How to Change Mindset

How to Change Mindset

How your mindset affects your behavior and life?

It is not easy to tell what kind of mindset you have, but it shows in your daily life, how your react to challenges, how you behave, how you talk to others, how your emotions shifted, and so on. It is an an visible phenomena, but an deep inner power to control your life. For example, when you are going to have a big interview and it is very difficult to get the challenge that every one works so hard to obtain the chance of interview. And you are one of the candidate to have the interview, what will your reaction before the interview and after the interview? If you have a positive mindset, you properly prepare the interview like it is a regular task, and mind your daily errands as usual without worried too much what are going to happen in the interview and the coming result. However, if you are a negative animal, you might start worrying from the very first day that you do not have energy to mind anything else, and being so worried about the future and the results, anxious and stressed too much.

It is totally two different reactions to the coming events that are challenging, but through the reaction we can tell that with different mindsets the reactions and behavior will be different as well. That is the mindset that hidden behind our behavior and emotions.

Change mindset to change life

How to change the mindset then?

The mindset was born with you, which means it is the result of gene and surroundings. If you were raised with a negative emotions, to a great extent, you are likely to react and behave negative to the challenges. On the other hand, if you are growing up full of love and positive cares, it is more likely you are going to be positive to daily life and people around you.

The mindset was shaped since a young age, and it is like blood of your body, circulating from time to time to remind you who are you. And the change of mindset is difficult since it is already becomes who you are. Through unrelenting hard work on meditation and practice, the mindset will change in the way you want.

#1 Do some meditation
Meditation is one of the most effective way to change mindset. Through meditation, it not only make your nerve calm and peace, but also change the mindset in a positive way. Through researches found that continuous meditation will shape the personality and mindset, hence it develops well in the long term. Personal speaking, I have practiced meditation for more than a year, and thanks to which I have changed my mindset as well.

#2 Go to Nature
As a survey by Michelle Shiota, a professor of social psychology at Arizona State University, US, the awe to natures have little earthquakes to the brain that it will change the mindset. When you are in the presence of something vast and sublime, you feel smaller, as does your negative thoughts. The awe-inspiring experience will broaden your perspective, so as your ruminative cycle of thinking, hence you face challenges with a more resilient and positive attitude.

#3 Movement
The movement of body changes your mindset as well. Through a experience by Harvard University, the movement of body for a continuous period will change the mindset as well to a positive extent. It is suggested to do at least 15 minutes per day to move your body, and hence your mindset will change gradually with constant insist.

Movement makes you positive

#4 Record Your Mind
Once you are confused and disturbed by anything around you, write it down to record your mind so that you are better understanding your mind and what you are thinking, it is a way to listen to your heart and feel your heart. It not only helps your to clear up your thought, but also a way to make you understand what is real out there that bothering you, which I have been practicing for almost a year also, the effects is good.

Mindset is something cannot touch, cannot feel, cannot control easily, cannot change in no time. But once you made your mind, and act at once to start the journey of mindset changing, you will have harvest as reward. Keep up and change the mindset.

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