6 Ways to Welcome New 2022

6 Ways to Welcome New 2022

#1 Cycling at least 20 miles every week

The other day I have read a news on internet, that a guy has recovered from short-sighted to normal sight, through cycling 20 miles every day. I was so surprised that the sight could be changed through cycling. Hence I have made my mind to cycling at least 20 miles a week. On the weekend, I had free time to do nothing. I went downstairs to scan a bike to start my new challenge. Six miles for the first time. For the first one mile, I felt energetic and full of fun, stamping with the tempo of music on the headphones. The second mile, I was still full of energy and ambition, thinking I will accomplish the goal I set, six miles. However, there came the third mile, I came into an upslope when I started feeling tired and exhausted. I was so worried that I might have low blood sugar. Hence, I just stopped by the road and locked up my bike to take a taxi home. First challenge failed.

#2 Learning new language at least half an hour a day

Since I am so fascinated by French, I have made my mind to learning new language at least half an hour every day this year. So it starts from the first day of 2022. After dinner, I turned the YouTube channel on. Find the French learning channel I have been following. Learning 30 minutes and shut off. It was a tough start to insist on every day but I am sure I will persist in it in every following day. I learned French four years ago, at the moment I was good enough to introduce myself in French and write a bit in French. But after not using for four years, the language abandoned me. So this year I must pick it up again to a proper level.

cycling is the new challenge of 2022

#3 Reading at least one hour a day

Reading has already been my favourite entertainment after work, and so does this year. I still am going to read at least one hour a day after work, and from last year’s work, I have read some books through casual time after work. So this year I must insist on reading again to read more that what I read last year. And learn more from books to broaden my horizon. Every time when I have doubts about life or about myself, I go to books. It makes me calm and lifts my anxiety, worries, and upset. Hence, reading is the lifetime entertainment I will go on and never throw away.

#4 Dancing at least two times a week

Dancing with the music is the most wonderful experience I have had. It not only relaxes my mind but also my body, with music and movement. The first time I came across dancing I was so timid and shy to show up in public. Step by step, I have learned how to dance with the music on, how to feel the music, how to feel my body move, and how to dance in public. That is my treasure that I will never give up. I am still in love with dancing, but working days in and out kills my passion and time for dancing. I have not practicing dance for a while, and this year I must pick it up again, practicing at least two times a week. To soothe my mind, my body, and my heart.

#5 Challenge management

It is the fourth year I have been working as an editor. After four years’ ups and downs, I am trying to find a different me. Working as an editor full of fun and interest, I enjoyed a lot in the whole process. However, it is time to think about something else. And my ambition is to swift to management. It will be a hard start but I believe I will make it work.

Reading is always my favourite

#6 Buying a new apartment

This is the most challenging one I have met this year. The goal I have this year is to earn and save enough money to buy a new apartment so that I have my own property. At the moment I am still too far to buy a new apartment, but I believe after one year’s hard work and savings, I will be able to buy a new apartment. And for the new apartment, I will buy a lamp with shelf to decorate my room, it not only works as lighting, but also is functional to company me when I am reading.

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