What Is a Light Stick Used For?-As a Big Fan

What Is a Light Stick Used For?-As a Big Fan

With the popularity of K-pop, the light stick becomes a merch of idols, and it is mainly used for showing support to idols by their fandom.

what is a light stick?

A light stick is a portable, self-contained source of light that is sometimes referred to as a grow stick, chem light, light wand, light rod, or rave light. It is made out of a transparent plastic tube filled with isolated chemicals that, when mixed, produce light by chemiluminescence. The light can only be used once and cannot be turned off.

what is a light stick used for?


The use of glow sticks while dancing is known as glow sticking. They are usually employed as entertainment at gatherings (especially raves), events, and dance establishments. Glow sticks are utilized in festivals and celebrations all around the world, as well as by marching band directors for evening performances. Additionally, glow sticks have numerous uses as toys, clearly visible warning signs for drivers at night, and luminescent markings that help parents keep an eye on their kids. Light effects transported by balloons are another application. In low-light photography and movies, glow sticks are also employed to produce unique effects.

Having fun while surviving

Outdoor recreational activities frequently involve the usage of glow sticks for marking at night. During night dives, scuba divers mark themselves with dive-rated glow sticks so that they can later turn off their powerful diving lights. This is done to make bioluminescent marine animals visible, which are otherwise invisible when a bright dive light is on. Similar to this, during nocturnal camping trips, glow sticks are put on backpacks, tent pegs, and coats. Glow sticks are frequently suggested as a supplement to survival supplies.


Glow sticks have specialized industrial applications and are frequently employed as a light source in situations where are electric lights and LEDs are not the most appropriate choice. Glow sticks, for instance, are necessary for the mining industry for emergency evacuation in the event of a gas leak. In this situation, using an electric light source could result in an unintentional explosion. Glow sticks use chemiluminescence, a form of "cold light" that doesn't require power and won't ignite a gas leak.The marine sector use glow sticks on a global scale as well, frequently as fishing lures for long-line, recreational, and commercial fishing as well as for worker safety.


When clearing buildings for close-quarters warfare, military personnel, and occasionally tactical police units, mark cleared rooms or important items with glow sticks. During operations that take place at night, they are also employed to aid in locating friendly personnel.

Emergency assistance

Emergency agencies make use of glow sticks as backup lighting. Glow sticks, for instance, are a component of the emergency aid kits provided by the UN to those affected by natural and humanitarian disasters. Emergency rescue teams frequently provide glow sticks to people to help them stay visible at night when they do not have access to their lighting. On passenger and commercial ships, glow sticks may occasionally be fastened to lifejackets and lifeboats to improve visibility at night.

Occasionally, public transit, including subways, has glow-stick emergency lighting stations to help bring people to safety in an emergency.

The modern popular usage of the light stick 

As we mentioned above, the light stick has distinctive usages, including entertainment, survival, military, industry, and emergency assistance. Among these elements, the light stick is most widely used for entertainment, such as parties and concerts. Its supply energy also develops from chemiluminescence to battery, and its shape designs are more distinctive. With the popularity of K-pop, the light stick becomes a merch of idols, and it is mainly used for showing support to idols by their fandom. As a result, the light stick becomes a product applied for fan chanting. Many Korean idol groups have their exclusive light stick designs.


The first idol group to have an approved light stick is Bigbang. It was created by G-Dragon. Since then, all K-pop organizations and groups have adopted it, and each fandom now has its light stick. In a word, the first light stick in K-pop history is Bang Bong. The group’s light stick looks like a yellow imperial crown. As the first official light stick “debuted” more than ten years, it updated from the first generation to the fourth generation with some changes. But whatever changes in its designs, the capital logo “B” and the crown shape are always the foundation.


The famous idol group BTS also has an exclusive light stick. Its name, “ARMY stick” is known as the name of BTS’s fandom, which is called “ARMY.” It takes the shape of a bomb with several little balls inside. You can hear a voice from these balls when you shake them. Perhaps when you take an ARMY stick to the airport to attend an overseas concert of BTS, you’ll be asked by an airport staff whether you are taking “a bomb.” What a hilarious misunderstanding it is!

Black Pink

The light stick of Black Pink, “Biong Bong (블핑봉)” is consisted of two pink heart shapes and a black stick, which looks like a hammer with two heart patterns. It‘s designed by all group members of Black Pink. Jennie once said their inspiration came from the air hammer punishment of Weekly Idol, a music and entertainment variety show in Korea. After its release, the item became the highest-selling merchandise in a single day in 2018 on G-Market, Korea's largest e-commerce platform. The second-generation light stick, Biong Bong was released in early October of 2020.

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