 9-watt, 800-lumen energy-saving LED bulb, so you don’t need to buy an extra bulb. LED floor lamp bulbs have 3 color temperatures: 3000K/5000K/4000K.

Relaxation and flexibility in all aspects

Do you have a place to work and relax? Not just studying, maybe a home office. When the winter afternoon becomes dark again and the college exam time increases the stress level, you are welcome to sit down and study at the dining table in the center of the kitchen. If the food on the kitchen table looks appetizing under the existing lighting, then you need a pleasant but brighter light to increase your focus at work. It ensures that our eyes do not feel tired and keeps us awake. Optimal lighting is essential, especially when working on the screen. More on how to improve work concentration --《How home goods floor lamp increases the working concentration at home》

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