Ways to design your interior on your zodiac signs

Ways to design your interior on your zodiac signs

Originated from ancient Babylon, the horoscope has a long history for divination and fortune-telling. According to Shawna Stanley, astrologer for Sojourn Healing Collective, we can turn the star power toward our lives to increase our luck, just like a lucky number or lucky color.

When we decorate our homes, we can also set home furnishing plan that suits our personality. As there are so many to consider in decoration, such as budget, materials, starting from astrology may help you clarify your minds.

Here are some inspirations of home decoration we recommend for you:

Aries: Loud and lively

Aries Loud and lively

Aries is cheerful, motivated, and confident. With strong execution, they favor simple and lively home furnishing. Warm tone interior design and soft lighting can make them feel more comfortable at home. Don’t forget to choose movable and modular furniture that can keep up with their ideas of redesigning functional space.

Leo: assertive and vivid

leo assertive and vivid

Lions are assertive people. They require simple and elegant decoration with a certain focus, such as a large bed, desk, or sofa. The focus is determined by the most important function considered by lions. Hospitable lions keen to place a big sofa and chandelier in their living room, while dignified lions are eager to furnish their bedroom with a stylish floor lamp, king-size bed, and large desk, even that means to narrow other functional spaces at home. A large mirror is also needed: They love self-appreciation.

Sagittarius: unique and sentimental

Sagittarius unique and sentimental

Sagittarius is a mix of fire and earth signs. They pay more attention to the atmosphere and keen to be unique. Besides sentimental lighting, they like to travel around and bring back exotic ornaments and handicrafts as decorations, you might find that their home is just like museums. However, compared with rigorous Capricorn, Sagittarius is more causal. They are in favor of making things in order, but they don’t deliberately ask for "being organized" in their room layout.

Gemini: open and opulent

Gemini open and opulent

Gemini is capable to change, which of course is reflected in their home decoration. They like all items that are popular, luxurious, and interesting. They prefer color-changing lighting, modular and detachable furniture so that they can be easily recombined and create different styles. At the same time, Gemini also attaches great importance to tidiness as their neighbor Taurus. Otherwise, this chaos would make Gemini nervous.

Libra: Harmonious and socialized

Libra Harmonious and socialized

Libra is famous for born peacemakers. They are balanced people that pursue moderation. “Ruled by Venus, Libras like a little romance in their lives and appreciate lovely things.” said astrologer Shawna McGrath. They focus on the sense of space and color and like to live in a spacious but not too bland space. At the same time, nothing is better than symmetrical design in their mind. They like to arrange things in pairs.

Aquarius: artistic, and curious

Aquarius artistic, and curious

Aquarius is artistic and curious. They don’t like to decorate like others. They are willing to accept the latest technology and design ideas like eco-friendly, futuristic furniture, colorful lighting, and so on. At the same time, Aquarius is free to open space design, with modern furniture and concise style. They might be the ones who own the smartest home appliances. They enjoy the feeling of arrange things at home with only a click on the remote or phone.

Taurus: dutiful and practical

Taurus dutiful and practical

Taurus pursue beauty and practicality. They strive to make the whole interior fresh, comfortable, and natural with an affordable budget. Unlike Libras whose ruler is also Venus, they focus more on natural but not symmetrical. As dutiful as them, they enhance the idea that a more eco-friendly interior design can help with environmental protection. Plants, LED lamps and well-lit space will capture their hearts. Also, Taurus are homebodies, when David Beckham designed a hotel for The Londoner Macao, he added a bit of London in his interior decoration.

Virgo: persistent and picky

Virgo: persistent and picky

Virgo is a persistent person. For them, large room space is a must in interior design. A space that is too narrow and depressing can easily drive them crazy. As perfectionists, they are a little obsessed with cleanliness. To reduce their burden of doing household, they believe in minimalism. Many elements in minimalism emphasize "simple but not easy". For example, either the commonly used super narrow frame door, or recessed linear light sources all means a considerable amount of budget.

Capricorn: efficient and sleek

Capricorn: efficient and sleek

Capricorn is efficient, sleek and calm. They like classic and practical interior style. Their interior style is a fusion of practicability and personal hobbies. Although they spare no time looking for fine arts to decorate their space, don’t forget the fact that they are workaholics. Most Capricorn spend time thinking and reading at home, an LED reading lamp, desk, and ergonomic chair are necessary. Classic ornaments and furniture can also bring Capricorn a calm mood.

Cancer: empathetic and traditional

Cancer empathetic and traditional

Cancer is gentle and family-oriented. Cancers are very empathetic with the moon as their ruling planet. There are three things Cancer loves most of all: Family, friends, and food. Therefore, they prefer a friendly, traditional, and delicate interior design with a bigger space at home so that they can stay at home all day long. A cozy sofa or wicker egg chair will reflect their taste and hospitality.

Scorpio: mysterious and picky

Scorpio: mysterious and picky

Scorpios are mysterious, self-disciplined, and picky. To create that atmosphere at home, Scorpio would choose wine-red, deep purple, dark blue to be primary colors. High-quality textures, such as velvet, silk is also suitable for them. When choosing furniture, a room divider will help them build a secret spot. For lighting, flameless LED candlelight is a good option for home accessories: no need to clean candlestick and wax.

Pisces: serene and thoughtful

Pisces serene and thoughtful

Pisces are kind, humble, and thoughtful. They like to pursue inner peace, not only by choosing low-saturation colors as primary tone but also a place to do meditation. Aquariums, zen, or gypsy items can always set off their deep thought temperament. Unlike Scorpio, they have no intention to hide, they just enjoy being mysterious.

Don’t forget to refer to your natal chart about your Venus sign and rising sign. Both of them influence your taste in decoration, so it’s common to find that suggestions for other zodiac signs might also fit with you.

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