Light & human life -- (3) Adult

Light & human life -- (3) Adult

In addition to relatives, friends, food and oxygen in people all life, there has another one - light which we can not live without it.

Studies show that adequate light can improve emotional and energy levels, and that a lack of light can cause depression or other defects in the body. The number and type of light can directly affect attention, appetite, mood, and many aspects of daily life.

With the invention of electric light, it is not just sunshine that can affect people's life. The darkness lit by the lights extended the day, and people spent more and more time moving at night.

As a minor, we passively accept the lights. Under the arrangement of the teachers and the parents, learn with the lights.
As an adult, we volunteered to dominate the light. Decor the family with favorite colors of lights, intensity and styling. Enter the nightlife filled with a wide variety of lights.

So do lights affect our health as much as we do in childhood?

The answer is yes.

lights affect our health as much as we do in childhood

1.About 2 / 3 of the people live in light pollution

Whether incandescent or color lights have brought a lot of changes to our lives. And you probably don't know that lights would be accused as "a drug" by experts, even Edison didn't expect.

In modern society, light is an indispensable friend of human beings. But what many people did not expect is that too much light will cause many interference or even harm to people's body.

A US survey shows that about two-thirds of people around the world live in light pollution. Moreover, the pollution caused by artificial light is increasing year by year. Germany, for example, grew 6% a year, while Italy and Japan grew 10% and 12% a year. Dr. Russell Wright, an endocrinologist at the University of Texas, even said: " Light is a drug. Abuse of lights is to harm your health."

Effect of lighting on human health

2.Effect of lighting on human health

Physiological health

As we all know, cataract, glaucoma has been a problem for the elderly.
According to the survey, the rate of myopia is about 55% for children who turn on the lights at night before the age of 2. And the children who turn off the lights to sleep, the myopia rate is only about 10%.

The harsh visual environment caused by light pollution is considered as an important factor in the high incidence of myopia. More studies have shown that the incidence of cataracts in working and living for a long time is 45%.

If in a strong or color environment for a long time, eye crystal function will be affected and may cause cataracts after injury. Therefore, when encountering strong light, we must avoid looking directly to the naked eye.

Light pollution is more harmful for night work or prolonged night life. According to the 2001 Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the longer women have worked night shifts, the greater the risk of Breast Cancer.

Long-term exposure to the dance hall medium color light, its ultraviolet light can induce nosebleeds, tooth loss, cataracts, and even lead to leukemia and other cancers. Color light source is not only adverse to the eyes, but also interferes with the central nerve of the brain, let people appear nausea, vomiting, insomnia, inconcentration, low sexual desire and other symptoms.

Mental Health

Most adults have problems such as insomnia and anxiety. Sleep experts say that people sleep with their eyes closed, but the bright light will still pass through the eyelids, affecting sleep. According to incomplete statistics, about 5% -6% of insomnia is caused by noise, light and other environmental factors. The light is about 10%. Once insomnia, the human body does not get full rest, and will cause deeper health problems.

I do not know when, the word depression appears more and more in people's life. There are also more and more people suffering from depression. Many people who seem lively and cheerful suffer from mild depression. Professor Randinelson at Ohio State University has said that excessive exposure to light at night can lead to depression.

Therefore, the proper use of lighting is very important for both health and life.

the proper use of lighting is very important for both health and life.

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