House Decorating: Room Lighting

Tips for Room Lighitng Design

How many room lighting available for house decoration?

  1. Indirect lighting, lighting a room through various reflection. In contrast to other functions, indirect lighting brings soft light to relax your body and mind.
  2. Scenes lighting. Focus lighting in a corner of a room to highlight the existence. Usually apply to living room, or kitchen.
  3. Secondary lighting, usually the lighting will not use on an area with people around but to heighten the atmosphere for the sake of decoration, such as strip lights, string lights, wall lamps, etc.
  4. Direct lighting, to light up an area directly. Direct lighting and accent lighting are the brightest lighting.
  5. Accent lighting, to accent some areas that need to stand out, such as spotlight, desk lamps, down lamps, and floor lamps, for a better light layering.
Room lighting available for house decoration

What is color temperature?

In room temperature, if you heat a black metal and the color will change with the increment of temperature. Color temperature refers to the temperature results in different color to define the color of light.

  1. When the color temperature is less than 3300k, the color is red to have a cosy and relaxing felling.
  2. When the color temperature is between3300-6000, red, green and blue are existed at the same time, which produces natural, cosy and stable feeling.
  3. When the color temperature is higher than 6000k, the blue light takes the highest ratio. Under this circumstance, the surroundings feel serious, chilly and low-spirited. Besides, if there are too much differences of color temperature in a room, it will result in dizziness because of too strong light comparison.

Selection of Lamps

Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps are one of the most important elements to improve the decoration of kitchen. Ceiling lamps should be at least 30 inches above dinning table to provide enough lights. If you don’t keep it in a proper distance it might have negative impact on your meal time.

Desk lamps

Desk lamps are the most convenient lamps for dining room. It has various types to choose from and can be moved freely. Very good decoration for dinning room.

Light regulator

Light regulator is also the important tool for dining room lighting, well meeting the shaping of lights for different rooms. For family parties, you can use bright color. And for formal dinner, you can choose soft and warm light.

How to design lights for different location?

  1. Recommendations for living room light: for living room, it is recommended to use long or diffused light to create a cosy environment. If the home decoration is very colorful, the lighting should avoid too much color since so much color mixed will cause color disorder.
  2. Recommendation for TV lighting: it is suggested to install adjustable diffused light around TV.
  3. Recommendation for kitchen: the lights in kitchen must be easy to wash so water resistant lamps are preferable to kitchen.
  4. Recommendation for dinning room light: direct light is recommended to put above the dining table, 87 inches from the ground. In addition, one more direct illuminating lamp is also a good choice.
  5. Recommendation for bedroom: installing some lights in bedroom is a good idea, you can choose a light for the whole room and a desk lamp. Are you interested in ceiling lamps, it is suggested to install reflected light or diffused light with small volume.
  6. Recommendation for bathroom: a 500lux diffused light is suggested to place above mirror and avoid colorful light. Warm light will make the whole surroundings cosy whilst original light or bright light will make the room more neat and tight with function.
Room lighting Do’s and Don’ts

Room lighting Do's and Don'ts

  1. Avoid using too much recessed lights. Too much recessed lights will bring about dizziness and brightness and is bad for health, which should be applied to accented light or basic light properly.
  2. Select different lights based on different occasions. For formal meetings, it is suggested to use bright lights to make people focus on the discussion. And for rest, it is better to use low color temperature to relax body and mind.
  3. Using indirect light to avoid direct light. Direct light will cause dizziness so it is better to install indirect light around the ceiling. And strengthen local light when reading or using computer.
  4. Take advantages of outdoor light. Before the design of the room, think about how to take advantages of outdoor light. A proper design of windows and space will have more use of the natural light, hence you will have different display of light during day and night.
  5. Using lights above the cabinet. The lights above cabinet can be used properly for the cabinet but also to light up the walkway. Kill two birds with one stone.

In terms of room design and decoration, you have to take a lot of things into consideration, room lighting, furniture, wall paper, tiles, etc. It is never an easy work to make your room cosy and beautiful, but once you assort everyone in order you will find your way to make your room nice.

You have to take a lot of things into consideration, room lighting

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