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What is the lamp strobe? Is there any harm? Is the phone shooting strobe science?

Strobe refers to the electric light source luminous flux fluctuations at a certain frequency, the light source strobe phenomenon refers to the light emitted by the light source over time as a rapid, repetitive change, making the light source jump and unstable.

Some degrees of strobe will not be noticed, and there is no physiological discomfort, but some strobe is a problem. As early as the 1990s, there is a large number of studies found: light source strobe and migraine, headache, autism, visual fatigue and discomfort, and other neurological disorders are closely related, serious can make the human eye caused by illusion, and then cause accidents.

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Why is there a strobe?

The technical mechanism of the strobe, both the power supply factors, but also the technical performance of the electric light source factors and lighting design unreasonable factors, etc., the greater the output luminous flux fluctuations, the more serious the strobe.

Relative to lighting products, dimming is a necessary function, and dimming is precisely one of the causes of strobe, lamps, and lanterns are not driven by the appropriate electronic circuit, such as ballast, driver, or power supply, and this when the product is loaded with dimming function, the strobe will often be further aggravated. For the dimming function or claim to connect the dimming controller lighting products, should be in its brightest dimming as well as dimming the darker measurement of its strobe performance.

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For LED lamps and lanterns, from the light-emitting theory, the LED beads themselves do not produce strobe, with or without strobe depends on the LED driver circuit. Because the driver is very different, the strobe performance of each LED product is also different. Due to the driver is very different, each LED product strobe performance is not the same. Especially for some manufacturers to save costs, the use of a simpler driver circuit will have a larger strobe problem.

In addition, many LED lamps and lanterns use tin solder with lamp beads PCB board, the requirements of the driver power supply are very high, the quality of the hardware problems and any other smaller errors may lead to dead beads, strobe, uneven light color, or even completely unlit.

Is it scientific to detect strobe with a cell phone camera?

Unscientific. Most cases with the phone to see the strobe belongs to the shooting frequency, is essentially due to the phone shutter speed and the lamp flicker frequency inconsistent, resulting in each other can not be divided by the whole, and superimposed out of the flicker.

After all, cell phones are not made specifically for strobe testing, each cell phone manufacturers use a different camera sampling rate and image processing procedures, and test strobe on the device has a certain sampling rate and bandwidth requirements. Use the phone to look at the lamps, at different distances and different angles, will present different effects on the screen, if the phone shutter speed and the lamps' flicker frequency to maintain the same, will not capture the flicker.

That is if your phone did not shoot the strobe, it does not mean that the lamp itself does not strobe; and through the phone shot to the strobe, it is not possible to determine whether it is harmful low-frequency strobe or harmless high-frequency strobe.

How to solve the strobe:

1. LED lamp beads and LED drive power matching, if the lamp bead chip is not full power will cause the light source strobe phenomenon, the current is too high lamp beads can not withstand a light, a serious phenomenon will be built into the lamp bead gold or copper wire burned off, resulting in the lamp beads do not light.

2. buy regular, high-quality merchant brands, for the finished lamp drive integration, you can also make the drive quality requirements of the merchant.

3. the driver has over-temperature protection function, and the material of the lamps and lanterns heat dissipation performance can not meet the requirements, the driver over-temperature protection began to work will also have a flashing phenomenon. Therefore, when buying lamps and lanterns to see its heat dissipation effect.

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Concluding remarks

The public demand for lighting quality is gradually awakening, we began to pay attention to the original more and more, such as shape, effect, no main light design, indirect lighting tends to be standard. But for the light, or light-emitting lamps and lanterns themselves is a serious lack of understanding. Like strobe, glare, blue light such as the quality of lamps and lanterns can be controlled at the time of purchase of lamps and lanterns, does not require a high learning threshold, a little to the supplier to raise some requirements, eye health will be much improved, when there are more people concerned, the lighting industry will also be better and better under the supervision of consumers.

Finally, I hope everyone can have a comfortable and healthy light environment.

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